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Interview of Deepchand Gardi

Deepchand Gardi

Deepchand Gardi

Deepchand Gardi is a synonym for ‘donations’, as over the years he has donated crores of rupees for many different causes. What stands out above all is his sharing of wealth for the betterment of educational purposes. With his support, many primary, highschools are built, with his support colleges and post-graduate centres are built and the number of such educational institutions that are built with his vision and support are many.

He says “Life is to live at fullest, and it’s an art to do so. Few people do get upset over tiny issues where as few do remain calm even during the big disasters in their life. It’s all about how you perceive life. And we people are like our fingers, we all are not same. Some are below average, some are average where as some are really intelligent. We should always keep our mind open and accept all that is good and avoid which is not useful for us. Getting upset by failure is not an option, rather we should learn to face it.”

He recently completed 97 years. He has donated for various causes and it was quite interesting to hear him talking about money. He said “Unfortunately, in this era the importance is given more to money than to humans. It is wrong. Money is the medium, not destination. If money is used wisely, the society receives good fruits from it. The same money creates troubles if it is used unwisely. When we donate money, we should not expect anything in return. Donate only for the sake of self-satisfaction. It is also quite unfortunate that few Gurus are cheating people on the name of ‘Moksha’ and earning ‘Punya’ by donating money for causes. That’s a wrong approach for donations. There should not be any expectations at all when you donate. Do so for your satisfaction. The philosophy of getting moksha by donating money is all about business and nothing else. And looking at the current era, even if I am born ten times with the same position, it is not enough for the society. One must keep doing good for the society in this life, as per their capacity.”

Few beautiful lines that he mentioned during the interview with SpeakBindas, you can enjoy below:

  • These days I see that everyone wants to become rich overnight. That’s not a right approach.
  • The world is not what it is, it is what you see.
  • Even ten lives are not enough to do the humanitarian work, so keep doing whatever is doable by you.
  • My reward is self-satisfaction.
Devang Vibhakar with Shree Deepchand Gardi

Devang Vibhakar with Shree Deepchand Gardi


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

6 thoughts on “Interview of Deepchand Gardi

  1. Very much inspiring. He is a good friend of Torrent owners – Mehta family . I had seen him at condolence meeting for late shri Uttam mehta.

  2. My Dear friend Devangbhai,

    First of all accept my hearty congratulations for getting an interview of respected Deepchand Gardiji. I really admire your humble work and it is truly remarkable. I enjoyed the video and surly it was good. I assumed that Deepchandji has spent his precious 12 minutes with us was great donation in it itself. His message was like same mentioned in the” Bhagvad Geeta”, I sudden of realised that this should spread to the world.

    I would like to make you humble request for improving the quality of audio and if possible when you take any interview make sure there are no background disturbance. I am not complaining about it but it is just my suggestion. This interview was good but it could be much better if it was in quite environment.

    I wish you best luck and keep give us more of these kind of interviews, Truly inspirational.

    Wish you very best.

    With Regards,
    Ravi Lodhiya

    1. Ravi, I appreciate your suggestion whole heartedly. And I appreciate your concern too.

      I agree that there is a background noise in this interview. Sometimes what happens is that the interview gets organized all of a sudden and thus was Gardiji’s interview. I was allotted only five minutes at a place where he had come for the inauguration. So the background noise you hear is of the students of the center he had come to. Getting this five minutes was indeed a luck. And those five minutes were stretched to 12 minutes as Gardiji was willing to share his thoughts further. In fact, he wanted to speak more but as he had a flight to catch so I had to be satisfied with this 12 minutes, which infact even inspired me a lot when I watched it myself.

      So yes, otherwise, my efforts are always to shoot neat videos with proper audio. Believe me, with all the limited resources SpeakBindas have, I always try to provide the ‘best’ possible. And so I candidly take your words as suggestion only and not as a complain, as there is always a space for betterment and correction.

  3. Qasim Abbas says:

    જીવન જીવવા માટે છે અને જીવવું એક કળા છે.

    પારકાઓ ના દુખો ને દુર કરવા માટે જીવવું એ એક મહાન કળા છે.

    વૈષ્ણવજન તો તેને રે કહીએ જે પીડ પરાઈ જાણે રે……………

    કાસીમ અબ્બાસ

  4. navin vibhakar says:

    congratulations for this inspiring interview of a grand person. one has to learn that to be rich is not enough in life u should be large hearted and what a gift to mankind as gardi vidyapith. people need education and knowledge .he understands the value of it. please convay my regards to him and keep it up of such good work u r doing for all of us.

  5. Mahesh Shah says:

    Insan Ishawar ki den hota hai, aur ishwar jo banta hai wo ishwar ko uski aur se bhet hoti hai

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