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Interview of Jay Vasavada – a vibrant and eminent writer

Jay Vasavada with Kazal Oza

Jay Vasavada – popularly known as JV and Jaybhai among his youth fan following – has made a special place in the hearts of his readers, mostly the youth. It is quite obvious that the orthodox people can not digest his thoughts, as sometimes he writes by going out of the way. And the walking-path of the youth is ‘Out of the way’ only, which makes him the writer of the youth, as he sometimes notes in his article that ‘he is an advocate for the youth‘.

Listen to audio of interview that Jay Vasavada so happily gave. I think, he answered all questions with fun. Just listen to it and feel the vibes. I’ve not cut interview anywhere and put it as it is. You will also get to listen pre-interview conversation.

Jay Vasavada talking about female fans

Jay Vasavada talking about Gujaratis living in America

Jay Vasavada answering readers’ questions

Jay Vasavada sharing his views about SpeakBindas

Jay Vasavada talking on Education & Earning with writing

Jay Vasavada talking about his Routine & Bachelor Life

Rapidfire Round with Jay Vasavada


I have rarely seen such a fireful personality in my life, whose language is straight without stealing words. Not only his writing is furious, his speech too. Versatility in his article topics is his special art.

Meeting him in person is like meeting an old friend. He doesn’t get on formalities, rather connects with your mind/heart straight. His frankness is something to be appreciated.

Even living inside the shell of such huge popularity, he is down to earth. He gives respect to his readers as much as he receives from them. He is quite comfortable to be with, and this is the voice of everyone who has met him.

Listening his lectures is another opportunity which should not be missed in any case. Words seem to be flowing like mango-juice. So tasty and healthy. He creates an atmosphere where everyone feels connected with him on personal level. It’s a remarkable achievement for him. Because those who have stage-fear would be knowing, how hard it is to pour even couple of lines. And like Shahbuddin Rathod says “On stage it becomes ‘Ghatma Mandhi’ of ‘Mahatma Gandhi'”. Jay Vasavada speaks Mahatma Gandhi as it is, but with additional ability of delivering it to each listener.

Well, I’ve had couple of opportunities of meeting him in person, and from that I’ve learnt more about him. Here I’m asking him questions on behalf of all his readers. So let us cherish his answers which are for sure full of energy.

Jay Vasavada with fans

Please note that, I am writing only summary of his answers for below questions. He has answered them in length in audio, which you can play above.

Jaybhai, how does it feel being an advocate for youth?

Yeah, it’s feeling very fresh and very nice. Always if you keep company of youth, you yourself will remain youth.

You will always remain in touch with new ideas, vibrant ideas, enthusiasm, energy, the sparkles that always cherish from the age and it’s very natural.

Youth is a kind of bliss of heaven on earth…..(more in audio above)

How do you chose the topics of your articles as they are so versatile in nature?

There is no as such clear cut process or format regarding. Generally, what I think is that I’m a writer of mass-media. Sometimes I do write for my own pleasure for subjects which I cherish personally, but not always.  So I do it in balance. Like 10 – 15% of my writing I do for my personal enjoyment, for my own creative satisfaction. But most of 80 to 85% of subjects are related to my audience. So I’m thinking about my audience first that whether they will understand it, enjoy it, whether there is something new that I can deliver, or even if I’m delivering something old can I deliver it in some remix or fresh manner that someone will  cherish. I’m not a writer who is sitting in his house and writes at his leisure and mood and deliver a book after one or two years. .. (more in audio above)

Do you write the traditional way with pen & paper or the modern way, directly type in computer?

No, traditional way with Pen and Paper. I don’t know Gujarati typing on computer. Sometimes I do use Unicode and all that to scrap or mail someone. I write my articles with pen and paper in any situation, in any surroundings, may be on railway station, may be on bus-station, two pages at theatre, two pages at home. It is like that. And many a times I use a 1 rupee pen.

Devang Vibhakar with Jay Vasavada

How you react to critics to your articles?

No, I never react to critics. But sometimes If I find that a person is genuinely asking something or genuinely raising some questions which I’ve to learn something from then definitely I can accept it also….(more in audio above)

Which are the print-medias you write for? How did it all started, you writing in various print-medias?

