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Interview of Bharat Dudakia by JC Rina Solanki


Cameraman: Adhirajsinh H. Jadeja

Rina Solanki is a JC member and trainer. As a part of her assignment, she can take an interview of an experienced trainer of JCI (Junion Chamber International). She chose Bharat Dudakia, National Prime Trainer for the same.

Bharat Dudakia

Bharat Dudakia

Story of Bharat Dudakia is indeed an inspiring one. Before he joined JC, he was in the profession of tailoring. Once, invited by a friend he attended a meeting of JC, which changed his life. That gave him the inspiration to think that whether he wants to die as being a best tailor or a best trainer? From there on, he started following JC sincerely and has reached to the level of National Prime Trainer.

(L to R: JC Rina Solanki, Bharat Dudakia)

(L to R: JC Rina Solanki, Bharat Dudakia)

Rina Solanki has asked some very interesting questions in this interview which has brought inner answers from Mr. Dudakia. In this interview, the versatile personality of Bharat Dudakia such as of a Magician is explored, and he also demonstrates one magic trick too. He also possesses knowledge of vastushastra and astrology.

The readers of SpeakBindas would be aware that earlier we had interviewed Bharat Dudakia for his expertise on subject of body language.


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8 thoughts on “Interview of Bharat Dudakia by JC Rina Solanki

  1. Dear Devang,
    Bharat Dudakia

  2. Jc Ketan Gheewala says:

    Dear sir,

    Its nothing but greatest. Interview of great personality by great incoming trainer of great organisation JCS. I proud to became JC.

    Jc Rina all the Best.
    Bharat sir, i come to know about Landmark, TA from this interview.

    1. Dear Jc Ketan Gheewala,
      Thanks, I am also proud to be a JC.
      Be Better.
      Bharat Dudakia.

  3. Respected Bharatbhai,

    I seen your interview & really proud on you. It was really fantastic. I am too little to write something about your interview.

    Once again best of luck & thanks

    Tejas Dudakiya

    1. Dear Tejas,
      Thanks for compliment & feedback.
      Bharat Dudakia

  4. tejal chavda says:

    Dear uncle,

    It is very insuperable and guileful. May your all dreams come true. Best of luck 4 future.

  5. Dear Tejal,
    How are you Tejal, thanks for feedback.
    Bharat Dudakia.

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