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I teach love and creativity: Osho Shivo

Osho Shivo

Osho Shivo is an enlightened mystic, who finds immense joy in spreading love and harmony. He is a channel of cosmic intelligence, manifesting as the path of love and divine pleasure.

He conducts workshops based on couple meditation, which transport the lovers into the divine paradigm of love and pleasure and hence awakening the power, intuition, sensuousness, creativity and intelligence in them. In his understanding, love is the only antidote to the current whirlpool of depression, the majority of population seems to be going through.

Shivo is an osho sannyasin, currently going through the intense spiritual journey as a part of Oshodhara Sant Sangha. He has lived a life of extreme intensity and learnt from every moment of it. He is a mechanical engineer by education and has had distinguished careers as Business journalist at Economic Times, CEO of an Equity Research Company and CEO of an internet company “Idea Commune” based in London. He is also the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, which is not only the most accurate method ever discovered, but also has a revolutionary approach for quantum leap in intelligence and self awareness. He has also conducted a popular TV show on career and financial astrology on TV9 Mumbai Channel.


Q.: What inspired you to become an Osho Sanyasi?

Ans.: Going through the immense chaos, I realized that the only way to enjoy the hurricane of life is to be at the eye of it. I was longing to figure out the mysteries of life and unravel the cosmic intelligence. When I came across Osho, his deep insights penetrated my intelligence and I realized that he is the one who understands life deeply. When I began to meditate by following his techniques, my intelligence began to bloom, I became more creative and joyous and this was a proof to me that he is the guru, I was looking for.

Q.: When it comes to Osho, generally people have a belief (or say misbelief) that Osho communes, Osho Ashrams provide a platform to find sex partners and rather it is said that, they actually enjoy sex inside communes itself. This issue has been debated and discussed numerous times by numerous people around the world. After becoming an Osho sanyasi, what’s your frank say or real-life experience on this subject? Is it true? Is it false? Or it is the mixture of both?

Ans.: Lot of people call Osho a sex guru. Even though, it is not a fact, I still enjoy it too much. I feel so much proud of him, as he is the only guru of past many centuries who delved deep into the mysteries of sex. I always feel that there are so many gurus across the world, but they either do not talk about sex or speak of sex in a derogatory manner. If a guru is not able to understand and explain sex, can he really be called the complete guru of life? That is why, I find Osho so much akin to Shiva. We Indians tend to forget that we worship shiv lingam, which is the manifestation of celebrating the joy of sexual union and the resulting creativity.

In this world, sex is the major conflict for people. Sex is often misunderstood as a stress relief or ego enhancing phenomenon (mostly for men) or a manipulation or objective fulfilling tool (mostly for women). Such a way of handling sex disconnects us from true source of life and the bliss gets depleted. This compels us to search for joy in other ways like winning the race of life, big ambitions, greed, power and money. We are now witnessing a world which is so much inflicted with issues like global warming, terrorism, corporate greed, excessively speculative economy etc. If one looks at deep, one would realize that all these issues basically emanate from one source, that human beings no more find the deep bliss within and it now wants to snatch the joy of life somehow from somewhere and it is going berserk.

Osho Shivo

Even though, we believe that we live in almost a free sex society, the joy of sex is evading human beings. The orgasmic experiences are getting shorter and shorter. Females have become dry and can’t attain to the orgasm. Males have problems with quick ejaculation. Hence it is obvious that the sexual experiences are so much devoid of the bliss. It has rather just become a release mechanism or manipulation tool. As I discuss sex with so many people of both sexes as a routine, I can say that not even 1% of them have experienced the true ecstasy of sex, as they have no idea of their soul and true sexual ecstasy can’t happen unless you have the knack of living as soul. Not only that, since people are normally busy in their mind games, not even 5% can enjoy the total physical pleasure of sex.

Pleasure of soul sex is hundreds of times more vast than what one attains as the pleasure of body. Even one such experience can completely transform the life on spiritual as well as materialistic level. Osho opened the possibility that sex can be immensely joyous and can become a path to experience the divine joy. When one lives the spiritual ecstasy of sex, one grows in bliss, intelligence, creativity, intuition and compassion. If lovers can truly surrender to each other and experience the divinity of sex, this world will be a much more harmonious and beautiful place to live.

Osho commune provides a beautiful environment, where love awakens and lovers can truly surrender to each other.  Blocks begin to dissolve, and hence lovers can be in deep gratitude for each other and enter the ecstasy of sex. Once lovers go through such deep experiences of joy, they are transformed as human being and become compassionate to the whole humanity. They also start to become free from the slavery of sex, as opposed to the normal human being, who so often keep thinking about sex all the time, as he / she has not experienced the deep ecstasy.