I write for mainly Gujarat Samachar (two columns) and for Abhiyan….. ( Here Jay Vasavada reveals about his first experience that he wrote an article for Gujarat Samachar. How it started is an interesting thing to know….more in audio above)

This audio interview also covers following questions too. Now because it is a lengthy one, I couldn’t get time to transcript them, so I would request you to listen to audio please. Thank you.

To you who is your role model, and why?

Your take on current education system.

This is personal but we would like to know that is there any special reason for staying unmarried?

Being unmarried means you’re celibate too?

Any special message to Speakbindas readers?

I must also add a thank you note to Jay Vasavada for not only talking to Speakbindas but also he has happily attended ‘School Uniform Distribution Ceremony’ at village Navagam (Ta: Gondal) which was conducted by Swadhin Environmental and Educational Trust, Rajkot

He was kind enough to spare time and spend some time with primary school children in a small village. JV said to me, “See Devang, because they are children, I won’t bore them with any lecture or so, rather I would tell them a story.” I must tell you that, children enjoyed it like anything. They were throught out the story, were laughing and amazed. Even I enjoyed it as much as they did. Here is a photograph of that event.

Jay Vasavada

Download some interesting articles written by Jay Vasavada

Download link


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

66 thoughts on “Interview of Jay Vasavada – a vibrant and eminent writer

  1. neema says:

    hey dev,,
    Jv is one of my favourite writer ,, i luv the way he’s representing his views,, very clearly,, i appreciate his thinking very much,, to listen him is like the biggest gift of my life,, becoz i dont know him personally but wish to listen his views once in life,, u made it brilliantly dev, so,, thanks to u also,, keep it up,,,ur own the right path buddy,

    1. hiren says:

      read ausho rajnish..

      n u will knw the source of ur fav jvbhaii..

  2. Pinki says:

    it’s gr8………
    nice content !!

  3. Dhaval Vibahkar says:

    Hi Devang,

    Nice interview , keep it up man!!!!

  4. brijesh says:

    mast… coollllllllll

  5. jatin dave says:

    great job
    can i get email id of JV, maybe share some thoughts,views
    –jatin dave-mumbai

  6. Hi Jatin,

    I think, his email id is jayvaz@rediffmail.com, but my experience says he doesn’t reply much. But, the easiest way to get in touch with him is through Orkut. You can find his profile as well as his Community on Orkut. Search for his name in Orkut, and you will get through. Infact, he has put his mobile number too in his Orkut profile.

  7. JAYESH says:

    India needs citizens like JV.Mindblowing personality.Wonderful attitude.

  8. Neha R says:

    Waah JVbhai. Lagta hai aap sacche hindustani ho- u hv always shown ur best in all the field in which u applied! Gr8 baapu! by the way i regularly read your collumn ‘anavrut’. shu terrific lakho chho. i read that roadies article for 5 times. JVbhai tamara youthfull thoughts jabardast chhe!!!

    1. hiren says:

      request u to read ausho rajnish books n articles…
      without whom jaybapu wld b no more jaybapuu..his journalism is of cut,copy,edit n paste style n nothing else.

  9. chandni bosmiya says:

    yuvahava is my most favorite book.i hv read it 3times.pls send me information about yr other books.

  10. Chintan Oza says:

    Hello Jaysir and Hello Devang..really its nice one again..JV rocks in our mind..keep it up sir..v r with you.

  11. Utkarsh hathi says:

    hey…devang i am already in his community….but he has not his own profile in orkut………..i didnt find it
    if he is there then please give me the link

  12. Kamlesh Prajapati says:

    Life: It’s all about making your WISHIES come true. Isn’t it? Kuch logo ki zindagi AJEEB hoti hai, aur woh log ALAG hote hai. Few STARS whose life inspires me are here:

    Joy,Sorrows,Exicitement,fame,Lust for Money,Drugs,Addictions,Emotions,Feelings…..
    This is LIFE!
    What a Life?!!!

    All this I love just because of YOU(Jay Vasavada).

  13. Deepak mehta says:

    Dear Friend,

    • Your today’s article (22-07-09)is really wonderful, in your article to have wrote that Shri Ram was unhappy without Sita, Shri Laxman was also in the same situation, what about Laxman?
    • In the said article you have mention there is a ground/place for taking/drinking Daru/ liquor. Why in Gujarat there is Darubandhi. This Lathakand is due to Darubandhi?

