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Interview of Humorist Ashok Dave

Ashok Dave

Ashok Dave a is a true Humorist. He has this extra vision and observation power that he makes ordinary thing seem extra ordinary. A very eminent writer from Gujarat.

Video of Interview

Ashok Dave writes three weekly columns in Guajrat Samachar, a daily Gujarati local newspaper, namely ‘Dur Koi Gaye‘, ‘Budhvarni Bapor‘ and ‘Encounter‘.

Where in which in Dur Koi Gaye, he covers old bollywood songs, its lyrics, his take on bollywood musicians and singers. ‘Budhvarani Bapor‘ is for humor. He canvasses his thoughts and observations from a common life in a very humorous way. He has this very interesting and highly popular weekly column ‘Encounter’.

Where his fans and readers can send him any stupid, weird, unrealistic question, seeking an answer, and Ashok Dave gives quite intellectual, funny, humorous answer.

This column has made him popular in readers of every age. ‘Encounter’ -the name itself suggests that he encounters people, the humorous way!

Meeting him was truly an honor for Speakbindas team. I have been reading his two columns ‘Budhvarni Bapor‘ and ‘Encounter‘ regularly. I start my Sunday with ‘Encounter!’. Questions truly are stupid and weird sometimes, but the answers that he produce are truly remarkable. Ashok Dave says “After I started this column, people started asking some stupid and without meaning questions. I wanted to stop all this nonsense, but my Son Samrat suggested me that Dad, let people ask such questions. It’s you who should answer them sensibly and yet humorous.

Ashok Dave

Ashok Dave

When we visited his office at Gujarat Samachar, Ahmedabad, we saw hundreds rather around few thousands yellow postcards spread all over his table that he received from his fans for his column ‘Encounter‘. I instantly remembered Doordarshan’s old program ‘Surabhi‘ where people used to send postcards in counting of lakhs.

Here in, he writes answers directly in computer and says “There is no such a mechanism for answering, whatever comes in my mind after reading particular question, becomes its answer.”

He receives postcards from all over the world. His fans based in other countries such as USA, UK etc. too write to him. His fan following from Gujarat is very huge. And those yellow postcards on his table is a proof of the same.

When we asked him that if for a moment he forgets that he is a writer and then he looks at himself, what he would think of him? He instantly said “It doesn’t matter if I was a Panwala if I wasn’t a writer. I truly am proud to be an Indian. I am really thankful to God for making me an Indian and not a Chinese, American or so.

Ashok Dave

Ashok Dave

He also shared a story from his tour to China with his son Samrat. Mr. Dave says “I went to China with my son Samrat and we both were in a local market. A girl more beautiful than an air-hostess came to me. She was selling binoculars. Now as I was told that I could see Mount Everest from window of plane, I thought of buying one. I asked for the price. Now she didn’t understand much English, but somehow I figured out that she said its price Rs.6500/-. I was shocked as I felt this was cheap. But as an Indian, I started bargaining, though neither she or I could understand each other. I was even ready to buy it at Rs. 6500/- but was trying to decrease whatever possible amount. I tried so hard to tell her my price for buying binocular, but she couldn’t follow. But then, somehow she understood it. And as I was about to buy it for some Rs. 3000/-, my son Samrat came and asked me not to buy it. He said it was costly. Now again I was shocked. I said to Samrat that, this is not costly, and we could see Mount Everest. But because Samrat insisted, I didn’t buy it. Few days after, when I visited an Indian Market, I saw those Binoculars and I was amazed. I asked its price and to my wonder it was only Rs. 350/-!!! How true Samrat was!“.

Ashok Dave, in his many articles have said that he is too old and uses word “Buddha” for him, which means an old person. When we met him, we straight away felt that he was so wrong!

Yellow color T shirt was looking so fine on him, and he looked around the age of 45 to 50, which is not a sign of an old person. Moreover, his body language no where was proving he is an old person. He says “Look Devang, If I had told you before meeting that I am a young person.

You would have come with pre thoughts of me as a young, and might have been disappointed by seeing me and feeling I’m not so young. So what I do is, Firstly I disappoint people saying I’m old, and then after meeting me, if you feel that I’m not as old as I keep saying, you would feel good“.

He also discussed with us how his youth was. He used to be very thin and ugly dukly, having face cheeks non-visible. He used to stammer a lot and used to carry a huge amount of inferiority complex. But he played Table Tennis a lot to make his body fit.

