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Horror Movies Are Not Horrorsome Anymore!

I am a great fan of watching movies. There was a time when Hindi horror movies having ghosts nothing but a form of make-up, would get the scare out of me! All they would do is walk slowly and would ultimately catch the person who ran like anything! I believe that there was no such sense of judging or even no experience of being scared.

Then came the days I started watching Hollywood Horror movies. It was around the year of 2000 I guess when I watched The Exorcist. I watched it with friends in the hostel at midnight. That movie gave me a great scare. I could feel the voices of possessed girl even after few days of watching it. But then that phase was over. Saw The Ring, Evil Dead, The Grudge etc. movies but nothing was giving any scare at all. Horror thing started to feel so dull.

And then came Paranormal Activity. It had a marvelous element which brought some horror vibrations with it. Watching it was an experience of its kind. Ghost was present during the entire movie, but we can not see it. This element of invisible existence of a demon gave more frightens. I loved that movie like anything. I would feel someone’s existence even if my room’s door would open with the blow of a wind. I would even notice the smallest voice that would be heard to me, as an invisible existence! Of course, it was the MIND which was playing all these tricks! But it’s fun, you know, being in that dilemma for couple of days. Watched part 2 & 3 of Paranormal Activity later but then it became monotonous. It became a routine form. Also watched The Conjuring. It had music to it that would give scare at couple of points, but then, nothing so special about it. Now looking forward to some horror movie which would make a sense to its genre!

Which movies have given you the greatest scare so far?


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