  14. viral says:

    i also try to

    write like u ….sir………..
    and i show u sir …….tamaro aa eklavya ek divas tamari jem ….loko na dil ma vasi jase

  15. Kinjal says:

    I love JV. I want to meet him.

  16. dhara says:

    hello jay sir,can i call u sir?how r u?i m very imprresed from your blogs and i always read your article of spectrometer and anavrut.

  17. AMIN GHESANI says:


  18. Gusani Richie P. says:

    hi JV,
    i think u r the person whom i was searching in my entire life! i was may be 13 when i just started to read ur all article about everything ! can u believe, i was wondered that i feel exactly about something as u feel. whenever i read ur article,in Gujarat samachar,i have 2 stop my laughing on ur comments, i just get some smile (veryyyyyyy little) on my face so that my parents couldn’t know that i’ve understood ur comments.even 2day(02-09-’09), i’ve read ur article on sex & America , which was really superb! i have also kept some of ur article in my collection.

    i love u Bcoz of ur straight 4ward thoughts, ur writing skill & u r the FULLY BINDAAS GUY in gujarat!

  19. Gusani Richie says:

    hi, JV

    i’m eagerly waiting 4 sunday’s newspaper that is on 6th.,i always read ur article @ last, bcoz i don’t want to be distracted by any other articles. always always, i just get smile on myface after reading the title which is always be SUPERB!!

  20. Jayesh says:

    Its very good concept given by Speak Bindas

  21. Abhishek viramgami says:

    you won’t find a personality like Jay sir in gujarat. not only a very good writer but extra ordinary speaker, He is a writer of youth and for youth,,,,,,God bless u Sir….

  22. Prarthana Jha says:

    jaybhai ne pranam

  23. sagar modi says:

    Dear jay bhai,
    I am sagar modi
    We are meet town hall at Jamnagar for cow assembly
    with my writer & parents


    Jay Mataji,

    Jay Vasavada is my only most favorite modern writer.
    I impressed by, him with his style of thinking about (modern) problems which effects to the young people.
    Jay Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hemnagi.dave says:


    First of all JAY SHRI KRISHNA(my first love is krishna) secondly hello jay(my second love).obviously every of d grl or women or lady of any age will love u thts natural.I luv ur articles bcoz it seems tht atleast someone in world is der who could understand a female feelings.Rather everyone(male) took guuju girls as desi only, and ofcourse double standard also. who wants everything in females .pan pote perfect chhe k kem te naa jove? So J.V. u r our(females) best frend & of course a dream lover too.I would like to chat wid u. if u give permission .

  26. chudasqama parth says:

    ur babri masjid article is ammezing…….

  27. Ravi pancahl says:

    hello sir, kem cho ? aamto hu tamari umarno nathi pan tamne dost manu chu. atle JV j KAHISH.




  28. Sandip Shah says:

    for you, as usual line, i m yr jabraku fan. and you know i had never seen u, but today i seach for world’s bast thriller movie list, and i remind only yr name to ask and at last i m on this webpage, first time i see u, and in among my all surprise u r so young dear. keep it up sir, u r my only TGOUGHTGURU.

  29. Dushyanth says:

    SpeakBindas must feature a video interview of JV.

  30. @Dushyanth,

    Roger that. Talked with him about the same. He has given his consent. Should be done done within a week or maximum two weeks.

    A comment indeed worthy enough, Cheers 🙂

  31. nikita says:

    Hello….. Jaybhai,
    Its my good fortune that i can heared you live in college.
    I love to read you.
    keep writing for young beings.

  32. priyesh says:

    hello jay think seriously abt this, y dnt u try politics? infact i think u must must jump in, kai nahi to aaj na genda ni chamdi vala neta log ne bhan to padse ke aa gujrat (even india and all world) ne keva neta ni jaroor 6? bravo man keep it up, tame yuva dilo ni bhasha bolo cho mate ane mate j yuva o na haiya ma vaso cho

  33. For the Youth but anti JV says:

    I don’t know Mr. JV and I haven’t read any of his articles yet. But, this interview sure doesn’t make me want to read him. This is a hilarious interview. This man doesn’t seem to have a strong opinion about anything in life. Gujarati ma kahu toh , Mr. Vasavada ek adhuro ghado chhe je chhalkaay chhe.

