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Interview of Vandana Pathak

Vandana Pathak

Vandana Pathak

Vandana Pathak, a television and theatre actress received great popularity from one of India’s best comedy show Hum Paanch. Another television serial called ‘Ek Mahel Ho Sapno Ka’ was a big hit in her pocket. Later came Khichdi.

Having started her career with theatres, she did an interesting travel in the field of acting and received good responses too. She was in Rajkot for her one of the dramas when Adhirajsinh Jadeja, Honorary Contributor of SpeakBindas had a chance to interview her. Watch out.

Adhirajsinh Jadeja with Vandana Pathak

Adhirajsinh Jadeja with Vandana Pathak


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6 thoughts on “Interview of Vandana Pathak

  1. rupal says:

    its good job adhiraj. it was fun to take this interview.

  2. chetu says:

    વંદનાબેન મારા પ્રિય અભિનેત્રી છે .. અભિનય દ્વારા પાત્રમાં પ્રાણ પુરીને વાર્તાને જીવંત બનવવાની સુન્દર કલા દ્વારા પ્રેક્ષકોના દિલ જીતી લિધા છે .. વંદનાબેન – અધિરાજભાઇ તથા દેવાંગભાઇને ખુબ ખુબ અભિનન્દન …

  3. Adhirajsinh H Jadeja says:

    Thank u chetu ji……..
    and devangbhai……….

  4. a.aziz says:

    Rspected Shri Adhiraj..may almighty ALLAH..!!! blesssss Uuu..w\all the happnss.. Thankxxxxxxxxx…Shukriyaaaaaaaa…!!! 4-having an interview w\my favourite T.V. Starrrrrrr…. ms.Vandanajee..!!! ”’Pride of Gujarat…!!!”’ Greetingssssssssss…&…Best Wishessssss….frommmm….A.Aziz Riyadh KSA. [ P.S. Eagarly waiting 4-the video clips…of having interview w\Shri Pankaj Udhas..!!] ===========================================================

  5. Geek Blogger says:

    i think she a star in khichadi also, which is now a huge success on television.

  6. PUSHPA says:

    sundar saral sahaj sawand je ghanoj gamyo.

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