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How to fix buck teeth

Looking after your teeth is about more than just having a great smile or being able to chew your food up properly. Correcting issues and preventing tooth loss and infections has a direct link with your willingness to smile and your confidence levels.

Of course, some teeth issues are more noticeable than others, buck teeth certainly fall into this category.

What Are Buck Teeth?

In essence buck teeth occur when the top front teeth protrude in front of the bottom teeth. This can be a very slight effect which is barely noticeable or a very noticeable issue. In some cases, it will be the first thing you see when you meet a person. In fact, it is even possible that your lips cannot close properly over the buck teeth.

Fixing Buck Teeth

The first thing to note is that many dentists assume buck teeth are class II malocclusions but this is not always the case. That’s why it’s imperative that you use a reputable dentist in Alexandria that will take the time to assess your mouth properly and find the right issue. This will make it easier to fix the buck teeth.

There are several approved approaches to fix the teeth:

  • Aligners

It’s possible that your buck teeth are a result of too many teeth in your mouth, put simply it’s overcrowded. When it’s only minor overcrowding it is possible to use invisible aligners to gently guide the front teeth back and correct the buck teeth issue.

  • Braces

There are braces specifically designed for buck teeth. These are the usual solution if you have a complex overbite. The aim is to move the back teeth further back into the jaws.

A special brace will be fitted that uses brackets and wires to reposition the teeth. But, it is most successful when it is used on children. Their teeth and jaws are still growing, making it much easier to manipulate the teeth.

  • Surgery

If the issue isn’t dealt with until you’re older, or if it’s particularly serious you may find the only solution is surgery. This is especially true if your teeth and jaws have finished growing.

Surgery allows a team of surgeons to change the relationship between your lower and upper jaw, to correct your bite.

It is important to note that buck teeth need professional help. This is not something you should be simply putting up with or trying to resolve by yourself. Moving teeth in your mouth must be done gradually and with the right amount of force. This ensures they stay healthy and will last for years to come.

If they are moved to quickly it’s possible that the teeth roots will dissolve and the jawbone can even shrink, giving you an issue with periodontal disease.

That’s not something worth trading your buck teeth for. Get the repair done professionally and you’ll find that although it takes time the results are worth it.

Just remember, you need a good-quality dentist in order to get the best possible results.


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