    I am not angry at him or nor am I related to some agency which is against it. I just happened to chance on his facebook fan page which got me interested. I thought since so many of my friends are his fans, he must be a really great man and wanted to know more about him when I came across this interview and I was very disappointed that my friends liked a man who has listed watching 5000 hollywood/bollywood movies in his list of achievements. (Refer: http://myonlinesearch.blogspot.com/2009/03/most-versatile-and-populer-gujarati.html, another )

    My personal note to Mr. Vasavada: Regarding your marriage issue, you really need to get married or at least lose your celibacy . That should stabilize you a bit. A sexy bubbly and vibrant girl is every man’s dream but I thought you would appreciate a little bit of intelligence also. Thinking that a beautiful and sexy girl can’t be intelligent is such low class and backward mentality and then you say you are very unorthodox.

    Anyways, this comment is solely based on this interview and I don’t think it will be subjected to any changes even if I get to know more about this guy.

    To the youth of Gujarat I just have to say this, if you ever want to come up in life stop following such self proclaimed youth leaders. No one can do more harm to you than them.

  34. Dushyanth Goswamy says:

    Greetings comrade “For the Youth but anti JV”
    (This ‘comrade’ is not red at all)

    It was exhilarating to find the twin of my voice.
    You got me interested. Definitely.
    I would like this to extend into a conversation.

    Wonder if you could post your mail ID here. If not then you may reach me at dushyanth.goswamy@gmail.com. You also find me on all virtual addresses with the same name.

    PS – We can carry on here as well

  35. To ALL JV Fans


    SpeakBindas is going to video interview Jay Vasavada next week. You have a chance to ask him a question. To do so, please post in your answer below by clicking ‘Reply’ button. I will ask him the same with your name.

    1. falak says:

      hii ..i m falak n i m fan of j.v …being his fan is lot to me…just want to ask him how does it feel tht today’s youth is following you …they can do anything to just see u…how does it feel to be a role model??? n 1 more question i would lyk to ask in gujarati….koi pan article lakhta pehla tame shu vicharo cho??

  36. payal says:

    namaste jayji,
    i read your article and i can also feels the feeling in it.tamaru vyakyayan college ma khubaj saru hatu.i want to ask u , tame ‘a girl’s dreams-from childhood to death’ per tamara vicharo lakhso ?

    your’s smaller fan

  37. vatsal says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,i like it.
    h’v you e mail id of JV?
    plz send me if u h’v.

  38. hiren says:

    dear jaybhai,

    aapna lekh vanchi ausho rajnish na articles nu d grade version vanchta hoi aevi lagni thay che..

    aap maulikta naam no aadar karsho aevi apeksha sah..


  39. sandy says:

    hi! jv sir.badha kahe che tem hu pan kahish ke i am uor biggest fan.

  40. MANOJ NIMAVAT says:


  41. Hats off to you,Shree Jay Vasawada,AFTER attending your speech on”Zindagi…” @ Vadodara,yesterday eve.I had the pleasure of snatching a few moments with you,cladded in “6 pockets jeans & a funky T…”
    Admirable, bold,true reflections,articulate, knowledgeable,zanny…I cam go on & on…
    Would like to talk to you,Anyday:)

  42. Dr.Dhaval says:

    hey jay bhai
    first time i saw u in baroda lec ,my life suddenely changed ,i was almost “lin thai gayo hato” gai kale…
    i like ur dialogue” no role model of u but so many inspiring ..ad jo tame koi moti hasti ne malo to tame jivan ma ghanu medavyu che..” i got it by meeting u.

    I m happy in having ur book with ur autograph and ur diwali wish in that…

  43. sangita kothari-desai says:

    Jaybhai a lakho loko na roll model chhe gajabnu gyan aape chhe. sache j maneto spectometer ane anavrut vachavani talap lage chhe. ..great great great…jay GOD bless you.

  44. Jayesh Sanghani says:

    I am 53 years. Have been a regular reader of his articles in Gujarat Samachar for more than 15 years ( since he started writing in it.) He is awesome. I have learned the art of watching movies from him. He is so versatile that it makes me wonder where this young man is getting his inspiration from. I read his articles over and over again. I owe a great deal to him as he has been my entertainer for so many years. He has given voice to my feelings time and again. His articles have brought smile as well as tears. I feel as if we are soulmates. At times it has so happened that I felt strongly about some aspect of life( say uncertainity of life, relationship etc) and strangely Jaybhai’s article along with superb catch line appears in a week or two analyzing the issue in his ‘ hatke’ style. I can go on and on about this wonderful man. I have never met him and did not know how he looks like until I came upon this site today. He does not only possess a beautiful mind but also a great personality. God bless him.