Ashok Dave

Ashok Dave

And before our interview was over, an office boy came into his chamber with a very beautiful flower bouquet which was sent by one of his fans. This talks about his popularity and how much people love him. To us, he was very generous, polite and down to earth personality. We thoroughly enjoyed conversation with him. It was like meeting someone we knew, when the matter of fact was we had never met him. But he created such a friendly atmosphere for us that it all went easy, nice and sensible.

This interview is an effort from Speakbindas to shed more light on Ashok Dave, whom people love and admire a lot.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

49 thoughts on “Interview of Humorist Ashok Dave

  1. zakal says:

    very nice yaar,
    i like it…
    keep it up,
    now turn is vinod bhatt also…

  2. Raj says:

    Dear Friend

    I am Raj from Kampala,Uganda, Basically from Rajkot. I send many many mail to Gujarat Samachar for find any contact no. of Mr.Ashok Dave, but they never sent any reply of them.

    anyway i think now i got some one who will atleast send me, i want to buy a book written by Ashok Dave on Mohd. Rafi Saheb, and lounch on saheb’s birthday 31/7, last year, but i cant get any copy of that yet nor any reply from Gujarat Samachar.
    can u PLEASE try send me cont. no or mr. Dave? so i can atleast get a book of my favourite godly singer Rafi Saheb.

    PLEASE help me in this matter i will very very appreciate.



  3. Hi Raj,

    I will try conveying your message to Ashok Dave and accordingly will update you by email or here. And if he agrees, I will send you his direct number.

    Glad to know Ashok Dave has fans from Uganda too. Even I’m from Rajkot. 😀

  4. અમે પણ એન્કાઉન્ટરના વાચક છીએ…
    બહુ જ મજા પડે….
    ગુજરાત સમાચારની રવિપૂર્તિની શરૂઆત જ ત્યાંથી….


  5. Sumant Vashi Chicago,usa says:

    My friend Ashok Dave, for whom ,if any one writes, It will be ,” Haath kanganko aarsi.”Just you read any of his article, and you will become his utmost friend. Further his knowledge and collection about Indian old Hindi film music is unbelievable.. I am really really amazed for the articles he writes in a very light manner for these subject. He will never forget a common reader is there , who is going to read his thoughts. Every one will put self image in his artcle.I congratulate to Jay , for all these he has done to lighten up Ashokbhai… sumant chicago

  6. namrata says:

    oh my god, HE is out of this world really mind blowing,

  7. namrata says:

    yes he is out of this world, as soon as one goes through his articles, he becomes his fan, and if ever one meets him, no doubt he gets hypnotized by him, really humour with such intelligence is marvellolus, and thanx devang, for showing ashokbhai on your article, i saw him by a l….ong time, i think after 6 or 7 yrs, but i m surprized, he is not changed at all, my god, ashokbhai tussi great ho, MAY GOD BLESS U,

  8. Ashok Dave is one of the best humorous columnist in gujarati literature. Whenever I am in Rajkot, I don’t miss any of his sunday column ‘Encounter’ in the Gujarat Samachar.

    Keep it up!

  9. pallavi mistry says:

    Congratulations Ashokbhai,
    Enjoying ur column ‘Encounter’ and ‘Budhwar ni Bapor’
    I am Eagerly awaiting of ur interview [in the form of vedeo clips]

  10. Dinesh Mehta..(PeePaaJee) says:

    Being a friend to Ashokbhai ,I would like to admit that Namrata,Sumant Vashi,Amit Pisavadia,Devang Vibhakar,Raj & Zakal(may be Zalak)are all Quite true about their comments, He is a great and inspiring personality, but to be with him and to see him personally is an utmost expirience,he is very much polite, never forget to give respects to alderfly, Hardly gets angry, any short of loss if Acers by mistake he takes it so lately that one can hardly belive,Helping real nidies,carrieng old & disables, loving children,and above all to keep relations are the sp. qualities of his nature, I am very much
    Proud to say that the time I am sharing with him is a real gold & Diamonds in my bucket.

  11. Raj says:

    I like ashobhai’s all article but my favorite is ” Door koi gaye” but problem is i m in East africa, and always have to read on net. and many time G.samachar is not update regularly, specialy Purti’s so we miss that article.

    second thing i want to ask to ashokbhai that thay have huge collection of old songs which we only read in list in article, IS THERE ANY SORCE or LINK to listen that golden sorry pletinum songs?????? ‘coz me and many many other like me want to listen that songs but we cant able to get even, we hv to only get setisfy to read in list.



