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Spirituality and Art

Man lives by his mind. Man is nothing more than a mind. Do I need to be beautiful in order to believe myself beautiful? I just need thoughts that i am beautiful. And what is beauty. What will define beauty and who will define it? Mind na?!

There are sets of identifications of man regarding himself. Some of them are: identification of sex that is i am man and i am woman. These identifications cause the ego, the thinking patterns, complexities etc etc… Another Identification is that of age. I am young by my mind and old by my body…similarly there are identifications regarding skills and unskills. These identifications for skills and unskills cause jealousy, ego, superiority and vice a versa.

The artists lobby suffer from this disease of identification. When an artist appreciates other artist? And why? If the other artist falls in the category of his criterion of beauty or good then he can be a good artist! When one thinks he has this and that skill, he starts feeling himself special and if he thinks he has lack of some skill in comparison to others, he disregards himself.

Art is nothing but the expression and if it is so, why does the thoughts of others come to express oneself? And if the expression of art is to help others or to help the society then why to think of other artists then?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his ‘Ashtavakra Gita’ writes, “The artist community suffers from jealousy. There is jealousy in business communities too, but artists suffer the most. They can’t tolerate the success of others. Even if they appreciate other’s talents, it will be a superficial appreciation. Generally there is something else inside. Identifying ourselves with our talents makes us happy or unhappy.” Certainly the art can be lifted and the artist can be lifted to something higher, if he himself decides so.

Osho in his discourses on Zen “The path of Paradox”, says, “The artist hankers to express. To an enlightened person expression is natural, like breathing; there is no hankering. The artist is continuously fighting to pave his way; the artist is motivated; hence he lives in great tension. It is not just accidental that artists suffer more than anybody else from mind disease- too much tension. They have to create, and they have to complete, and they have to prove, and they have to leave a signature in the world- all ego efforts.”

Let the imagination of an artist much to do with the truth, the joy and the purity. Let the beauty create more and more and more beauty and the joy create more and more joy.


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