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How to Trade in Your Old Textbooks for Easy Money

One of the most frustrating parts about college is having to get the proper textbooks—this much we know. Each year students must continue to invest unreasonable amounts of money into buying the required texts for their classes, something that can take a serious toll on their wallets.

The worst feeling about this? Knowing that once the class is over, there’s no longer any need to have the textbook around. In fact, most of the college books that are bought are only used for a semester or two, leaving a majority of them to be left on bookshelves or forgotten once the class is over.

Because of this, many college students get the feeling that the money they spend on textbooks is wasted. However, what if we were to tell you that this is not only a counterproductive way of thinking, but also simply not true?

Contrary to popular belief, there are things you can do to make sure your class texts don’t go to waste after you’re done using them. You can even make some money back on them if you know what you’re doing! There are many ways to sell textbooks, but perhaps no way is more thorough than using BooksRun!

With BooksRun, you can sell textbooks easily and efficiently—it’s as simple as creating an account, entering the ISBN numbers of your books, and selling them! Because BooksRun also offers free shipping for every book that is sold, you can be assured that you won’t lose any money through shipping. The included shipping for any order also includes tracking!

The most convenient part about BooksRun? You get the money you earn very quickly, with each payment guaranteed to reach you within 4 days. You can also get paid through any avenue you prefer, whether it’s PayPal or mailed check.

For those of you who are still in school and need to buy books for the following semester, you can also do this on BooksRun as well. The website has some impressive options for both buying and renting books, allowing you to find the right option for your price point and specific textbook! For those renting books, it’s also worth noting that any books that are rented will be given free shipping both on the initial and return shipments. BooksRun helps you ship the book back for free by providing you with a free shipping label, meaning that all you have to do is tape the label to the package and drop it off at the post office!

In terms of books, BooksRun is able to accommodate and use a wide variety of college texts, provided they are student editions. There is also more value for international editions, as they can be sold to other markets. For specialized types of books such as teacher’s editions you have to contact the company to make sure that the book is accepted, but even then there are a surprising amount of books that will be embraced by BooksRun.

No matter what you purchase or rent, you can be even more assured by knowing that your order will be eligible for a 100% guarantee for up to 14 days after the transaction!

If you want to spread your enthusiasm for BooksRun to your friends and family, you can also use their Affiliate Program to share a link to social media. The process is simple: if people use your link to sell or purchase books, you will receive a commission between 5-8% of the involved profits! This can be a great way to also get your friends involved with purchasing and selling college books, as you can help out your friends while also helping yourself!

In terms of speed, no company operates at such a high capacity as BooksRun. This is how they are able to process your orders and shipments within 2-5 days, much faster than other services that usually take up to a week to properly process the orders.

BooksRun also allows you to directly connect with people who truly need the book. When you’re selling online, oftentimes you can’t be sure of who you’re selling to, sometimes leading to the book not being sold because it’s not being shown to a suitable audience. With BooksRun, you can be assured that anybody who is looking at the site is a student who needs the book, meaning that you’ll be able to sell your books quickly and efficiently without having to worry about whether or not the people who need it are actually seeing it!

If you’re somebody who might be interested in taking certain classes based on which texts are most accessible, the Top Deals section of BooksRun is for you. On this page, you can view the best deals the website has to offer so you can cater your searches to what is truly beneficial for you!

BooksRun is a way for people to sell, buy, and rent books, sure, but it’s also a way for people to conserve and protect the environment. BooksRun fully understands that the unnecessary production of books can be detrimental to the environment, which is why they had a BooksRun Loyalty program to honor those of their customers that have embraced going green.

Whether you’re trying to get rid of old college books or in the market for the best deal for the upcoming semester, BooksRun is for you!


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