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Interview of Pinky Bhatt

Pinky Bhatt is a renowned Artist, who has made a mark, not as a proud painter of India only. She is known all over the world and also holds LIMCA Book World Record for painting the longest one, about 130 ft; on the theme of Women Empowerment, based on ancient mythological stories. She is also the third Price winner of Asian Inspiration Award 2009, Rome, Italy. Her choice of theme shows her burning passion towards the subject, her choice of colours reflect brilliant artistic bent of mind, unthought-of, her paintings are booked for buying, even before her solo exhibitions are launched, all over the world!

Today, Speakbindas feels proud even in attempting to portray her personality, on-line, for which, words may not be enough.

Pinky, How were you initiated into painting? You may have been asked this question, hundreds of times, but, please keep the budding artist or, talented youth in mind, and respond, keeping in mind, parents of young kids too. Did you take formal training? If yes, from where? If no, how were you guided?

I am Self taught in field of Art. From my childhood I was interested in doing paintings. I like to see paintings. When I was school going girl, I lived in khanpur, Ahmedabad, there, on the road side, people use to do kalamkari paintings on cloth: of god and goddess. I used to stand for hours to see them doing painting. So I think the more you do paintings the more you learn.

Did you face hazards of ANY kind, leading to temporary frustration? How did you overcome them?

I think hazards & frustrations, are to be dealt & faced on your own. You have to help yourself.

A painting by Pinky Bhatt

A painting by Pinky Bhatt

Do have an agent or it is all ‘Do-it-yourself?’ 🙂


How did you come up with this record-holder theme? Did it keep on changing/enhancing, value wise, or it was planned fully, beforehand?

I had a great feeling for women I had seen around me. The way they handle their house, kids and work place. That inspired me to do a one big painting; I want to include women from all walks of life and all ages in one painting.

How do you take a break in between? I mean, how do you relax & rejuvenate? 🙂

I don’t follow any timetable: according to my moods, I do paintings.

I have noticed a choice of almost limiting yourself with particular few colours. Any reason?

I paint what I like.

What next…?

I am doing exhibition in Museum Art Gallery Bombay in June and preview show at Ahmedabad in Hutheesing visual arts centre,CEPT, Ahmedabad, from 27th May to 29th May, 4.00 to 8.00pm.

Mrinalini Sarabhai would be inaugurating the this Solo Exhibition!

13th to19th June 2011,Time :11.00am-7.00pm
Museum Art Gallery Kala Ghoda,Fort,Mumbai23

www.pinkybhatt.com bhattpinky@rediffmail.com Contact cocont co Contact 09825470992/ 079 26860462/26463542

Exhibition of her paintings in Paris, France

Exhibition of her paintings in Paris, France

Any message for SB viewers?

Thanks, follow your dream!

Gaurangi Patel:On a personal note, we do hope, those close to you, must be feeling empowered themselves, just having YOU around. Am I right? 🙂

I appeal our viewers to visit www.pinkybhatt.com


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2 thoughts on “Interview of Pinky Bhatt

  1. Indeed a blessed artist. I mean, we all can imagine about such beautiful faces but when it comes to putting them in painting – aah! drawing even a single line which matches our imagination is a tough job. And Pinky Bhatt does it so beautifully. Truly amazed of her work.

    Congrates Gaurangi for bringing her on board of SpeakBindas.

  2. Parul Tushar Trivedi says:

    Very Good. We are proud of you.

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