Exercises can be an ordeal and requires great plan. However, with the tech savvy world around us, one can now keep track of how much you are losing weight and at what rate. There are so many apps which help you monitor your weight and even help to remind you on what is healthy for you and what is not.

Let’s check out a few apps at your reach whenever you visit the appstore from your Smartphone:


Fooducate is a cool app which allows you to know the nutritional value of a product by simply scanning its bar code. This app comes in real handy when you are at a grocery store or supermarket. Also, it will give you information in better way which is easily comprehensible. This application is also free of cost and supports both iPhone as well as android.

Cardio trainer

With the help of this app, one is able to track multifarious activities such as running, hiking, cycling and more. Basically, it uses GPS and a built-in pedometer which monitors speed, elevation, distance as well as the routes taken. I used this when I was training at PhuketFit and it works really well! It is an amazing tool to settle and reach goals. Moreover, it saves the exercises performed and keeps track of your progress. People who are more focused on weight loss can also keep a track of the calories consumed. It is not available on Iphone though.

My fitness pal

In many ways, this application is similar to lose it! It can act as a digital food journal by recording and tracking calories. It automatically generates stats and calorie intakes after taking input of personal details.

Run keeper

If you want to track your running routes and obtain detailed information about the speed and distance you cover, download Runkeeper on your device. It not only provides interesting user interface but also customization facility. Once customized, the app will guide you through the headphones to keep your tempo stable. Interestingly, it offers you music integration facility that can enhance the user experience. Android users with some fitness goal in mind should install on their android devices.

With the help of mobile applications, we can perform a lot of activities. From planning our work to socialization, a lot of activities can be managed with the help of downloadable apps. The good news for health conscious people is that, they can improve their health performance and track fitness exercises with the help of smart phones. In the following, we are sharing some very interesting apps that can help you in tracking your health performance.

Finding the best fitness tracking application can be quite interesting exercises as it also helps analyzing your current exercises in a critical way. While all these applications are terrific tools to help you in reducing weight, it is up to you to how to put them to work. Unless you perform, these will not be of any use. Start by performing exercise and a healthy diet. The healthy body will soon follow.


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