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Tantric ritual can have many different purposes: Kypris Aster Drake

Kypris Aster Drake

Kypris Aster Drake is a love and intimacy coach, the author of Journey to Sexual Wholeness and co-host of the international radio show Sex, Love, and Spirit.

Check her Daily True Love Horoscope Blog for juicy no-holds-barred sharing about how she walks the path or relationship as a spiritual practitioner. All of this and more can be found at www.yabyummy.com along with lots of free information about tantra and a number of instructional videos and audios.

Kypris holds two master’s degrees, one in Biochemistry, and a second in Counseling Psychology. She lives and teaches in San Diego, where she offers both private instruction in the spiritual practices of tantra, as well as weekend retreats that explore the question of how to create True Love.


Q.: Welcome to SpeakBinasd Kypris. Tell us what is Tantric ritual?

This is a really big question. Tantric ritual in the way that we define it can be anything from a spiritual meditation practice done with a group of people, to spiritual meditation done by a couple. to a spiritual and sexual connection practice done by a couple. In general a ritual begins with creating sacred space. At Yabyummy the basis of our spiritual practice is shamanic, so we call in the four directions and their guardians, as well as the Earth (Divine Feminine) and Sky (Divine Masculine). We burn sage, a traditional plant used for purification by my teachers and by the indigenous people of California. Then we begin by meditating and connecting to the Earth and Sky.

Tantric ritual can have many different purposes, but mostly it is about helping us to drop into deep communion with ourselves and with others, in a way that includes the body and the lower chakras. The union between the heart and the root chakra is especially important in our work.

Q.: Which types of massage services you provide to your clients? Explain their benefits.

In general we no longer offer straight massage. We offer rituals that can include a lingam massage or yoni massage, but a student must prepare for these practices first by doing many weeks of learning the meditation and energy circuiting practices of white tantra. Once a student has this framework, the benefits of the hands-on tantric ritual are many. Lingam massage, for example, can improve the sensitivity of the lingam and increase a man’s awareness of that part of his body. By learning to move energy in and out of that portion of his body, he can learn to master his ejaculation as well as his erection. Beyond this, lingam massage teaches the experience of whole body orgasm, moving the sexual energy through the entire body so that arousal and release are felt in the whole body, not just the root chakra.

Q.: What are the kinds of events you organize? What are they for?

We offer three types of events at this point:
True Love retreats–these are a series of increasingly advanced weekend retreats that teach the principles of creating a healthy love relationship using the principles of tantra. In these retreats our students learn practical skills for things like communication and being more loving, as well as more spiritual skills like meditation to open the heart. We also offer shamanic initations in these retreats that are designed to open awareness and create rapid positive transformation in your life.
Couples events–we offer three different couples events to learn the hands-on practice of yoni massage, lingam massage, and tantric lovemaking with a partner.

Q.: You have set up some event keys such as White event, Pink event, Violet event and Red event. What are they for?

These keys are designed to help our students decide if an event is right for them. White Events are entirely clothed events focused on spiritual practice. Pink events may have some optional nudity and touch and focus on combining sexual and spiritual practice. Violet events are for couples to get hands-on instruction in tantric ritual. Red events are our most advanced events, and involve full nudity and full body touch combined with spiritual practice.

Q.: Many a people believe that Tantric massage ends up with an orgy. Is it true?

This isn’t true for us. While tantric massage can include touch on the yoni or lingam, the purpose isn’t for arousal so much as it is for healing and raising energy that the client can then learn how to move that energy through their body.

Q.: During one of your healing processes, what if someone gets turned on? How would you handle the situation?

Someone getting turned on during a session is actually part of the session. What has to be clear is what to do with that turn-on. We explain clearly and carefully when we begin work with a client that the relationship we are forming with them is not about sex.

Q.: If asked or aroused, do you make love with your client?

We have a boundary around intercourse with our clients, because we feel that “making love” during a session can be confusing. More than anything our work is focused on healing and on teaching how to be in the tantric state, which means that keeping the focus on the client and their experience is of the highest importance. If we move into lovemaking, it can be confusing to our clients both in terms of what the relationship is, and in terms of them feeling like they have to meet our needs emotionally or sexually. The relationship that we choose to have with our clients is one of being as clean a mirror as possible for them, and of giving to them unconditionally in the container of a session.

Q.: What inspires you to do what you are doing?

I have both always felt called to the path of sacred sexuality. I’ve been on this path for about 17 years, after first being introduced to tantra in the context of a book. After trying some of the breathing and energy movement practices, I felt at home, and there was a sense of rightness about this path. After studying tantra with a shamanic teacher and receiving imitation, I experienced a spiritual awakening in which my health and vitality as well as my emotional well-being and sexual experiences were greatly enhanced. I continue to see progress in my own personal and spiritual evolution every day and I am passionate about making this healing, ecstatic, and joyful path available to anyone who wants to experience it.

Q.: After attending events organized by you, what are the experiences of your clients?

Most clients share with us a deepened understanding of themselves and a deeper connection to their partners. Some express revelations about their life.

Q.: Could you please share with us the most memorable event you had?

Ans.: I think the most memorable event was our Creating Love weekend retreat. We spent two days plus an evening learning about how to feel safe both in yourself and your own connection to Spirit, as well as in your connection to another person. The weekend included not only a lot of verbal instruction, but also ceremony, initiations, and spiritual practice. After that event, many of our students experienced powerful and rapid changes in their lives, such as making changes with their career path, finding new love, experiencing whole body orgasm for the first time, and renewing and deepening existing relationships.

Q.: What special message you would like to give those couple who are not having a good sexual life?

That there is hope, that you don’t have to simply accept things as they are.

Q.: How can people reach you?

Ans.: The best way to reach me is via email at: kypris AT yabyummy DOT com


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