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I will suggest not to think that RJs are made somewhere: RJ Sameer

You yourself are an RJ, just that it depends on how naturally you represent yourself on Radio.

RJ Sameer is an owner of quite a catchy voice, that has led him to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM where he hosts ‘Bumper to Bumper’, a 4 to 9 pm band show. Switching to RJ career from a journalist, he also carries a hobby of wildlife photography, and has invented a new dish to which he calls ‘Maggi-Pasta’ which is a combination of Chinese and Italian dishes!

Adhirajsinh Jadeja, SpeakBindas correspondent had quite an interesting chat with him.

RJ Sameer

RJ Sameer

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Excerpt of Interview

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: Hi, Sameer. Welcome to SpeakBindas.

  • RJ Sameer: Hi. Hello to all SpeakBindas viewers too.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: Tell us about the creation of RJ Sameer from Sameer Bhinde.

  • RJ Sameer: Creation of RJ Sameer is like an incidence. When I was in college (J.J. Kundaliya) I used to participate in various co-curricular activities such as Mimicry, Songs competition etc. The then Principal Mavani Sir encouraged me to shape my career in the same field of talent. But with the passage of time, due to social circumstances, I joined a different profession, Journalism.
  • After a span of 6 years, working in the field of journalism, I came back to the filed I liked most. During the Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM auditions, instead of showing my talent, I represented my real-self of who I am in real, and I got selected incidentally!

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: You have hosted some popular shows at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Which one of them is close to your heart?

  • RJ Sameer: Almost all! Because, the shows that I host, I analyze it in advance that I compare the elements of the show with my personality and accordingly I request my boss.
  • First of all I was doing ‘Total Filmy‘ which was broadcast from 2 to 5 pm on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. It was totally a mixture of bollywood and Hollywood stuffs such as film reviews, views, gossips, interview with celebrities etc.
  • Then I started hosting a new show ‘Bumper to Bumper‘ which is broadcast from 4 to 9 pm these days. I have also hosted the morning ‘Hello Rajkot‘, 7 to 11 pm show.
  • If I say from the experiences point of view, then ‘Bumper to Bumper’ is my favorite show because it has many elements and is Bindas in nature, where you know particular talks such as bollywood or societal issues are not must to discuss. On this show, I could speak on any subject.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: RJs are really hard working. Not only that, but they have to respond to people’s questions quickly and satisfactorily. Is it easy for you?

  • RJ Sameer: As I said earlier, I represented my originality or natural-self in the auditions. And when you interact in a natural way with someone, it doesn’t take time to attach with that person. When our listeners call us on phone line/hot line and asks for some information etc., if we respond in a natural way, and tell things As It Is, then they will treat us as friends. Hence, being natural, it hasn’t been much tough for me.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: Shed some light on your career before you became an RJ.

  • RJ Sameer: I was a journalist. I have worked for electronic media Zee Gujarati. Totally for five and half years I have worked for the electronic media. I also used to produce documentaries such as on wildlife, historical monuments (Junagadh).
  • Working in that field was like the combination of audio and video both. Now as an RJ, we are working with the audio medium.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: You have earned a good reputation as an RJ, also you have a good fan-base. Ever received any negative comments from your fans?

  • RJ Sameer: I have never believed that I have so many fans. Whoever are there, I consider them as my friends. And let me tell you that, there is a vast difference between a friend and a fan. Like if Adhiraj (you), gives me some comment, I take it as a suggestion (from a friend) and not as a comment (from a fan).
  • So whenever I receive such suggestions, I discuss it with my Programming Head and if it comes out to be useful for the mass, I truly accept the same and proceed forward. So what I mean to say is, I do not take anything as comments but suggestions.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: Tell us about your hobbies, Sameer.

  • RJ Sameer: I write different hobbies in my marriage bio-data and different in my career bio-data!! Like you know, if you mention hobby of ‘traveling’ in your marriage bio-data, a girl thinks that because you are fond of traveling, she will also get a chance of the same!
  • Jokes apart, I am mad at music. I am also a traveling geek. I consider myself as an animal of world of CAMERA. Wildlife photography is hence the first hobby of mine, which once upon a time was my profession as well.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: Any special word or phrase that you use often?

