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Interview of Ashok Kadvani

Video of Interview with Ashok Kadvani

(Videography: Adhirajsinh Hardevsinh Jadeja)

Ashok Kadvani

Ashok Kadvani

Ashok Kadvani is the creator of KarmYogi Mart Ltd. based at G.I.D.C. Metoda, Rajkot. The basic concept of this initiative is to synergize the energy of youth and like minded people under one roof. To initiate this movement, he started with the shopping mall, a mall with great discount on routine life needs. The earning from this mall gets utilized in the various programs of KarmYogi Parivar. This is the basic idea behind this.

On 15/08/2010, fifteen friends go to gether to give a shape to their such thinking and thus was created KarmYogi Mart Ltd. The reason behind opening up mart in Metoda G.I.D.C area is that, as there is a good population of lower middle class families who are working in different industries, discount in various routine things becomes very useful for them. The mall was started with two things in store: Potato and Onion. And as of today, there are around 1600 different items being sold the mall.

KarmYogi Mall

KarmYogi Mall

There is a very beautiful theory behind choosing the name KarmYogi only. Ashokbhai says “KarmYogi consists of two different words, i.e. Karm and Yogi. Karm is what we do and Yogi is the one who does it with devotion. So here, KarmYogi different from the routine employee. What we do, we should do it with devotion.”

Anyone who shares the vision of KarmYogi is join this initiative.

In personal life, Ashok Kadvani practises meditation and it has given the inspiration to start such an initiative. There is also a very interesting part of his persona. In this era of internet, his communication is also in form of hand-written letters. To whomever he meets, he sends a letter with the feelings that he felt during the meeting.

In interaction with Ashok Kadvani

In interaction with Ashok Kadvani


Special thanks to Hemal Mehta Dave from Rajkot for mediating the entire process.


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11 thoughts on “Interview of Ashok Kadvani

  1. R H KOTHARI says:

    My Dear Ashokbhai,
    Namaskar ! As usual u r always GREAT. I know u since last more than 20 years and I must say u always use your heart rather than your brain, because u r 100% sentimental person. U r always there to help others and I had the experienced this during my worst period. Real art of living is in art of giving, this one has to learn from u.This new venture is just superb to give items at very reasonable price to needy people of our society.Pl let me know how I can be helpful in this meaningful mission.

    May God fulfill all your dreams in years to come. My best wishes r always with u my dear.Since last few days we didn’t talk, so try to spare some time to laugh,laugh and laugh.
    Sincerely yours,

  2. parmar says:

    dear ashokbhai,
    i heartily salute you very few people think for others and their living life no more words, again salute to you and your KARMA YOGI mall

  3. Malay Jivani says:

    Dear Ashokbhai,
    “J BHAGVAN”, We value your relationship with us at last decade. Tushi Great ho, Ashokbhai. We are pray to GOD for benefit of your Friend, Philosopher & Guide attitude. We also hope for more peoples cover at KARMA YOGI MALL.
    Malay jivani
    Voice : 93289 33555

  4. મેટોડાનાં મહારથીને માર્ટ મંદિરનાં મહાન અને માર્ગદર્શક વિચારને કર્મમાં પલટાવવાના યોગ માટે નત મસ્તક પ્રણામ.

  5. Respected Ashokbhai,
    Congratulation for your new venture.
    I remember your books that comes to me by post .
    I salute you for your kindness to all n needy people.
    Wish you all the best for future.
    Bharat Dudakia.
    National-Prime Trainer.

  6. mansukhlal Kaneria. Junagadh says:

    Dear Ashoklal,
    Lison intervpew, your very very high thinking – You have put in action, too pleased. Pl. keep it up and up


    dear ashokbhai

    very good speach and good inturviu for ashokbhai kadvani and all karmayogi mart member.

    as per my vie not speach giving to virendra mehta.

    virendra mehta is main responsible and hard work in this mart.

    so ok other all speach is good

    so reapeat congratulation and go ahed for next progress.

    imtiyaz dodhiya

  8. Rajubhai A Patel Ahmedabad says:

    congratulation for your achievement and god give you success

  9. Vikas says:

    Great achievement!

  10. Atul Thakrar says:

    Congratts on your achievement & keep up the good work.

  11. Dear all,

    Now its time to support new working system. we got good people to initiate this kind of social cum supportive system. I think Karmyogi Mart is a place where we can realise the main mantra of “Bhagvad Geeta” Lets purchase from this mall to support their “Vichardhar”.
    Best of luck

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