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Interview of Swati Prakash

Swati Prakash

Swati Prakash was initiated into the realms of divination, magick and transformation at the age of 11 when she spontaneously started creating spells and horoscopes, a skill inherited from her past lives. Her interest in the occult grew with several psychic insights that took her deeper into realms of Wicca, Dream-working, Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing and Tarot.

President – Tarot India Network
CEO – Magick stores
Head – Global Wicca Tradition
Head Priestess – Earth Healing Temple

She runs Magick at Mumbai, the first Wiccan and magickal store in India providing spiritual healing solutions to create a more positive life. Swati provides training in intuition skills, divination arts, healing skills, tarot, spells and Wicca. She heads the Global Wicca Tradition and acts as Head Priestess to the Earth Healing Temple conducting religious and healing services and training the priesthood of the temple.

As the founder of Tarot India Network she has presented over the last several years, various seminars and workshops using Tarot for groups and institutes using guided meditation and visualization to create a shift in consciousness. She has been presenting tarot on broadcast media, writes columns for various magazines and regularly contributes articles in publications in India and abroad.

She has facilitated a collaboration of 22 Tarot artists from India to create the first of its kind Indian Tarot deck of 22 Major Arcana cards based on Literature for the Museum of Tarots in Italy, a deck which has now been published by the Museum of Tarots in Italy, and has also featured in the book ‘In the Court of Trumps’ Volume I – published by The Ministry for Culture and Arts – Rome.

According to Swati, “A spiritual search is not aimed at distancing ourselves from the outside world. It helps us recognize our life as a beautiful gift, to live in complete awareness and with greater enthusiasm and to create a more positive and happier reality. We must realize that destiny is not created by forces outside us. We are constantly shaping our reality through our energy and there lives a beautiful ‘witch’ or magickal person – within each one of us.”


Q.: Hello Swati, welcome to SpeakBindas. Would you please introduce yourself to SpeakBindas readers?

Ans.: I am an intuitive and magickal practitioner and trainer, President – Tarot India Network and Head of the Global Wicca Tradition.

Q.: “Occult” – a word that attracts many of us, but very rare of us have experienced the same in real. What is Occult to you? Share some of your psychic experiences with us which are related to occult.

Ans.: Occult means the hidden invisible forces of nature. In my view the hidden becomes visible through scientific observation and personal direct experience. As a kid I remember I was able to smell and taste food being cooked at my house from my school itself that was over 10 kilometers away (Clairallience and Clairgustance), I have constantly been able to see visions and precognitive dreams of things that happened in the exact way later (Clairvoyance) and hear an inner voice to know the truth (Clairaudience), sense peoples emotions within me (Clair-empathy) and sense the disease or pain of another individual in my own body (Clairsentience). I have used this psychic information to create a positive change in my own future and to heal others. As a kid I found I was able to manifest the marks I wanted in my exams through spells I created and cast without prior study or exposure to the same (past life connection) and since then I always knew the future is our own manifestation.

Q.: Rhonda Byrne created “The Secret”, which is said to have changed the lives of many. What’s your take on it?

Ans: It is a good staring point for many but a lot more deeper work is needed to heal our subconscious blockages and fears and to be completely enlightened and fully magically conscious. Your conscious mind has certain thoughts and ideas that you can manifest but at the same time there may be hidden subconscious negativity that cancels it out and stops you from manifesting your desires. This is why some people find it easier to manifest their wishes instantly and some people find it takes a lot more energy, time and spiritual or healing work to help them manifest something. One needs to learn and practice the right techniques and study the subject scientifically as well as spiritually. Also the fact that you can indeed get what you want should arouse in you more curiosity about the spiritual truth and help you discover what the universe truly is, or who you are rather than just using the techniques to make your life easy for the time being. There needs to be a greater spiritual perspective in your magickal work.

Q.: You are President of Tarot India Network where you teach Tarot to participants. My question is that, how Tarot is useful for the development of a human being? I mean, the first question is “Why Tarot?”

Ans.: Tarot is a good way to visually read and study the energy patterns of our life. It tells us what we have been manifesting so far and what we are about to manifest based on our past and present thoughts, emotions, karmas. This way we can heal the negative blocked patterns and manifest a better future by knowing what has to be altered and by using relevant spiritual techniques to create the change desired.

Q.: Which are the programs/workshops you run? Any pre-requisite to enroll to them? How can people participate to your workshops?

Ans.: I suggest that first an enthusiast learns Basic Energy Healing Skills (Including but not limited to the three degrees of Reiki, Past Life Healing and basic Visualization spells), Basic Energy Reading called Psychic or Divination skills (Including multiple techniques of Divination such as Oracles, Crystal gazing, Tasseomancy or tea-leaf reading, Runes). These two are the foundation courses. Then one can go for advanced topics such as Tarot Essentials, Spells and Wicca. These training programs are available in person by appointment as well as online through my sites: www.tarotindia.com and www.globalwicca.com

Q.: You also practice Angelic Guidance and Oracle reading. What is it about? How does it help people?

Ans.: Yes these are simple ways to connect with the divinity around you and to get messages from your higher self which is that part of you which is aware of your energetic connection with the entire universe.

Q.: This question is different than all other questions. Have you ever experienced something out of the world ever? I am not talking from the point of view of thinking or feeling or philosophical, but something real, something real that you witnessed that is something not everyone can?

Ans.: Fabulous question. I am working on a book to describe some of these soon, for example my experiences with the fairie world. However I feel everyone can experience the metaphysical with sufficient practice.

Q.: For the belief of our readers, would you please share with us one of your Past Life Regression session that you had with your client?

Ans.: In a session recently a subject had a fear of fallen hair and could not stand the sight of hair on the ground or anyone’s shoulder. This is a peculiar phobia that had been with this individual through childhood indicating a past life connection. The subject vividly experienced in the session a past life in which she had drowned due to her hair being stuck in the pool. She was so ‘real-ly’ in the life that she actually came back with a cold after the session which was actually one of the many cleansing processes that helped her in releasing the fear. Re-experiencing a past life helps in releasing unwanted negative emotions and energy from the past so that we can be free of those fears, phobias and blocks that were so deep in the subconscious that we were unaware of them. At the same time healing energy is sent to the subject so that the fear or block, whether emotional or physical is released and transformed.

Q.: Any special message you would like to share with the youth of today?

Ans.: You are powerful. You create your life experiences through your own thoughts, beliefs, emotions, desires and actions. Be aware of your inner vibrations through intuition and consciously change them to more positive ones – this is Magick.

Q.: How can people reach you?

Ans.: I am available at Magick store, Mumbai (Tel 65250328) and online through my websites www.tarotindia.com, www.magickalwareness.com and www.globalwicca.com


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  2. Pranab Sarma says:

    Dear Swati,
    I desperately need your help. I have a sister who is seperated and has a small son.After her seperation, she has resorted to drinking and has spoiled her career as well as our family life.As I work away from home she stays with our mother.

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    yeah..Gr8 Swati……..even i m also follower of secret..and making my life as i wish….i m really enjoying this phase of manifesting desire into my life….and the Real Magik.

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    Hai swati I m interested in tarot card reading
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