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Sri Lankan cricketers under attack

Pakistan adds one more crown of shame when terrorists attacked bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers. They were on the way to Gaddafi stadium in Lahore when the terrorists zapped. First they targeted wheels of bus by firing bullets and then the bus itself. It is also said that they threw a grenade but missed.

Sri Lankan captain Mahela Jayawardene was injured along with Kumar Sangakara.

Thilan Samarweera and Tharanga Paravitarana are said to be most injured. The tricky bowler Ajantha Mendis received shrapnel in the neck and scalp.

Six policemen and two civilians died in this attack. When I was watching this in a news channel, I could clearly see fearless terrorists having gun in their hands and firing everywhere, like walking in a ground. Hadn’t had they any fear of Pakistani police or the army? Of course, after the attack army was called on, but the damage was already done.

PCB Chief said the Test has been called off. Salman Tasheer, the Punjab Governor, arranged a helicopter to evacuate the attacked players from the Gaddafi stadium and to depart them to a nearby airbase from where the team flew back to their home Sri Lanka.

Earlier, PCB had condemned BCCI’s decision for not playing in Pakistan. Indian cricketers could have been in the place of Sri Lankans then. We just can’t deny the possibility. Fortunately, no player died in this zap. But the political power in Pakistan has again been proved clueless. Pakistan is getting a frame of terrorist country in the entire world. Mostly after 26/11 attack on Mumbai.

This attack reminds me of attack on Israeli players who went to Munich, Germany to participate in Olympics, and were killed by terrorists.

Of course, Israel being the strong country found out all who were involved in this attack and killed one by one. But here, what will happen?

Both the Governments of Sri Lanka and Pakistan will play the game of ‘words’ only? Or will Pakistan government will take some REAL actions against the terrorists growing up in their country itself.

Now, no cricket board will dare to send their team to Pakistan for any series. And why would they? If Sri Lankan cricketers can be targeted, others too. I wonder, what could be the objective of terrorists by attacking cricketers in first place? What have cricketers to do anything with their issues? This isn’t a matter of religion as the terrorist call it rather this is just an act of cowardliness, targeting innocents for no reason whatsoever.

Is there Jungle Raj in Pakistan or what?


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