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India Tour of Bangladesh, 2014

Yes, India Tour of Bangladesh, 2014 (June 15-19), such a tour is happening as I’m writing this. In fact, today is the last of three ODIs. Generally, when India is playing cricket, in India or abroad, at least there is some chit-chats going on about it on blogging or social media platform, but this time, it isn’t happening at all. Why? I could think of three possible reasons.

india tour to bangladesh

(photo courtesy: Cricbuzz.com)

1. Recent overdose from IPL, 2014 series.

With total number of 60 matches and 8 teams containing almost all the famous cricket players from the world, IPL was more than what cricket crazy fans needed. It’s been just nineteen days that the series was over. Whooping number of sixes, popular players, gorgeous cheerleaders, famous retired cricketers as commentators, music, entertainment, runs, runs & runs, amazing cricketing moments and the list goes on. So all the possible things that a cricket fan can ask for was almost delivered by IPL 2014. In fact, according to some of the viewers, it was overdose of cricket ! Well, this charismatic cricketing format, having been played recently would have surely affected the ongoing cricket series in Bangladesh.

2. No big Indian players this time in the team

Biggies like M.S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh & Ravindra Jadeja are given rest. So who is left actually? Suresh Raina? Robin Uthappa? Well, we already saw them in IPL, so can’t take it anymore for a while now ! Without these game changers, the Indian cricket team sent to Bangladesh looks like a second-level team and not national team ! Fans watch cricket for several reasons, one of them is: whether their favorite cricketers are in the team or not.

3. FIFA 2014 World Cup

My blogger friend Pradeep Kumar recently updated his facebook status as

Product Name: Temporary Football Fan
Manufacture Date: 12/06/2014
Expiry Date: 13/07/2014
For Use: FIFA World Cup
Cycle: Every 4 Years

So such temporary football fans must be giving space, time and interest to football matches and its gossips rather than the cricket matches. Although, Indian Football Team is not part of this World Cup but still players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney have created a wave towards football in the young generation. So they may be now taking more interest in the ongoing football world-cup.

You are most welcome to share any other reason that you think fits to this list !


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