In my own real life experience, as I have grown spiritually, my sexual experiences have become immensely ecstatic. These have not only transformed me, but also my partner(s), in terms of creativity, abundance, sensuousness, intuition and joy. Now for me, Sex has become a form of worship, where both of lovers connect to each other’s soul in deep gratitude and surrender.

Q.: Osho has delivered his lectures almost on everything. What part of Osho attracts you and why?

Ans.: For Osho, everything is divine. So he guides one towards the way of living, where living in this world can be pure and divine.

He makes us realize that the pure joy and bliss is most valuable in life and when one attains that, the materialistic possessions have no value. He teaches a way of life, where the materialistic and spiritual lives becomes one. He has a beautiful vision for the world full of love, joy and divinity.

Personally, he shown me the path towards enlightenment. I am so much in gratitude towards him, as I cherish life now so much, and experience the divine blessing moment to moment.

Q.: You have invented Energy Matrix Astrology. What is it all about?

Ans.: Energy Matrix is the most accurate astrology method ever discovered. This is a unique approach towards life where one can be the master of destiny, as opposed to the traditional approach to astrology, where one is just a slave to destiny. This approach is also opposed to the superstitions being promoted as astro remedies. I emphasize that one needs to grow spiritually to change the meaning of what is written in the horoscope. Energy Matrix is a radical approach, which inspires you to live fully and learn moment to moment from life.

Q.:  What do you do for living?

Ans.: I teach love and creativity, by way of workshops as well as personal guidance. My workshops are truly transformational in nature, which awakens a new world for the lovers. I also conduct past life regression workshops. I have developed some unique techniques to enhance the regression experiences.

I am also a consultant to a few creative projects. Currently I am working on a story collection along with a writer, with a central theme “Love can transform woman into a goddess” I am also working on few creative concepts, such as helping the sensuousness and charm to unravel along with the honing of acting skills for a film actress, helping a film script writer ( for one of the top most film maker) developing powerful story line by way of intense character building and incorporating immense transformation potential.

Osho Shivo

I am also a consulting astrologer and teach astrology. My way of consultations not only predicts the forthcoming situations with immense accuracy, it also opens up the consequences of various choices, one is going to make in life and hence help him make the right choice. It has often helped people take the quantum leap in terms of who they are in life. My focus is on developing the understanding of what their strengths and weaknesses are and how they can capitalize on the opportunities and cope up with the threats.

My way of teaching astrology is radical and based on awakening the intelligence of life. I have had participants who have joined the three years astrology courses, but have no confidence in predicting. But when same people joined my course, they learnt so much more, just in 4 days. I claim that some of my students are far better astrologers even in comparison to the so called best astrologers in the world.

Q.: Osho says “Life is all celebration. It exists here and now.” Have you been able to live upto this statement?

Ans.: Aha! Such a beautiful question.

Yes, this is how I live now mostly, ever since I got enlightened. When one lives as soul and manifest cosmic intelligence, this is how the life occurs. I am relishing the mysteries of life and enjoy every moment of it on the way. Now everything appears a blessing, even the events which others may call unfortunate, becomes a platform for quantum leap. As the life is so joyous in this moment itself, there is no need for ambitions and hence there is no stress.

Life is a total blessing. Even the so called disasters are blessings. When one lives in the moments, the crises transforms into opportunities. I experience that almost on daily basis. My own life has become more and more beautiful, as I have relished every moment, into those of crisis. When my internet company collapsed few years back, I understood that as some kind of a blessing in some. And in that deep state of gratitude, astrology knowledge dawned upon me intuitively (Later I realized that I had accessed the astro knowledge from one of my pas life, where I was an astrologer). Then a time came, when the structure of my astrology work crumbled and again I realized that it must be a blessing in some form. In that void, the “celebrating love” workshop got created, as the couple mediation insights began to shower on me.

Q.: What kind of meditations you follow in your daily life? Explain them in detail with their benefits for knowledge of others.


I keep working on new couple meditation techniques based on love and pleasure, so that I can eventually teach them. These techniques help cultivate the joy of love and ecstasy of pleasure, hence providing deep grounding into the bliss of life. They also help develop creativity, sensuousness and charm.

Unique dimension of these techniques is that they are practiced by couples. In my experience, the couple meditation can multiply the joy of spiritual journey, in comparison to individual meditations.  Some of these techniques are Mahamudra, vortex whirling, shiva kali mudra, naad brahma, circular breathing, energy showering, chakra upliftment, innocent playfulness and sensouseness awakening dances etc.

Q.: Which are your favorite Osho quotations?


Live! Love! Laugh!

Celebrate Life!

Q.: What does spirituality mean to you?

