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Interview of Dr. Samir Prajapati

Video Interview of Dr. Samir Prajapati

Dr Samir Prajapati

Dr Samir Prajapati

Dr. Samir Prajapati, M.D.(Medicine) is a consultant intensivist and critical care physician, working at Milestone Multi Speciality Hospital, Rajkot. He is specialist in Critical Care, ICU & Ventilator Management, Complicated & High Risk Patient and Infective illness. He has earlier worked as Chief intensivist & visiting intensivist at Wokhardt Hospital, Rajkot as well he worked as ICU Physician at Lilawati Hospital, Mumbai, Stearling Hospital, Ahmedabad and Shrey Hospital, Ahmedabad.

He is very calm and cool in personality. Seemed detailed about his expertise. In this interview, we discussed about the approach of a doctor towards patients. Generally, now as the professionalism has increased, we also get to see doctors being more professional and less with human approach with their patients. Dr. Prajapati gave very intensive answers about this discussion.

We also talked about his specialty, i.e. intensivity. His specialty is all about performing the treatment very precisely, as there is always the limit of time in critical situations. He elaborated the entire process in a detailed manner.

Watch entire video interview above for more interesting interaction.
SpeakBindas is thankful to Madhvi Raj for suggesting his name for interview.


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