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How Do Cloud Solutions and Strategies Boost Your Business

Organizations today are not at all indecisive about using cloud computing. They are pretty determined to use it and are in fact asking how to use it. Cloud computing could prove to be of immense help and may play a pivotal role for all firms not restricted to only the ones in the services or technology industries. By getting rid of the typical IT constraints such as maintenance, limited resources and incompatible systems, cloud computing makes way for the business for rapid growth and also, innovation.

Cloud computing allows a number of things which you would have previously said no to. With cloud computing now you could say yes to as many as six new R&D or research and development projects as opposed to merely one or at the most two at one go. Thanks to the cloud’s on-demand approach, teams can now be equipped with the required resources incredibly quickly and that too at just a mere fraction of the present cost. With the help of cloud computing the infrastructure required to support a project can now be easily set up in a matter of a few days. This type of rapid start-up facilitates the firms to try several novel ideas. They are now in a position to reject the ideas that were not compatible and go for those that seem to be most favorable and promising.

Some Easy Steps for Creating Cloud Computing Strategy

Here are three very easy steps for creating a cloud computing strategy:

First Step – Defining High-level Business Case

If you are running short of time you could emphasize on cloud computing’s high-level benefits. Cloud computing is responsible for enhanced business agility, utilization of business date and preservation of capital. You need to understand and evaluate your unique needs as points of value vary from one business to another.

Second Step – Defining Core Requirements

Imagine core requirements in the form of a list where you ought to jot down the business requirements in terms of security, performance, growth and governance. This way you can acquire a much wider perspective of the cloud’s enterprise needs. You can now focus on each requirement or simply use the list as a starter to initiate migration to cloud.

Third and Final Step – Defining Core Technology

Once the first two steps are completed you could think about the probable computing technologies that could be effective in your firm. You could initiate with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS or even a mix of the three. You could decide if you aspire for the public, private or the hybrid. Now shift your focus to the probable technologies or providers and time permitting it is best to define their role.

Benefits of Implementing Cloud Computing

Several medium and small-sized organizations are increasingly realizing the importance and advantages of cloud solutions & strategy in boosting their businesses. Now businesses can do without investing in expensive hardware and software by virtualizing a firm’s server capacity as well as business applications. The firm could now concentrate on the core business. Thanks to cloud solutions now the businesses do not require to spend precious investment funds on complex infrastructure technology and in-house servers. An efficient IT provider would be helping in creating a platform for handling an organization’s IT requirements.

Flexibility & Cost-efficiency

Thanks to cloud computing a firm would now be more cost-efficient and flexible. They can be more responsive to fluctuating market requirements, introduction of innovative technologies and internal demands. The organization can stay way ahead of competition in terms of software and hardware and can now devote full attention to the core business.

Enhances Employee Productivity

Cloud solutions result in improved productivity as well as intangible gains. Cloud based solutions allow employees to do their work from anywhere provided there is Internet connectivity. This definitely minimizes commuting stress and results in much flexible work schedules. Visit http://mesusolutions.com/ for more information on effective cloud solutions and strategies.

Cloud based applications and desktops allow employees to get connected to resources practically from any computer. This promises multiple advantages:

  • Employees are now able to carry on working even if the main workstation breaks down.
  • Firms may now hire employees from across the globe; this means a potential cut in the payroll costs.
  • Shifting network services from office minimizes network downtime and also, helps maintain business operations in case of power outages or any other facility disasters or issues at the office.
  • Hosting facilities are capable of handling network and power outages as they are known to have built-in backups and redundancies.

So businesses are now discovering the worth of cloud based solutions and strategies for promoting business growth.

Author Bio: Marion Brown is an IT professional who works for an IT solutions company which has been providing high-tech EHR and other systems for hospitals and healthcare institutions for the past few years.


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