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Gulaal movie review


Gullal starts with the opening speech by Dukey Bana (Kay Kay Menon). A leader who is intended to make a revolution for Rajputana state, wants to undone the injustice to Rajputana kings. He delivers dialogues with total passion as always. His anger and total devotion has made the character of Dukey Bana, the centric character of the movie.

The movie revolves around Rajputana, youth politics, college politics, ragging issue, extra marital affair and violence. A very simple guy Dilip Singh, joins a college for his low study. He witnesses and gets ragged by seniors, who mostly behaves like roadside villains.

His journey starts from there. He shares a house with a Rajput, who is son of a king, but against his father. Dilip Singh is trained by him, and tries taking revenge against those seniors and thus in a circle reaches to Dukey Bana.

He falls in love with the girl who stood opposite to him in college’s election of General secretary. He knows not that he is being used. It’s a dirty politics and he is a simple man.

The girl uses him and leaves and seduces Dukey Bana. Bana too becomes fool after a girl’s love, or for sexual desires that costs him nothing less but death.

The movie has very meaningful background songs, full of catchy words! Dukey Bana’s father is a singer, who is little out of his mind, but sometimes mad man can see the things normals can’t! Every word in the background songs have a meaning, which describes the theme of the movie.

Dilip Singh, at last, broken and cheated in love, used in politics gets outrageous and uses his gun on everyone that comes into his way to reach her ex lover, Kiran. Dukey Bana gets paid back by him with a bullet of the gun.

Anurag Kashyap is one of the outstanding movie maker of the recent time. Each frame he makes delivers a meaning. After The Stoneman Murders, he again proves his extra ordinary talent for movie making.

A meaningful movie, everyoen should watch.


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