  • RJ Sameer: On air, on Radio, when it was my first link, I said “On Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM you are with Sameeeeeeer.”, where I lengthened the word Sameer. So afterwards, whenever someone calls me up, they say “We are with Sameeeeeeeeeer.!” But I don’t know if it has become famous or they joke with me!!

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: The latest comic RJ character of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM is ‘Chikudo‘, with whom you are hosting a show. How has been the experiences?

  • RJ Sameer: If I tell you the truth, I feel jealousy of him! Because, the kind of fame that we haven’t gained in span of two and half years, a 10 year old has achieved in just one month. Chikudo is a premature character, who thinks farther than his age.
  • When I met him first, I found the talent in him and I suggested my Programming Head to bring him on Radio Mirchi saying, he won’t need a higher salary! But apart from jokes, because everybody liked his performance, we adjusted that in the show ‘Bumper to Bumper’, he be with us for one hour or so.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: It has come to our knowledge that you are good at preparing some particular dish. Which is it?

  • RJ Sameer: Oh! How do you know?!! Again, it happened incidentally. You know Maggi (Noodles) and Pasta are two different dishes, as Noodles is a Chinese dish and Pasta an Italian. So combing both, I have prepared a new breed ‘Pasta-Maggi.’

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: What tips you would like give to the youngsters who wish to pursue their career as an RJ?

  • RJ Sameer: Everybody should try their luck. There are no special courses running RJ. So whatever natural fun that you are doing in your personal life, you have to bring it up on Radio and first during the audition. There are no particular words, spoken which, you will become an RJ. So if you yourself believe that you can become an RJ, you should participate when an RJ hunt is going on. I will suggest not to think that RJs are made somewhere. You yourself are an RJ, just that it depends on how naturally you represent yourself on Radio.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja: With this last question, we will end our interview. What message you would like to give to your fans as well as SpeakBindas viewers?

  • RJ Sameer: I said earlier that I feel jealousy of Chikuda. But that was said for the fun only. I would say to stay two steps away from a jealous person. And live with a simple funda of ‘Live and Let others Live.’ If someone hasn’t done any harm to you, do not harm them either. Try to help others. Life will be easy if we think that we all are one.

Thank You.


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7 thoughts on “I will suggest not to think that RJs are made somewhere: RJ Sameer

  1. Sameer has indeed said something which has high life value. If you hear him again when he gives tips to those aspiring to become an RJ, you will learn that, the message that he has specifically conveyed for future RJs, belongs to all human fraternity. TO BE NATURAL – this virtue applies to every human, regardless of his cast, creed, nationality or profession.


    Practice makes man perfect. Keep working hard.

  2. palla ghosh says:

    hi! it was indeed a wonderful experience to visit your site which is indeed informative and entertain. I would love to be a part of your team since I am a journalist and have interest in varied subjects and have a flare to do stories and conduct interviews of varied personalities. Best wishes for your ventures.

  3. Hello Mr. Ghosh,

    You are most welcome to be a part of SpeakBindas team. I shall be sending you an email with details. Thank you for your interest.

  4. ashish says:

    how great that was……….
    but it is not enough …u should take interview of the great persanality…
    only name is enough…that is……….”Ashish”.

  5. vikas rajpopat says:

    Cheers to Adhiraj!
    @Devangbhai: your patience and passion is bearing fruits…cheerio!

  6. vikas rajpopat says:

    @Devangbhai: Sameer Bhinde is right full name of him not Sameer Khande…

    1. This is the virtue of a good reader. From entire article, you found out the error. Thanks a tone. Have changed it accordingly.

      Honored to have active viewers like yourself, Vikas. And our readers know that, you are a SpeakBindas Correspondent as well.

      Miles to go, miles to go…

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