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Meditation and Samadhi helps in deep cleansing: Moksha Lulla

Moksha Lulla

My name is Moksha Lulla. Born on 15th Oct, 86. I have done graduation in commerce and now doing Advance Diploma in Interior designing. I am born and brought up in Ulhasnagar (Maharashtra). This is something about my general intro. I am a disciple of Osho and initiated into Sannyas on 31st Oct, 2002 by Osho Shailendraji (Younger brother of Osho) at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. With my spiritual growth, I felt like sharing and spreading Osho’s teachings to others. With this urge, I started working in Oshodhara and am trying to do my little bit. Due to this, I travel often to Osho Nanak Dham, Murthal, Haryana.


Q.: It is a pleasant surprise to see someone so young moving on deep spiritual exploration. What inspired you and turned you so committed on spiritual path?

Ans.: My parents had been initiated into Osho Sannyas in 1997. So they got books and magazines & Osho discourse Audio which I read at times and feel some inspiration. After a year, I went to visit Osho Commune International at Pune. There I brought a book named Kathopanishad – where a small kid named Nachiketa went to lord of Death and went for spiritual exploration. That turned to be 1st inspiration unknowingly. Then I worked in Pune Commune for a month – that was a different experience. The climate was meditative. It somehow had a pull and left an impact forever. Then my dad asked me to accompany my family for Oshodhara’s 1st Level dhyan Samadhi program. Resisting it, I went. And being there for 9 days, I wished I wanted to see them again. There was something unknown that led me to continue for 9 days more and on & on. Gradually, reading Osho, practicing meditation, seeing Sadguru Trivir – their dedication, love, grace and compassion I felt more and more attracted each time. And this is where I am due to Osho, Sadguru Trivir, my parents and colleagues.

Q.: How spiritual journey have impacted the outer dimension of your life i.e. studies, career and relationships?

As far as my academic studies are concerned, my memory, concentration developed. I didn’t get distracted easily. My will power and determination enhanced. Each time, I took leave for going to my second home – Osho Nanak Dham (referred as OND, Murthal) my absence didn’t made me regret or miss something on the contrary I turned to be lucky. My confidence and to face circumstances is getting better. More maturity, satisfaction came on itself.

As far as relationships are concerned, a feeling of acceptance, understanding and let-go is developing. So, it’s like growing and evolving every day more and more. The outcome can be measured as growth of peace, bliss and love.

If I can say the impact in one word is – TOTAL GROWTH.

Q.: You look so beautiful. Is this the magic of spiritual journey?

Ans.: Thank you for the compliment. But some of it comes from genetic contribution of my parents and the rest comes spiritual Health center. Meditation & Samadhi helps in deep cleansing as it gives you deeper relaxation at the level of body, mind, emotions and soul.
You can observe yourself, those who tend to be angry often or tensed or frustrated – all these things are reflected on their face and they also tend to develop diseases and illness due to it. In similar manner, when you meditate – the silence, relaxation, divine experiences, its glow, charisma is also reflected not only through your speech, thoughts but also through your body.

Q.: You are so close to Oshodhara Sadguru Trivir. Would you like to share some intimate experiences with them? How being with them, has changed your life?

Sadguru Trivir
Sadguru Trivir

Ans.: Each moment with them is an experience in itself. It may seem as hyperbole to many. But it’s only if you experience the same can you decide. I would like to say its not being with them has changed my life but it is being with them has actually taught me to LIVE in true sense. As far as experiences are concerned, I am confused what to say and what not. But I would try to put the essence of all of them, in the few lines below –

In all these years, I have realized –
Being with Bade swami ji – Osho Siddhartha ji, is like being in celebration – UTSAV.
Whenever He returns after a visit or taking a session or end of Day, He gathers us all together to just talk and celebrate.

Being With Ma Osho Priya ji is like being with abode of LOVE.
She plays multiple roles sometimes is a mother, sometimes a master, sometimes she takes care of the house-hold and all related activities. Sometimes she helps us in working and management related tasks of the Ashram. But whatever work she does, she does it with love. She is so full of love and over-flowing with it.

And lastly, Being with Chote swami ji – Osho Shailendra ji, is living in awareness and acceptance. He is a person in whose company any pain / suffering seems to dissolve. He is full of Laughter. His silence is even mesmerizing and dancing. In even the smallest activity, He gives every opportunity to best utilize and make it a means to rise higher.

Sadguru Trivir our are masters but they give us (their disciples) so much respect that they ask for our opinion/ suggestion and value them. As far as possible, they give it a fair try.

Q.: Can you please elaborate how Oshodhara is different from Osho commune?

Ans.: There are two things –
Firstly, Osho is like the common ground which is the basis of Osho Commune as well as Oshodhara. In the same land, two different trees grow. So are Oshodhara and Osho Commune. Both of them bear different fruits and let out different fragrance.
Oshodhara is carrying Osho’s core teaching of Meditation and Samadhi whereas Osho Commune majorly only meditation is being practiced.
I have not been to Osho Commune in past 5 years, so I barely know what is happening thereby. But definitely, I can tell you what work Oshodhara is carrying forward.

Osho wanted each of His Sannyasins to be Zorba the Buddha – A complete man; a new man. Zorba comes from an ancient Greek character who is full of life. He lives totally. Enjoys different shades of life and lives merrily whereas Buddha is a symbol of meditation, awareness, silence, inner wisdom.

