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Sin, Sinner, Society & Spirituality

Recently, I started working on consciousness evolution of prisoners. I started this work in women cell of a prison. While helping them through various spiritual techniques in this workshop I got a chance to understand – Sin, Sinner, Victim, Judge, Jailer, Society and Spirituality ( of individual and the masses ).

As a spiritual healer I focused on helping each of the criminals without being judgmental. At first making them comfortable by asking them to forgive themselves for all the crimes and guilt they have in their sub-consciousness and heart. Later I took them through various activities and finished the session with a candid conversation where I asked everyone to speak their heart out and share their feelings about their mental status after committing the crime, being caught, the judgment, reaching jail, realizing their mistake and  remorse.

To my surprise some ladies had no idea about any of the above mentioned points, whereas few who were imprisoned for heinous crimes understood they were wrong and had guilt. Some of the ladies had absolutely no idea about the extent of harm they have done to the victim and how it has affected the family and society in turn. I felt one of the ladies who was educated and came from a humble background very keen to pursue spirituality and wanted to evolve but her issue was she could not accept herself in the frame of criminals and thus was frustrated.

On average fifty percent of the ladies were simply cursing their imprisonment because it was painful and basic feeling was if they had not committed that big mistake they would not have to go through all that torture. My task here was very difficult as all of them had different status of mind and understanding of their crimes was at various levels. Easiest is to show all of them acceptance path and give them unconditional love so that their souls get peace.

I did that successfully. Got love and admiration in return. After I finished the workshop and had discussion with the jailer I came to know that thirty percent of these women keep coming and going jail as if they visit any holy place (humor intended). He also told that these are the ladies who are involved in routine puja and bhajan in jail. They are God fearing also. Out of concern I checked the answers given by these ladies to the questions I asked (mentioned above). I was not surprised to know that these are the most alert ladies in the workshop and gave humane answers to all my queries. But I was unable to understand what is the reason which is stopping them from understanding the rights and wrongs of living in the society, to abide by the law of the country. They are the ones who know something like right – wrong exists but unable to accept that they are at folly or if they accept they end up doing it again and again.

If I map all the criminal minds I interacted I felt two things very distinctively-
Being a healer one can help the criminals on individual spiritual evolution but it is our moral responsibility to make them realize that they have to help in the consciousness evolution of the society also, which will in turn take care of the consciousness evolution of the nation.

As most of the crimes are done for personal motive, criminals fail to understand how their one irresponsible act creates problem for the victim, his family, relatives and society in turn. Here spiritual healers should take the charge of the situation and become strict with criminal and help in making them realize their mistake.

After acceptance and love, criminal needs to be shown the truth. Only love and acceptance can mislead them and they might just get stuck in this only path of self – centered evolution. Consciousness evolution of self is important for rooting the soul but when we have to transform the criminals we have to go one step ahead we have to map their consciousness evolution with the consciousness of society and nation.

Infact why just criminals we all need to align our consciousness with that of the cosmos and of the society and nation. Believe me only then we can transform this society and free it from all the crimes.

Masters and healers have to see the bigger picture else jails will always be full and people would keep on flocking in and out. One has to realize that anything which is done in excess be it enmity, jealousy, love, friendship, help or anything which is good or bad will lead to destruction and crime.

Always remember, anyone’s undue freedom can snatch away anyone’s basic right. Balance is the key for self evolution and aligning it with that of the society and the nation. This experience can be of help in cleaning the souls ,society and nation.


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