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5 Tips to Making Your Office Furniture Mobile

Whether you’re relocating to a new business or making some changes, it’s likely you’ll have to lift some heavy furniture. This can be dangerous and physically demanding, especially if you’ve never done it before. You could risk injuring your back if you’re not careful. Here are some options you should keep in mind when moving some of your heaviest office pieces.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Blickle Casters

You should never lift heavy objects. Most people don’t know how to properly lift items. This can result in back injuries that can cause a plethora of health problems. It’s better to lift smaller pieces and use easier methods for moving the heaviest sections.

Blickle casters are devices that contain wheels which makes it easier to move heavy items like desks around. They come in a wide variety of materials and weight limits. They have features like brakes, which prevents you from bumping it into the wall or other objects.

There are so many benefits to using blickle casters. They improve the mobility of some of your heaviest pieces. They make it easier and more efficient to move some of your heaviest office items. You can use them to move your desk to clean behind or around it. Or, you can use them to organize or rearrange your desks and file cabinets.

Use Additional Equipment

If you plan to move these items yourself, you should invest in additional equipment that’s going to help you out and prevent injuries from happening. Dollies are platforms with wheels that make it easier to move heavy pieces. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can use them to move anything.

Lift the piece onto the dolly and push it around your place of business. A shoulder dolly contains a lifting strap that’s worn on the shoulders on the individual who’s carrying the heavy object around. It provides leverage and takes the weight off your back so you can move around heavy items while reducing your risk of a back injury.

Taking the Pieces Apart

The heavy pieces you own may need to be disassembled into parts. Take apart your pieces before you move it to another area of your business. Remove the doors, drawers, and lids. Unscrew all of the parts and remove any other portions that might add weight.

Moving individual parts may not be as heavy as a single piece. It’ll make it easier to move your pieces around. They’re also not as big, so it’ll be easier to transport these pieces through narrow passageways, up and down the stairs, and around tight corners.

Hiring Professionals

Remember that you’re not an expert. Sometimes it’s not best to take it apart yourself. If your business has the budget for it, then you can hire professionals to move these heavy items for you. This is the easiest and safest option.

Whether you’re relocating your business, or you’re moving a short distance or a long distance away, there’s a moving company that will help you out. You can even have some of your heaviest vehicles moved by professional movers. Most professionals will take care of all of your needs. All you have to worry about setting up your new business.

Store It in a Climate-Controlled Unit

Some of your wooden pieces should be kept in a climate-controlled unit to prevent cracking, rotting, staining, or warping due to the exposed moisture. Climate-controlled units maintain the humidity and temperature of your cabinets, desks, and bookshelves. It also preserves the quality of your finest wooden pieces.

Wooden furniture isn’t the only thing that belongs in a climate-controlled unit. Metal appliances like your washer and dryer, stove, and refrigerator should also be stored to prevent high temperature and humidity levels. This could prevent rusting from occurring. Contact a local storage facility to determine your options for storing some of your heaviest pieces.


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