  12. @Dineshbhai Mehta

    Truly agree with you. Of course, you are a friend of his, so you would have experienced his generosity many a times. But sometimes, what happens is when I meet somebody and if fortunate enough, get time to spend with him, I get to know a bit from his/her total personality. At least, I can find out whether this person is egoistic or down to earth.

    I know of people, who are rich, have status in society and pretend to be GOOD. But the matter of the fact remains reverse. They are super egoistic. They are good with using NICE words, but those words do not convey the meaning it carries.

    What I’m trying to say here is that, Ashokbhai was an exceptional personality. The way he greeted us was unacceptable, looking at his fan following and popularity.

    Let me share with you all a small incident. Well, Ashokbhai had given me appointment at 5 PM, and I was to meet him at Guajrat Samachar office, Ahmedabad. I was there five minutes earlier. But somehow, he was late. I received a call from him at 5 PM saying “Devang, I am on the way, only few minutes”. Now, I didn’t expect such a generosity call! Yes, I really didn’t expect a popular personality like Ashokbhai giving so much respect. Of course, this is not a big story or big experience, but sometimes small stories have BIG meanings.

    I feel like keep writing here, but if I want to sum up my entire flow of feelings then I would like to say “He is who he is and doesn’t pretend to be someone who he is not in REAL”.

  13. brijesh says:


  14. dineshtilva says:

    Devangbhai, AshokDave ne bhai no kevay BA Khijai…(DADU) kevay teno 200mb no vidio lay ne aavsho hu tri karish ke upload thay.. 1 gb sudhi karel chhe… Contact to Contact Ads 94272 70271, 2461142

  15. Ashok Dave says:

    I am Ashok Dave, thanking all who have written nice things about me and my articles (and I hope, its NOT in the form of humour!) I am honoured to have appeared in speakbindas.com.
    Oh, c’mon guys. I am certainly NOT a big or even a small shot. You can always contact me on my email id ashokdave_52@yahoo.com who knows you would write better than I do.

    1. Bijal Mistry says:

      Dear Ashok ji….

      U made us laugh so many times i love ur Budhvar ni Bapore… currently i m in london and never miss ur Budhvar ni Bapore… U made me think like u r Surti like me… the language u use in ur writing made me feel like so aapnapanu… u r doing a fab job by cracking up ppl…. keep it up sir… wish one day like tarak mehta sir ur column (Budhvar ni Bapore) can convert in TV show…. God Bless u Veer Samrat Ashok ji 🙂

  16. sumant vashi says:

    Hello Raj from East Africa, If possible send me your email address, I will try (If possible)to fulfil your/or any one else desire for old old very old songs in mp3 format or you may visit youtube .com and write your selected songs, you will find it… sumant37@hotmail.com

  17. Khyati mehta says:

    Hellloooo…. How are you….. realy enjoying a lot with your gujrati.. sometimes feeling jealous with all stuffed AMDAVADIS… koi var amara Nadiad pan avo… anyways salute to your efforts for making gujjus proud… Have a nice time… See you..

  18. ujjaval patel says:

    Hi Dear,,,,,,,,,
    This is such a nice website and nice artical……………..in the site keep it up………

  19. neema says:

    it’s gr8 honor for me to read ashok dave’s interview, i’m also impressed by his sense of humor, & presence of mind,he is indeed most popular writer of gujrat who really deserve luv from youth of gujrat & will be always, thanks speakbindas for sharing this lovely interview of one of the gem in gujart.

  20. dineshtilva says:

    DADU na video ni rah jov chhu..

  21. Rajesh Bhatt says:

    savalo nu encounter jovano romanch j judo che….

    guruvar ni savar thi ame aavta budhvar ni bapore ni vaat joie chie!

    very humourius javaabo..

    savalo ni ramzat..ne javabo ni jamavvat…aflatoon !!!!!!!!!!

    thank you Ashok Daveji…….ravivar ni savvar ane budhvar ni bapor sudharava mate…….

  22. Pinki says:

    really really sooo nice !!

    waiting for video, devang ……..

  23. Amarsinh Vaghela says:

    Dear Devang,
    You have been doing an excellent job !!! ‘ Hats off ‘ to you !!!!!
    In” NO WAY” it is less significant than the wonderful contribution by Maharaja
    Shri Bhagwatsinhje of Gondal , to our beloved “GUJARATI” !!! TIME WILL PROVE IT, BELIEVE ME .

    We terribly miss interviews with Late Shri Harkishan Mehta, Shri Chandrakant Baxi and many more
    escaped from ‘ SPEAK BINDAS’.

