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Interview: H. P. Singh – Commissioner of Police, Rajkot

H P Singh, Commissioner of Police, Rajkot

H P Singh, Commissioner of Police, Rajkot

This is the first ever interview that I have conducted of a Police Commissioner. But the interview turned out to be more than interviewing just a Commissioner of Police as he did interestingly talk about his personal life too.

I did ask him various questions such as: His say about the gap between police department and common people, Actions that he has taken after taking over the post of C.P. in Rajkot, Sacrifices that he has make for social and family life for the sake of duty, His view on traffic sense & traffic issues of Rajkot city etc.

Video of Interview – H. P. Singh – Commissioner of Police, Rajkot

Below is a summary of some of our conversation – in his words

“Police is a friend of common people, that’s how it is meant to be. But due to some historical experiences, i.e. before freedom, people still have a negative image of police in their mind for police was a form of controlling people at that time. But now the situation has changed. We have a motto of “May I Help You?” We are here to help people.”

“To me number of crimes done in a month has less value as more important thing is about how many criminals have been caught after they did crime. After I have taken over the position of C.P. in Rajkot city, I have made it of prime importance to get the criminals in jail who even after 5 to 10 cases were not caught. Also I try to catch the big fish first as that helps decrease crime ratio by large level. Another thing to keep in serious attention is that whether there is any organized crime going on in city by some gang? We have to diminish if any such gangs do exist. We are always vigilant about such things and take actions quickly if it comes to our notice.”

Traffic issue has more than one reasons such as self-discipline, narrow roads, old-city, lack of civic planning for new building etc. You just can’t do much about the traffic where the roads are really narrow, like if you go to old markets of Rajkot where roads are very narrow. All you can do is expect self-discipline from people. Another thing which is very important is the availability of enough space for parking in newly built buildings. Generally, parking should be the prime cause where as in reality it is not so. If you build a new commercial building and keep parking space for 100 vehicles, anarchy comes in place when 500 is then number of daily visitors to that building. Builders should give utmost importance to the parking zone in their planning of construction. This should help decrease the traffic issues.”

“Duty first. I would like to share a real life experience with you. I was posted in Junagadh district earlier. It was Diwali time and we were about to leave for Diwali Puja. At that time only, I received a call from our department saying that there has been riots in Veraval. I had to leave instantly to keep the things in control. So such things happen when we have to sacrifice our social & family life, but we were prepared for the same before joining the police force. And this is case with every policeman regardless of the hierarchy of position. Duty comes first. I just can’t say that today I will have holiday and I won’t work if I’m in the city. Emergency comes at any hour of time. My official cell number is available to all citizens of Rajkot. I get calls anytime, and I do act upon it instantly.”

“I like listening to Music and reading. These are my hobbies that I do in my leisure time.”

“My dream & vision is to have entire city of Rajkot covered with CCTV camera. This would indeed decrease the rate of crime because then you can catch criminals more easily. Also it creates an awareness in minds of people that they are being watched all the time, so that they would think twice before committing any crime. This project needs great deal of money, and if any industrialists or businessmen from Rajkot comes up-front with their contribution for this project, I can implement this system with quick action plans.”

Devang Vibhakar in conversation with H. P. Singh

Devang Vibhakar in conversation with H. P. Singh

Atulkumar Sanghvi, Trustee of Bolbala Traffic Education Trust with H P Singh

Atulkumar Sanghvi, Trustee of Bolbala Traffic Education Trust with H P Singh


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  1. vishal D. Pujara says:

    Repected sir,
    As per my early mail we request you to see the matter of one-way regarding to hospital chowk to chudhary high school chowk .The road is enough broad ther is no issue to make it one-way. Please find another way to solve traffic problem near hospital chowk because this big and wide rode becomes useless at present. Please remove one-way from civil hospital chowk to chudhary chowk. waiting for your favourable response. Thanking you.

  2. Nilesh poshiya says:

    Respected Sir,

    I would like to know about my case that date on 6th April 2013 some hacker is hack my credit card 3D secure Pin and D one a purchase Rs 20155 (367.32 USD) so suddenly i called in ICICI customer care no Ahmedabad 079-66309890 so he has reply me that you should go your nearest police station and file a FIR as per RBI guide line (FIR is Must). so i go in my nearest ‘D’ division police station Bhavnagar and told the all store which, happen with me. all duty officer taking my issue lightly. so i go to the ‘A’ Division and met a SP but there are also i am same kind of response. that’s why Unfortunately i am knocking your door and beg for a help. kindly look at my mercy application and do the resolve my problem as soon as possible. waiting for your favourable response. Thanking you.
    Best Regard,
    Nilesh Poshiya

    1. Hello Nilesh,

      This is an interview of H. P. Singh for public’s general view. For such legal matters, you should approach police station in your city.

      SpeakBindas simply displays the interviews of people from various walks of life and does not entertain any such legal issues.

      You had also given me a call and I had explained the same to you.

  3. Pankaj vaghela says:

    My bed experience with rajkot trafic police pl Pl forward for awareness and how police are behave with common public
    My what’s up message to mr RAVAL PI A SUB DIVIDION
    Requested to pl improve behaviour of rajkot police staff and pl check his atechment of lukhagiri people’s for corruption on the road

    Dear mr raval
    PI A division rajkot

    Pl refer to my personnel visit to your office pl find photos of your office police staff who has make Mis behaviour with me inspite I have paid Rs 1000/- find I have found some of people of non Police department are supporting mr ab Makwana and other trafic police people for corruption on road and also make lukhagiri with common public if your staff should behave in good manner and make awareness for traffic rules I am sure people wil
    Follectrafic rules and maintain descipline

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