IMPOTENCE is out of the closet. You can walk up to a chemist; buy a pill and it helps – temporarily at least with great risk of heart attack and sometime permanent blindness. A whopping 25 per cent of males in the state are believed to be suffering from some kind of impotence. Outside the folds of the bedsheet, he is as cocksure as other men. He never discusses his problem with the wife, let alone a close friend.

There are also harried wives locked in legal battle, who require medical evidence of their husband’s impotence to seek divorce.

The insurance sector has been opened by Union Finance Minister which will lead to insurance and claims in body parts and it will at some stage include reproductive organs. Whether the one in question works or does not can only be proved through sound medical evidence. For the hard medical evidence both for treatment as well as the courtroom, there is one instrument, which can help – RigiScan Plus.

Sannidhya Institute & Research Institute, Ahmedabad have introduced the first highly sophisticated fully computerized RigiScan Plus system in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, elaborates. “Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about 50 millions men in the country and it is the most commonly untreated medical condition in the world”. They says, “Why should a man feel ashamed of admitting that he has a problem performing? Impotence is as common as diabetes or heart disease”.

Psychoanalysts, it is time for you to retire, for here is a new generation of Qualified Sexologist who are out to debunk whatever your mentor Master and Johns established. They are now equipped with RigiScan plus to measure the blood flow in the penis, hormones and with penile injections and external vacuum therapy to ensure that a male performs! ED can be either primary, which is congenital, or secondary, which sets in after years of normal sex.

Only this RigiScan plus equipment can give 100 per cent foolproof result. RigiScan Plus is the only ambulatory monitoring device that collects, stores and evaluates data on penile rigidity and tumescence (length and thickness of the organ). This is a non-evasive method of monitoring data regarding erectile function.

A ED patient has to admit in the hospital for two nights during which two self-calibrating loops are attached to the penis, one at the tip and the other at the base. This machine is strapped to the thigh or waist of the person. The equipment is attached to a computer, which provides graph, and data which, in turn, can be converted into tables for improved analysis and diagnostic capability.

The underlying principle is the fact that all men have their best erections totally devoid of anxieties, stress or apprehension during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. It is a biological phenomenon. The equipment will measure the blood flow in the organ, size of the organ and hardness at the tip and at the shaft during erection. Even a psychological ED patient will get two to four erections a night. However, in case of organic ED patients, there are lesser number of erections because of decline in blood flow and even the erection, if any, is weak which the equipment also measures.

If you have to lift your finger, there are a number of arteries, veins and nerves which have to function in perfect coordination. Even if one of them has a problem, much as you try, you will not succeed to lift it. The same goes for a man’s sexual organ. Unfortunately, most of us used to believe that all that is needed for an erection is a naughty thought. Still recently experts usually blamed erectile problems on psychological ones but today, other factors appear more important. For example, spinal cord trauma and prostrate operations can damage the nerves that control the penile smooth cells and so can underlying diseases like diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis and alcoholism. Diabetes is believed to render more than 50 percent of the patients impotent while some drugs used to control hypertension, too, can wreck the bedroom.

Nevertheless, the most common cause of impotence is arteriosclerosis – the vascular hardening that leads to heart attack and stroke. Smoking, poor diet and chronic lack of exercise can also cause ED.

The Windows – based software downloads 30 hours of testing in less than 10 minutes and the data thus collected leads to confirmation of impotence diagnosis.

A senior lawyer, agrees that the instrument has its uses in settling divorce cases:”It has never been used in India but in the US it is considered enough evidence. In India I think it will be taken as medical evidence even though it is never considered conclusive.” Psychological impotence is something, which will remain out of the ambit of the expert legal evidence, which RigiScan can provide.

Unfortunately, till date, despite recent advance in the science of sexology and the wide treatment option available to a patient, only three per cent of the impotent men worldwide are currently being treated. This situation is tragic given that 90 per cent of impotency cases can be successfully treated. I would like a woman to know that she need not feel despondent if her husband says, “Oops! I am sorry!” on the first night, or years later; that she should not blame herself for not being desirable. Instead, she should take him to a sexologist to avert bedroom disaster. And I do like to advise men not to resort to magic potions, aphrodisiacs and quacks, but to discuss sexual inadequacy openly with their spouses.


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