    Please keep it up! Wish you all the BEST !

    With wormest regards,

    -Amarsinh Vaghela

  24. Vraj Dave says:

    “Budhavar ni bapor” mate Gujarat Samachar vanchavu padase a to paku j.

  25. SACHIN DESAI says:

    ASHOK DAVE saras haasykaar hova uparant saara maanas pan che..sambandh jode che to saachvi pan jaane che..SAMRAT ma Daddu na badha laxano utarya che, in short te pan “badiyaaa” maanas che. aabhar.

  26. shamman says:

    well..praising is a flattering in a way..right? i judge people by heart..not by fame…anywyas u r a good writer as most of gujjus say.what do u say?

  27. Upendra Brahmbhatt says:

    Shri Ashokbhai,
    I am Upendra Brahmbhatt from Chicago. I am one of you mad fan. The way you write is wonderful.All the writers of comedy are nothing compare to you. I like Tarak Mehata but he is also lacking somewhere in his comic. Knowledge about old hindi songs I have seen with no one. You know almost all artists in film industry. You are encyclopidia of Hindi film music and all the artists of film industry. I know you are very busy man but even once if you will sent me blank E-mail I will feel that you have read my mail.

  28. Bipin Engineer, USA says:

    Like to read your articles in Budhvar Ni Bapore.
    If you can send article on CASTE especially Lohana, Patel, Shah, OR link to all your articles.

  29. Upendra Brahmbhatt says:

    Hi Ashokbhai,
    I am waiting for your mail.
    Upendra Brahmbhatt Chicago

  30. PRAKASH SHAH-DIU-9426287666 says:


    Nice to read about Ashokji,

    As Raj from uganda,and our Ashokji, i am also fan of rafi lata,sj,and madasn mohan songs.

    Ashokji’s some of the comments and wave length of thinkinking of old bollywood stars like Note:-Ashok kumar,Bharat bhushan,Pradip kumar,even kk,dilip kumar Dev and Raj are as matching with my thinking sense and congratulation to giving words of my thougts thats what i feel about him.Also i struugled lot to search his personal contact numbers/e-mail adress but i didn’t find.So kindly do fvr to get me,i would be thankfull to you.
    Prakash Shah
    Note:-Dear Devang,kdly give me your no.

  31. PRAKASH SHAH-DIU-9426287666 says:

    Dear Devangbhai,
    Here i am sending you a mail copy what i had sent today to sri Ashok bhai (for the first and last time what i am sending you devangbhai )due to out of affection,as u become mediator to give me his contact which was my desire since long.

    Dear ashokbhai,
    Jai shri Krishana,

    I have overwhelmed receiving your phone call yeasterday,and for that saying you once again thank you.
    Ashokbhai,your writing and narration of the any subject is marvelously superb, and hillarious,and some times it is giving impact to long lasting as today you had given comment on “badhati ka naam dadhi”that it is more than police third degree torture to bear and watch the film really hilarious.

    There are so many stars came and gone but there are very few who sustained/survive more than 3 or 4 decade apart from dilip dev and raj,and they are shashi kapoor,dharmendra and jeetendra.And this 3 had seen many ups and downs also many came and gone in their span of career (Even 1st super star Rajesh khanna run for 5 yrs 1968aaradhana to 73 aapkikasam)but these 3 star are remained low profile by media,also they never try to publicize themselves like today’s srk/salman/aamir to survive,(and yesteryear rajesh/vinod/shatrughan who thro there journalist friends tried always to remain in controversy to survive on head line) never they received any reward except life time achievement, so what do u think is it right or wrong by institute or so called fraternity /media who consider their award giving ceremony as a biggest contribution to industry. So give some light and justification and view on this topic in future in your column
    Amitabh bachhan is only person who came after above 3 stars and even we seeing today competating with newcomers,is the exceptional and par excellent actor,and human being,(He also struggled b’4 kbc declared hit).

    Prakash Shah’s Sneh-JSK

  32. Himanshu Parekh says:


    Came across a sale advertisement in Surat –


    People of Surat are in queue since early morning with their sister in laws.

  33. Pankaj Shah says:

    Shri Ashokbhai ,

    I am reading your ‘Budhwar ni Bapore’ from many years. And now ‘Encounter’.
    I would like to have your articles on CASTE(‘Budhwar ni Bapore’) . Could you please send these or any information where they are avilable in any books?