Ans.: To me, Spirituality means remaining grounded in spirit. Normally we identify ourselves as body or mind. But when one begins to know the deeper reality of life, one starts to live as a spirit. Then his living is no more a manifestation of ego and insecurity, but he rather becomes a channel of cosmic intelligence and he lives in a way, which is the best for the whole cosmos. One then gets aware of the futility of ambitions, and hence they get dropped on its own.

Q.: In this highly advanced technological era, we see that people are losing their peace of mind, getting frustrated and angry, not finding the true love or being cheated in relationships and what not. This is common among rich and poor people. What’s your take on this entire scenario?

Ans.: With the advent of technology era, mind has become hyperactive. Since mind seeks change all the time and avoid the depth, human being have got disconnected from their spirit and hence they no more enjoy the pleasure of life. There is no love as man and woman are trying to use each other to fulfill their own agenda. It is no wonder that depression is setting in, as the race of ambition doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere. In earlier times, sex provided a gateway to short time spiritual ecstasy, but as the sexual experiences have become so shallow, the only way human being knew to connect with the spirit has now disappeared. Series of suicides taking place all over, is a natural consequence of this, as one finds no hope for love and joy. Experiencing love and divine pleasure is the only way to come out of such a desperate state of affairs.

Q.: What special message you would like to give away to people of this world?

Ans.: Life is beautiful. Know your deeper existence as spirit and enjoy the love and pleasure.

Q.: How can people reach you?


You can join the orkut community “Shivo’s Commune” for deep and intimate interactions. You can also read the series “Magic of Tantra” at shaaditimes.com


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

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  1. Previous comments:

    Devang Vibhakar January 29, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Highly insightful answers you have produced Shivo. I mean, it has opened up new vision inside me.

    It clearly seems that your words have a real experience behind it.

    vikasrajpopat January 29, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    It was wonderful to know abt him, his insights…

    ruchi sarda January 29, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    really inspiring words by you shiva…..
    keep going….

    dancing river January 30, 2010 at 4:11 am

    Your honesty is truly inspiring. It takes a very brave heart to open so completely and make itself so vulnerable.
    Thank you for doing so.

    Ashish Trivedi January 30, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Generally sex is viewed as it starts at the superficial level and finishes the very same level. Resultant : temporary joy and then it evaporates. Materialistic objects can never be a source of permanent bliss but then the irony is that it is the most sought over path. Sex can be one of the path leading to inner level and more permanent way of happiness. Osho has put this view in a very straightforward way and people misconstrued sex as the only path to permanent bliss. The idea is that one has to see the GURU inside the animate entities and then derive joy for ever and in the process treating the GURU with respect/humbleness, and the joy spreads and it reciprocates; this path has to be practiced thru meditation i.e. channelising energy in the very direction. Shivo’s view on the subject is quite apt and nicely put in the words of rose garland.

    Union of materialistic and spiritual joy converges finally to the latter and the former becomes less significant. Osho’s message and reflected beautifully by Shivo.

    I feel otherwise as far as becoming a master of destiny, as the master and slave feeling itself may lead to disturbing emotions. Let myself and destiny be at the same level so that future can be accepted with pure and joyous heart. But then the method prescribed by Shivo is a invention of a unique kind as it unravels the strength and weakness of one’s personality and accordingly one makes choices with no regrets later. I am in unison with the Shivo’s view, “When one lives in the moments, the crises transforms into opportunities.”

    Ankur Gupta February 1, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Good interview… interesting to keep pace with your evolution 🙂 Tussi Great Ho.. Tohfaa kabool karo…
    I like your oho shivo… progressive from 4 to 5
    What I like is the openness… the wide range being covered at the wholistic level and the fact that we need to put in our own efforts for our ownselves… which people are basically not open to
    Sex is the centroid.. the fulcrum, the raw primitive energy which most of us have allowed to dissipate and erode under the garb of societal values or the other extreme of porn… like they say in landmark… a cow dung cake with artificial icing or the actual cake covered with cow dung:-)

    Geetha February 8, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    Very inspiring and got answers for some questions in my mind. Thanks Shivo!

    Pankaj Roy February 13, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Guruji, I can see the joy of being enlightened in your interaction. Finally life has embraced you beatifully…Pranaam

    Raj K Saxena February 14, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    Shivo U R suoerb
    ur udeas R excellent
    keep it up
    I’m ur Fan

    Mrinalini Eroolen April 22, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Thank U very much for sharing your experiences. Am very grateful to OSHO for, by His Grace I’ve reached where I am now. Really, life is a celebration. Living momentarily is real living. No ego, no sorrows, no attachment. Only now exist. No past, no future, only present. Just being.

  2. shivi says:

    very clear and inspiring…osho…Keep it up!!!

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