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iapploud – An integrated music sales and marketing platform on the cloud


There are some forms of art which are attached with our life like a part of it.

Music is one such form of creativity and art which remains with us in different phases of our life. Let our mood be of any kind, there is relevant music to it. But as we know that artists are not mostly good at encashing their talent ! They can move the souls of listeners but fail at selling couple of DVDs of their album ! This is not the scenario with all the artists, but most of the artists have this issue. Creation is one thing while sales & marketing is another.

This is when iapploud comes into place.

It is an integrated music sales & marketing platform that changes the way artists sell and fans buy MUSIC! In other words, it gives artists the needed freedom to pour their talent totally into creating music and let them bother about its sales and marketing. And guess what? It doesn’t charge artists anything at all ! Isn’t it a boon? It lists the music tracks of an artist on their website which when fans download they are charged. Artists can keep all of the earnings from music sales for the year. Isn’t it amazing? Cost for single track download costs from $0.10 – $1.50 in US, Europe and markets outside India while for India charges are between INR 1.00 – INR 10.00.

And it is not just useful to artists but also for fans. How? They have designed reward system for fans which helps their stay on site fruitful.

Look and feel of the site is very cool. From the homepage itself you know what you’re here for ! It has categorized music by Genres and Moods which makes it easy for fans to search the music which touches them. You can play the music by clicking a play button prior to buying it. This is quite a helpful facility. You know in advance what you’re getting.

Platforms like iapploud are useful in giving musicians a place to reach out to world and fans to get best from around the globe. This is quite an intriguing concept. It is founded by Electronic musician Venkat Subramaniam and cloud technology evangelist Siddharth Iyer.

Expertise and Business Acumen

  • Siddhaarth Iyer is a respected cloud technology evangelist and brings in years of product development experience. Siddhaarth has also been actively involved in the Indian music scene managing independent artists/bands and college music events.
  • Venkat Subramanian has over 15 years of experience in advertising, communications and digital marketing. He is also a successful independent musician (electronic artist Saint Vee) and the brain behind the successful independent music label and community Mcube Records.

At iapploud, everyone wins – BEING INDEPENDENT PAYS! www.iapploud.com

Siddhaarth Iyer: sidd@iapploud.com,

Venkat Subramanian: vee@iapploud.com,


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