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Play the life as game with full involvement: Neo Sarath

Neo Sarath

I am Neo Sarath young self declared Neo sannayasin. I just live my life normally like everybody. The things what I have been doing before meditating is looking awesome these days just by witnessing. I am experiencing change within me, I dono where it taking me, but I wish flowing with it, as its giving me so much joy for no reason at all. Mechanical engineer student,Tamilian,Indian, Hindu, Coimbatorian, Asian are few of my tags in society. I love everybody around me.

I love celebrating life being with nature. I got spiritual seed through my parents visit to various masters. To understand me better feel me in silence because all details I can quote are regarding my tags extra… I am human just like you, just mind difference. But one thing don’t lose hope if your not able to meditate, I was able to meditate only after 16 years of continuous attempt to meditate.


Q.: What inspired you to become an Osho Sanyasi?

Ans.:  I believe my parents visit to masters when I was young dropped a spiritual seed within me. It was nurtured and certain spiritual conditions given by osho pulled me tremendously towards spirituality. Certain pull towards master made me to do so.

Q.: When it comes to Osho, generally people have a belief (or say misbelief) that Osho communes, Osho Ashrams provide a platform to find sex partners and rather it is said that, they actually enjoy sex inside communes itself. This issue has been debated and discussed numerous times by numerous people around the world. After becoming an Osho sanyasi, what’s your frank say or real-life experience on this subject? Is it true? Is it false? Or it is the mixture of both?

Ans.:  When I was young my relatives (not dad and mom) used to condemn me reading osho as he is sex guru. But as I grew up and started learning osho they couldn’t argue with me. After reading sex to super conscious, I got insight about holiness of sex. And also came to know to going beyond sex. In my experience grass is more greener after meditating. I had not been to commune so it would not be right to comment about the happenings there

Q.: Osho has delivered his lectures almost on everything. What part of Osho attracts you and why?

Ans.:   His method of prayer laughter love dance and song. In fact the dynamic meditation was my first spiritual experience. When everybody condemn be to as I am, Osho encouraged to be myself without disturbing others freedom circle.

Q.:  What do you do for living?

Ans.: I am currently a mechanical engineer student. To speak about future would not be very fine. But one thing for sure, I wouldn’t burden society for my living.

Q.: Osho says “Life is all celebration. It exists here and now.” Have you been able to live upto this statement?

Ans.: I am not yet 100% but when ever my thoughts are flowing into future or past, I am able to witness them. I just witness them fully without controlling and it will stop itself most of the times. Spending more close with nature than humans. It helps me more to be conscious.

Q.: What kind of meditations you follow in your daily life? Explain them in detail with their benefits for knowledge of others.

Ans.: swirling, Dynamic, Vipasana then few of my own techniques which is helpful for me to be meditative

Q.: Which are your favorite Osho quotations?

Ans.:  We are two waves of same ocean. We all belong to one existence

Q.: What does spirituality mean to you?

Ans.:  Seed sowed by masters when I was a child, now it is growing by itself. I am just witnessing the change.

Q.: In this highly advanced technological era, we see that people are losing their peace of mind, getting frustrated and angry, not finding the true love or being cheated in relationships and what not. This is common among rich and poor people. What’s your take on this entire scenario?

Ans.: Just leela nothing else.

Basically two kind of people


2) Awaken

blind can be further classified as one knows he blind and accept it and starts journey towards awakening. Other is one who believe is awake firmly and go like sheep with society. Various era these three categories have existed, may the intensity varies.

Q.: What special message you would like to give away to people of this world?

Ans.: I am still receiving a lot from my master, What ever I give here is between readers consciousness and masters consciousness. Play the life as game with full involvement and consciousness. Just remember we are asleep until we are awake. Don’t trust your dream how ever real it might be. Remember it is mere projection of desires not the truth.

Q.: How can people reach you?

Ans.: Always welcome to my home. It’s a mini commune. Working on developing a commune for all Osho sannayasin  and spiritual seeker at Coimbatore.

Email: m.sarathchandar AT gmail Dot com. I am also available in Orkut and facebook.


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  1. Previous comments:

    Devang Vibhakar February 8, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Hi Sarath, Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts with us.

    Hope you reach to your spiritual destination.


    Neo sarath Reply:
    February 10th, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    I have heard from my master there is no destiny… in spirituality… anyways thank u brother…
    i m proceedin in my journey will all ur blessings n existence support

  2. Vipul says:

    Hi Devang,

    Looks like you are influenced by Osho. Why don’t you become Sanyasi ??

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