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Oculus – The Movie That Is Horror


When somebody asks me to suggest them horror movies, my head literary can not drop more than, The Exorcist, The Paranormal Activity & The Conjuring. Of course, I have watched many more horror (so called) movies but none of them could give me a frighten that it was made to give in the first place. But now I’m happy that I’ve one more name to add to this list (!). And that is “Oculus”.

I consider myself as ‘not easily convinced movie viewer’ !  You know, while I’m watching any movie, I feel like I’m the expert reviewer of the film and so I must evaluate the film in all possible corners, be it story, acting, direction, music, cinematography or even lights ! Such an attitude has helped me to ‘dislike’ many films ! But then, there comes a time when I’m watching a film and realize that ‘Beta, ho gayi na bolti bandh !’ meaning ‘Got your tongue in…‘ (I’m sure you can complete the sentence, blank is kept blank for suspense purpose)! You can definitely surf through the list of films that I watched and liked. Yeah, so I’m talking in a different direction than what the title suggests ! Right…

Oculus seemed promising when I had watched its trailer. So it was on my ‘watch-list’. I’ve habit of watching horror movies at night only. This film comes with a story that keeps the viewer’s imaginations on a revolving chair. Just like ‘dream within a dream within a dream’ theory, there seems suspense within a suspense, and then suddenly horror ! Make-up, acting and the story gives you a thrill from the beginning. Direction is such that an uncanny feelings starts grabbing you. You feel like wanting to get frightened, and the direction does the job very well. I wouldn’t reveal the entire story but would give a glimpse.

The film revolves around a mirror which is centuries old. But it is cursed ! So to say, whoever owns it, dies a painful death – loses mind, meets with an accident, hurts ownself etc. Then, after centuries a family buys it. All strange things start happening in the house. Kids (a brother and a sister) can not understand why their father all of a sudden starts acting weird ! Boy occasionally also sees a woman in his father’s office (which is one of the rooms in house). Father seemed possessed, for he had kept the mirror in his work place ! Lots of horrifying things take place. Their father kills the mother. Then comes the second phase when kids are grown up. Sister decides to get to the root of the mirror for she believes that it was the mirror that killed her mother, not her father. She feels like proving the innocence of his father to the society, and thus beings another frightening session. Lights getting off, clay pot getting broken, video cameras recording on its own, mirror playing all the tricks and what not! Music too is thrilling.

I feel satisfied having watched a movie that gave me some feeling of horror at last !


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