But Osho fused both of them together, He brought a combination of them. And that what is the goal of Oshodhara too. We have till now, 14 Samadhi programs of 6 days each which help us go within and explore the deepest core of oneself, to know oneself. And there are 3 day programs like – Mudra Chikitsa (Health Management), Anand Pragya (Stress Management), Sammohan Pragya (Goal Management) and some more that help us to grow as a human being doing all our daily chorus related to career, business, family life which means not negating any dimension of life.

Q.: You have been producing the Oshodhara program on Aastha channel. This must have been a stiff challenge. How have you been able to handle this ominous task well at such a young age?

Ans.: Yes, it was a challenge. But I want to let you know one thing that I have understood. When existence / Divinity / God wants some work to happen and if you are available things flow/ happen on their accord. If you do not resist, they take the course. So all that has happened through me, but I didn’t do it. The credit is not mine.
If I had to do, I was not capable. Osho and Sadguru Trivir made it happen. I was lucky that they selected me and with this I got an opportunity to serve.

Q.: What is your life objective? What are your future plans in terms of career?

Ans.: I want to live life of love + awareness. I wish to carry forward Osho’s and Sadguru Trivir’s work as existence wants me to. I do want to settle down and get married. Also, I want to practice designing as a part time job.

Q.: What are the challenges today’s youth face? What is the message you would like to give to them?

Ans.: Today’s youth face variety of challenges –

There is huge generation gap so they don’t have proper guidance and thus can be mislead at times. We all are searching for something and running in life for our happiness & satisfaction. But do we really know what we are searching how can we go there? Thus, it is important to find a master who can guide you for world as well as spiritualism – as without any of them we are incomplete.

Many of us at different times of life feel lonely or inferiority complex or are unable to accept oneself & other or our guilty but there is a way out. And mostly it happens as we do not our real self.

There are many problems but in most of the cases the solution is one – Meditation.


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    Shivo- The Playful Mystic March 1, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Moksha, this is Very very beautiful and inspiring.


    Moksha Reply:
    March 1st, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    thank you. I have tried to put truth and my experience into words

    T A RAMESH March 1, 2010 at 6:48 pm


    Meditation in Nature nourishes spirit with strength
    Making human stature glow with brightness ever!
    Mystical communion with Nature gives spiritual joy!
    Practice of meditation begins human realisation of
    Divine in Nature quite amazing to enjoy forever!
    Sitting erect with legs folded on the ground as flower,
    Regulating breathing with eyes raised to middle of brows,
    Concentrating on the golden seeds of lotus or glowing heart,
    Mystics forget all around them in a state of trance long!
    Similar to one engaged with concentrated study of book
    In a philosophical pursuit to know the truth in full one
    Does meditation to know past, present and future bright!
    The golden glow of body with brilliant eyes shining bright
    One comes to senses again to run world affairs to victory!
    T A RAMESH´s last blog ..Educating the Girl Child My ComLuv Profile

    Devang Vibhakar March 2, 2010 at 9:48 am


    I received below enquire in an email. May be you would like to address it:

    Your Name dhruvam
    City & Country haryana,india
    Email dhruvamssharma@gmail.com
    Contact no. +919416453478
    Website http://dhruvamssharma.blogspot.com
    Subject details
    Message i want to know that when is nirti samadhi in march??


    Moksha Reply:
    March 17th, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Nirati samadhi – 5-10april at OND, Murthal

    Neo Sarath March 2, 2010 at 11:33 am

    It was really very meditative. You took us through some special experience, I my silent bow.
    I am very much interested in Oshodhara and willing to know more samadhi methods. If you feel i am eligible to proceed contact me at m.sarathchandar@gmail.com


    Moksha Reply:
    March 17th, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    Pls come and attend Dhyan samadhi program

    It happens every month in OAD, Punjab and every quarter at OND, Murthal.

    For booking and inquiry call us on – 0130-2483911 / +91-9811189020

    rakesh March 5, 2010 at 11:10 am

    ur photo is very nice containing the fragrance of god.i am feeling there is someone very beautiful in the picture.a desire comes to my mind to see u………


    Moksha Reply:
    March 17th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Come and meet the source of the fragrance at Oshodhara.

    Its all the grace of Osho and Sadguru Trivir.

    Come and experience yourself by attending Dhyan samadhi
    It happens every month in OAD, Punjab and every quarter at OND, Murthal.

    For booking and inquiry call us on – 0130-2483911 / +91-9811189020


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  3. pawan makhija says:

    hi moksha g lulla, u luk really nice. Can u xplain me y meditation is solution. I believe in hari naam sankirtan only…..

  4. kshitiz says:

    it was very nice to hear ur experience..!

  5. Rajinder Jindal says:

    I agree with Moksha fully. Every single word she has said about Sadguru Trivir, is worth it. It is really a celebration to be with Bade Guru Ji (Osho Siddharth Ji), Its Love and compassion showering in the presence of Guru Ma (Ma Osho Priya Ji)and its Laughter time while in the presence of Sadguru Chhote Baba (Osho Shailendra Ji). Its really GOOD LUCK to be disciples of Sadguru Trivir and a part of Osho Family.

  6. Bina Amarnani says:

    Thanks Moksha for sharing Your experience and concern with Oshoshodhara. I m fully agreed with what you say about core teachings of meditation. All programs of dhyan samadhi including msgs of great Masters lead us to achieve higher consciousness. May God be with you .

  7. AP P Pal says:

    I want to know about meditation.

  8. AP P Pal says:

    I want to know about meditation.Thanks.

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