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Interview of Pranoti Pradhan

Video: Interview of Pranoti Pradhan

Pranoti Pradhan

Pranoti Pradhan

Pranoti Pradhan

is a leading actress of Gujarati drama “Tamne Maline Anand Thayo.” The genre of drama is comic and in overall it’s a family drama. Role of Pranoti in this drama is of young girl named Jhanvi, aka Janu. She plays different parts of this role, i.e. a daughter, a sister, a lover etc. which was highly appreciated by the audience, including myself.

Later on, we had few moments with her where she discussed about her acting journey. Since her childhood she is known to have a loud personality which infact fetched her towards theatre. As a child, she acted in few dramas which went popular. But then, after few years, she didn’t do anything in field of acting. But during college days, she was invited by Vipul Mehta to play a role in his drama, which she accepted and her stopped journey got restarted, and has never stopped then after.

Devang Vibhakar (Interviewer) with Prantoti Pradhan

Devang Vibhakar (Interviewer) with Prantoti Pradhan

She belongs to Maharashtra and is a native Marathi person, but her passion for acting brought her into Gujarati theatre field. She has performed in India and abroad – USA, UK – in different dramas. She also acted in one Hindi teleserial – Thodi Khushi Thoda Gum.

You’re invited to watch the interview, above.

P.S.: I am thankful to Jayesh Madiyar, Chairman of Sampati Group for inviting me to this drama, which inspired me to interview Pranoti Pradhan.


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    Well, never heard of her, but she is good .. interesting to understand her opinions .. 🙂

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