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Granthyatra of Gyantula Abhiyan by Gijubhai Bharad

Muktanand BapuGijubhai Bharad

Left to right: Shri Muktanand Bapu, Gijubhai Bharad

Free distribution of a set of 350 to 400 books to 1000 villages

Muktanand Bapu is engaged with social services since last many years. He lives in a small village of Chaprada near Bilkha in Junagadh district. What is religion? What is the best religion for a human? What actions should be taken by parents and elders to take care of their children? Muktanand Bapu has been actively devoting his time spreading the awareness of these questions.

Shri Muktanand Bapu has established a school in village Chaparada, where 250 orphans study along with other 100 students. Approx 400 aged people are taken care in old age homes with the support of Muktanand Bapu.

To appreciate the humanitarian work being executed by Shri Muktanand Bapu, the leading educationalist of Gujarat state, Gijubhai Bharad was inspired for Gyantula Abhiyan under which, a set of 350 to 400 books will be distributed for free to 1000 villages across Saurashtra region of Gujarat state, India. The entire costing came across 70 to 80 lacks Indian rupees. And the people from society were invited to sponsor a set of such 350 to 400 books. Gyantula Abhiyan received huge response and media footage, which ultimately will help the people of villages.

The books subjects would be, Developing science and technology, Nurturing of children and their brain development, Brain development of Youth, Short parables, Short stories, Inspiring incidents of great and successful people, Books useful for women and housewives, Self-employment and professional guidance, Knowledge on various crafts and arts etc.


Granthyatra was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the city people, students of Gijubhai Bharad, donors etc. It was like a the knowledge procession, which was celebrated with great entertainment by the tribal dance, horses and chariots. Approximately, over 20 horses, 1500 vehicles, 5 chariots made look the entire procession a grand one.

Tribal Dance

Granthyatra started at 09:00 am on a fine Sunday from Racecourse in Rajkot city. It was to go through Raiya Road, 150 feet ring road, Kalwad Road, Bhaktinagar Circle and end at Tramba, where Gijubhai Bharad’s ‘Bharad Vidyapith’ is situated.


Such horses on road, was a sight to see.

Shri Gijubhai Bharad is Post graduated in Physics and Mathematics a legendary, Eminent and a leading educationalist of Rajkot. He is a judicious trend setter and his unceasing endeavors has laid the careers of over 150,000 students which includes over 8,000 doctors, 10,000 engineers and more than 15,000 successful and accomplished Individuals and government officials under the umbrella of SSET. It is his supreme one man pioneering effort of incredible determination, practical Knowledge and perseverance that has brought about a revolution in the education system.

Such educational activities can surely lead the society to a better and healthy living.

Hats off to Gijubhai for such outstanding effort and grand success for the same. Wish him all the best for more such humanitarian activities for the educational field that he loves the most.


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