  45. keyur says:

    hi! jay i am your “gando” friend
    i read your every book
    i want you write on students

  46. Bhavesh Chokshi says:

    Hay JV

    You are really brave man,

    If anyone want to see/know another such interview, can see

    ‘Modi fights back’in you tube, Modi interview with Hindustan times with Rajdeep Sardesai,

  47. Dhrumal Oza says:

    Devang…Thx. for this compilation.

    I admire ur clarity of thoughts & effectively putting it in words.

  48. PROF lALIT says:

    Mr devang nice interview and congrats.

    When some body asks about Jaybhai and he answers the questions so nicely and naturally.coz i can be the proof of his naturality from the college days .He is not only scholars but writes what he lives and lives what he thinks and writes.He is having unbelivable art of putting his ideas in such a effective way .youth are fan of jaybhai coz he understand tham and try to make thier feelings somewhere felt in his writing.
    Prof Lalit chande

  49. Devesh says:

    Your article is very intresting
    in gujarat samachar, ie Iean flaming 007
    and Sharadbabu devdas.
    keep it up


  50. Hey Devang,
    Good rapid fire. Dhischou, Dhischou, Dhischou.
    The Judge is in court here…. 🙂 Enjoyed interview.

    Actually, Jay bhai is a youth icon, and many responsibilities comes with this crown.
    He is charming person fairly than being celebrity.


  51. suketu m dev says:

    Deae sir,
    I want to meet u personly for discussion of sum subject in my mind.

  52. svanikar says:


  53. pravin gadhavi says:

    hi. jai bhai
    yuva dilo ki dhadkan hu ghana samay thi ich to hato ke apne maru gamtu appu
    lambi vaat paci ( ? ) ke hu apna lekh ne samji ane anand mani saku chu
    lekh— 06-07-2011 anavrut – Top line — baba , bapu , bawa sadhu nu naam
    science- vadhu ne vadhu pushtak nu vimochan karta vanchan vadhare
    (keral na mandir mathi je sampati madeli che enp amuk hisso sikshan & swasthay mate na vapre to amuk library naa pushtak mate vapre

  54. Dave Hemantkumar says:

    You R live encyclopedia

  55. Krupali m maheta says:

    Jaybhai You are the juggler of the words.

  56. p says:

    khushbu barrish kie , hi jaybhai
    lekh-specto. 10-07-2011 “budha hoga bolywood” Top line — music 2 varsh thi nabdu
    dire. karan (coffe mathi navro nathi hi…. ) david dhavan .subhash ghai . sanjay leela. yash chopra bhan bhuligya che amne ganga maa nahi “hollywood ni nadi maa navda oo
    music – preetam .sh-ehss- vi-sh , (a.r. rehman)0 badha sathe lai sara sangget ni sibir maa li jao

    Top line – film ‘wednesday” pachi andhkar

  57. pravin gadhavi says:

    momb blast
    jai bhai koi pan jagya e blast thaya pachi ” kutra” ne lai ne darek naa saman sungvanu kadach ema prasadi pan hoi , mandir maa 5 k6 police vadhu gate pase rakhse
    vachva madse HI-ALERT gandi majak

  58. Gopal Dangar says:

    Namaskar Jay bhai,
    Jindagi jivavani JADIBUTTI to aap ni pasej sari che,
    Baki to bazzar ma pathara pathri ne betha che,
    Sacha erth ma Aap jindagi ne batavi jano cho,
    Duniya ni aa bhid ma aap ni sathe mulakat jarur thase,
    Aane hu tyare aap no hath pakdi ne saw ne kahish,

  59. vinod soya says:

    namskar, apne subhechha k SAP khub sunder vakta chho. mane pan Mara Jeva vakta banvano shokh chhe. to mane tips also. mane SMS lakhvani tev nathi and English lakhta avlatu nathi . atle avi mari vachalta raju karu chhu.

  60. Divyakant Solanki says:

    You are very nice speech at kadi campus. I like so very much your speech. You are a great man

  61. Divyakant Solanki says:

    You are very nice speech at kadi campus. I like so very much your speech. You are a great man and I injoy your speech. Lage 6tamari speech thi Mari life change Thai sake 6. I love you sir.

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