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Interview of Uttam Maru

Uttam Maru

Uttam Maru

Uttam Maru is a 10 year old child living in city of Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA.

He was born with many disabilities such as no eyes, no nose, no mouth muscles as well few other physical disabilities that the doctors had even suggested the family of Uttam that as there are no chances of a good life for him, it is better to have him death by scientific means.

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But his family was strong enough to deny this advise. Uttam’s grandfather Kunvarjibhai Maru remembers the time when he heard the news that his grandson is born with so many disabilities. He says “In a huge factory, if some pieces are produced with some defects, it can not be sold, so the owner of that factory gives it for free to someone close to him so that he can make use of what is available. Similar way, God might felt so about us and in his production of so many humans, he thought of giving Uttam to us. We are close to him in that way!”

But instead we talk about disabilities he is born with, it is better to know about some unique talents that he has acquired, which for the children of his age is indeed unbelievable or tough to do. As they say that if God takes away something from you, he makes sure to give you something else too. Thus is the story of Uttam. He has been blessed with talents like singing, memorizing things like no one else can. After the age of four, his family started giving shape to what was left of Uttam’s life. They provided him all the possible platforms a normal kid would get. They enrolled him to a music institute where despite such physical issue, he started getting lessons on singing. And today, he can sing some of the best songs of Kishor Kumar, Mohammed Rafi & Mukesh. He sings in ‘Raaga’ too which for a kid of his age is indeed appreciable. He has memorized more than 100 songs, and has give a unique live program of singing continuously for three hours.

From left to right: Uttam's younger brother, Uttam's mother, Uttam, Uttam's grandfatherFrom left to right: Uttam's younger brother, Uttam's mother, Uttam, Uttam's grandfather

From left to right: Uttam's younger brother, Uttam's mother, Uttam, Uttam's grandfather

Other than that, he is blessed with sharp memory. Once he learns something, he doesn’t forget. For instance, he has memorized more than 1000 shlokas. He has memorized many parts of Bhagwad Gita. Not only that, if you pick a random line from the books he has memorized, he would tell you what it belongs to! for instance, if you take a shloka from Gita, he would tell you what Adhyay it belongs to!! He has memorized so many such things that you will be shocked to speak him those things when you do test him.

Even today, he is totally blind but his inner senses are so strong that he has developed skills that would make you amazed. He plays keyboard too, and while he plays, you would just be lost with the speed of his fingers that strokes the keyboard.

It’s also interesting to know that when his grandfather took him to various schools for admission, he was rejected by most of schools saying that it would disturb other students of the schools. He then was admitted one fine school, where he studied like any other kid and topped! Unbelievable, isn’t it? And then, he started getting invitation to study in the schools which initially had denied him.

His story has been covered by numerous newspapers & magazines. He has won many awards & certificates.

Misc Photos

Photo story of Uttam Maru, from he was born to major operations that he went through.

Photo story of Uttam Maru, from he was born to major operations that he went through.

Uttam Maru with Narendra Modi

Uttam Maru with Narendra Modi

Uttam Maru with Baba Ramdevji.

Uttam Maru with Baba Ramdevji.


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  1. sadruddin Batada says:

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    bhgvan tene khubh aagalvadhre nae tmaru nam roshn kare khrekhr UTTAm Uttmj che.


  2. jigna says:

    No words to express for a talent pool like ttam has.
    He is God Gift. I salute the family for putting hard work to train uttam.

  3. Pravin Rathod says:

    Uttam love you, tena mata pita ne koti vandan Hu Swaminarayan Bhagvan na charno ma prarthana karu 6u Uttam no sitaro Hamesa chamkto rahe


    Mari pase aano javab aapva Na mate koi shabda nathi, Mari koi hesiat j nathi k Uttam na subject ma Hu koi comments Karu, Maru name GHANSHYAM CHAUDHARI chhe, Hu army ma job Karu chhu….
    Uttam Khare Khar God gift chhe….

  5. Gopal Ahir says:

    Really, he is a so dedicated guy for live a life & give us example of, become a “Upmanyu”. ….!
    I heard his voice last night.. .. What a talent. …..!

  6. Hitesh says:

    Very good I think u are able for balshree aword…..

  7. Shailesh M.Chaudhari says:

    Uttam – There are no enough words to
    Describe you , your family members and all your teachers who worked hard for your success.
    I feel proud of great understanding of your grandfather and all.
    You are hero for all.

  8. Baiju Mehta says:

    May I have address/Contact of Mr. Uttam Maru please ?
    (My contact is 94094 00414.)

  9. aswin says:

    Never judge a book by its cover. He is truly Gifted by God!

  10. Narendra Bhavsar says:

    Can I Have Time Of Birth, Because I am Interested in reading his Horoscope, I am Astrologer Not By Profession, But as student

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