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Himesh Reshmiya in Rajkot, uncut version

Himesh Reshmiya at a press meet in Rajkot

Himesh Reshmiya at a press meet in Rajkot

Festival of Navratri brings many celebrities at Rajkot who are to attend a local Dandiya Raas show and perform or stay for a while as a guest. Pioneer Group organizes Dandiya Raas every year in Rajkot, which infact is said to be the best of its kind in Rajkot. Its last few years success in organizing the event, inviting celebrities, providing the said facilities to participants, give away prizes etc. has made it the first choice among youth.


This year (2009), it is called as Akila Pioneer Group, where Akila is the leading evening newspaper of Rajkot. Mr. Kashyap Shukla is the key head behind the success of Pioneer Group.

Himesh Reshmiya is a singer of his kind. He has also composed some  of the sensational songs for various bollywood films, which the youth has been crazy for, for example Tera Suroor, Jhalak Dikhalaja etc.

He was cordially invited by Akila Pioneer Group this year. Himesh having a huge fan-base from Gujarat, it was certain that people were to gather in big numbers just to have even a glimpse of him or listen him singing if can not see him face to face. He attended the Dandiya Raas show after 10, where he rocked the audience by singing some of his favorite songs.

Himesh Reshmiya with Sonal Sehgal

Himesh Reshmiya with Sonal Sehgal

His next movie ‘Radio – Love on Air‘ is to be released on December 3, 2009. He sang its title song ‘Man Ka Radio’, which is a hit these days among his fans. His father also accompanied him on the stage with his inspirational presence.

The crowd on the ground was getting out of control. Of course, police officers were ready to control the situation. Many fans were trying to get inside the place without a pass or so. Those who were inside were so concentrated towards the stage where Himesh was performing. He might have been there for half and hour and so.

When he was leaving the ground, he had to be covered from round the side to make sure no fan harms him. That harm infact wouldn’t have been a mean harm but for a fan of Himesh Reshmiya seeing him so close can be troublesome for him. In the video you can clearly see the crowd trying hard to reach to him when he is leaving the ground, and also the police trying to handle the situation with showing imaginary force of hitting with stick! Fortunately, they hadn’t had to make use of it that night. Good for the fans.

Sonal Sehgal

Sonal Sehgal

A press meet was arranged at Hotel Grand Regency where Himesh was staying. It was around post 11:30 when he attended the press meet. He talked on the movie ‘Radio – Love on Air’. He was accompanied by Sonal Sehgal who plays role of his wife in the movie, along with film’s director and producer.

Questions from various reporters were asked to him such as about his nasal surgery, his films, music, singing etc. He gave answers of all at ease. Summing up the press meet, he was requested to sing few lines of his new song ‘Man Ka Radio‘ which he straight away accepted and sang nicely along with reporters at the last lines.

Himesh Reshmiya going for dinner at last after 01:00 AM

Himesh Reshmiya going for dinner at last after 01:00 AM


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