    Pankaj Shah USA

  34. arun chaudhari says:

    aap “encounter” maa Dimple Kapdia ane Narendra Modi ni vaat ave tyare “HUMORIST ” lagta nathi. jajbati bani jao chho. professional bano. Arun chaudhari,.R F O.

  35. shirish bhatt says:

    Bhai Ashok Master Na JSK wachso!
    Aje taro eak Intriu Joyo, Tane Bolto Joi Gano Annad thayo.
    Biju Ke Ben Hakki Mazama Rehtihashe?
    Temaj Pujai Kakki Kushar Hashej, Temne Mara Shadar Pranam ane JSK.
    Have Tara Banne Barako Pan Khubaj Majama Howaj Joie,Tema Temna Pariwar Pan Majama Hoej.

    Beju Khash To Keva Ne Ke Haju(Humars) Adat Ma Fakva Nu Chalu Chhe Te Pan Tar Devanbhai Shathe NA Vartalabh MA Shabharva Malu Annad To Thayo.

    Ashokbhai (Kadar) Javab Apish To Annanad To Thashej.


    Shirish Master (USA)

    1. ASHOK DAVE says:

      Dear Shirish (Master),
      I have been hunting for your e-mail id for a long time. Hope this one may help get me connected with you.
      I am waiting for your trip ti India.
      My id is ashokdave_52@yahoo.com so do send to me an email.
      – Ashok Dave

  36. V inod Vyas says:

    Dear Ashok Dave Sir,
    i strongly believe that you should also write serious stuff especially tuochin our social life and public behavior.May be a small book neutrally written on dalit savarna relationship will be a great service to gujaratis.

  37. રમેશભાઈ ચાંપાનેરી (હાસ્ય કલાકાર ) વલસાડ says:

    દોસ્ત..! મને આજ શબ્દ ગમ્યો. આજથી ૨૬ વર્ષ પહેલા આપણે વિશ્વ હાસ્ય પરિષદમાં સાથે ગયેલા. મારી એક બુક ‘આનંદ દ્વાર’ જેમાં તમે પ્રસ્તાવના પણ લખેલી. મારું બદનશીબ છે કે મારું નામ રમેશ છે. કોલમ્બસને બદલે મારું નામ ખાલી કાલીદાસ નામ હોત તો કેટલો આનદ થાત..? કોલમ્બસે તો અમેરિકા શોધેલો, (કે પછી મળી ગયેલો તે યાદ નથી, કારણ કે ત્યારે હું નહિ હતો) જો મારું નામ કાલીદાસ હોત તો હું અશોક દવે તો શોધી શક્યો હોત..? ખેર….ભલું થાજો આ જગ્યાનું જેણે ભલા માણસને મેળવી આપ્યો. બસ ટીવી ઉપર જ મળવાનું છે?

    મારો એન્કાઉન્ટર પ્રશ્ન ;

    કામદાર કલાકાર અને કારીગર આ ત્રણનું એન્કાઉંટર થાય તો કોને નર્ક અને કોને સ્વર્ગ મળે..?

  38. Pooja says:

    What is the worth of that China incident here? It was unbelievable that you included it in the final version of the interview..

  39. chetan shah says:

    ashok bhai, tamaro “shreeman satyavadi” article vanchyo. shree mahipatbhai shah ne hu khoob najik thi olakhto hato. ghani adhuri vaat aap dvaraq lakhai. temna vyaktitvano aapne khyal nathi,

  40. MANOJBHAI says:

    tamaro budhvar ni bapore no 30/9/1992 ma lohana vishe no lekh vachyo
    lohana vishe vachvani maja padi.tenu page mari pase junu puranu chhe
    to te melavva help karsho?




  42. mahendra parikh says:

    Wonderful lakhochho ashokbhai…

  43. Dr vinod Bhavsar says:

    I request to remove the photos of Ashok dave with lots of congeries of postcards. It looks very bad. You can upload other latest photos instead.

  44. I am regular reader of your columns of WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY. While reading Your Budhvaar ni Bapore of 16.9.2015, I felt that you have narrated real life of senior citizens who have in blind love of their children spoiled their life after super annuation. It is also gud for the people of age 25 to 50, The aticle will guide them how to live respectfully. Thanks Ashok Dave. Pray to God for more such articles.

  45. Arvind Patel says:

    I read your filmy column in Gujarat samachar regulaly. I wanted to write to you about some info I have. Can I get your postal address?

  46. idrish mansuri says:

    I meet you
    I am your budhvar ni bapor readers
    Thanking you

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