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Call God for just 1 rupee from India

An American decided to write a book about famous churches around the world. So he bought a plane ticket and took a trip to china. On his first day he was inside a church taking photographs when he noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall with a sign that read “$10,000 per call”. The American, being intrigued, asked a priest who was strolling by what the telephone was used for. The priest replied that it was a direct line to heaven and that for $10,000 you could talk to God. The American thanked the priest and went along his way.

Next stop was in japan. There, at a very large cathedral, he saw the same golden telephone with the same sign under it.

He wondered if this was the same kind of telephone he saw in china and he asked a nearby nun what its purpose was.

She told him that it was a direct line to heaven and that for $10,000 he could talk to God. “O.K., thank you,” said the American.

He then traveled to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Germany and France. In every church he saw the same golden telephone with the same “$10,000 per call” sign under it.

The American, upon leaving Vermont decided to travel to up to India to see if Indians had the same phone. He arrived in India, and again, in the first church he entered, there was the same golden telephone, but this time the sign under it read “One Rupee per call.”

The American was surprised so he asked the priest about the sign. “Father, I’ve traveled all over World and I’ve seen this same golden telephone in many churches. I’m told that it is a direct line to Heaven, but in the US the price was $10,000 per call.

Why is it so cheap here?”

The priest smiled and answered, “You’re in India now, son – it’s a local call”.


India is a country of Gods and Goddesses. Hindu mythology says that there are 33 crore (330 million) Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism. This figure seems to be an unbelievable one, so is Hindu mythology. It is also said that all 33 crore Gods and Goddesses are present in a body of cow – which is considered to be a very holy animal in India.

In above story, the last line of priest from India is quite interesting. He establishes the relation between low price calling to God and India. God is right here in India, so call is so cheap.

India has always been known for the land of religion. So many saints are born in India. Many religious stories attached to them.

Himalaya is such a place, very dear to Yogis. Even it is said that Jesus Christ came to Himalayas to practice Yoga. Kind of dress Jesus Christ used to wear is very similar to people of Kashmir wear, who live in the Himalayas.

Let me name all Gods and Goddesses I know of. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh, Kartikey, Krishna, Rama, Hanuman, Goddess Parvati, Lakshmi, Sarasvati. So these are the names of highly worshiped Gods and Goddesses in India. I wonder, which Hindu scripture contains all the names of 33 crores Gods and Goddesses as an authentic proof of this huge list. Hinduism have various authentic scriptures such as Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharat and various others, but I have not heard that any of these contain this huge list.

Of course, above story is not true but just an imagination, but it has its own meaning.  A character of American is kept in central and story starts from there. A calling charge of $10,000 is way too much. But if it really connects to God, it is nothing!

In India, there are so many sub-religions known as ‘Sampradayas’. So many Gurus have established their Ashrams and have thousands of desciples. Many such Gurus have their business running in millions in the name of God only. We have some famous temples in India, where everyday over few millions of money is donated. There are schemes too for ‘Special Darshan’, which gives worshiper a chance to worship God in that particular temples from very little distance, while if they can not pay extra amount for it, they have to stand in herd of hundreds, and having a glance of God’s statue is a tough job there.

I remember the story of Ramkrishna Paramhans and Vivekananda. When Vivekanand (his name was Narendra before becoming a Sanyasi)  was young, he was looking for such a Guru who has seen God. So he met many Gurus and asked them all the same question “Have you seen God?“. Answer was negative from everywhere. He was so passionate about this. And on his search of such a Guru he met Ramkrishna Paramhans and asked him same question. Here he encountered with something he was looking for. Paramhans said “Not only I have seen, I also talk to God whenever I want to“. Swami Vivekand was stuck listening this.

So this story of Swami Vivekanand tells that, sometimes you don’t even need 1 rupee to call to God if you are in India. This facility is attained by regular worshipping of God. It is said that then Ramkrishna Paramhans helped Vivekananda see God for few moments.

But now a days, finding such Guru is next to impossible thing. I mean, those famous Gurus are too busy in material things themselves of building big temples, gathering disciples and preaching on television, for means of money only. I even doubt if a true Guru exists today. And if he does, I bet he wouldn’t be interested at all to come to people and preach them. It would be our duty to find him.

I have been to Haridwar and Rishikesh once. And that is only place where I felt yes God exists and if he does he should be somewhere here only. There are over 5000 ashrams in Haridwar and Hrishikesh, so many Gurus and their disciples who are Gurus to their disciples. Many temples. And above all river Ganges. Climate of Haridwar made me feel that this is the land where God must have lived in past. I literary felt him somewhere in surrounding. I didn’t need to make a 1 rupee call there to talk to God, it was all being done automatically. I wonder, if I could stay in Haridwar in peace for some months, I surely can attain Samadhi and have some Godly experiences. This is my dream, which I wish to accomplish one day in life.

Nevermind, I feel that the story is extremely good and should be read by all, mostly Indians. So if you’re as an Indian proud of India, then just forward this article to as many as you can. Simply click on ‘ShareThis‘ button below and shoot.


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