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Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

This song teaches us the lesson of life. The lyrics itself is having deep meaning. This song is meant for the generation now. If we see today’s generation it is very much money minded or revenge minded. Most of the times busy in his/her own life that they don’t listen to others problem or lessen their burdens. The song “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai” has deep philosophy. Take away sorrow of the people and in return give them happiness. Today nobody has the time to listen anybody’s problem or sorrows. Take out some time from your life and listen to problems of others lessen some burden of people and in return give them happiness and love; this is the life. Sometimes being unconditional is also charm of life.

A man who doesn’t have money but from the heart he is emperor. Doesn’t hesitate to give away anything, which he has. Happiness increases by sharing it with others and also sharing your problem will lessen the burden from your heart. He is rich from heart. The song also says live life like essence sticks which is very short but leave behind your fragrance from which people remembers you. This is the real way to live the life.

How the normal man sings the song and teaches the deep philosophy in the rhythmic way. This song is still fresh in the minds of people. But it’s very difficult to implement it in the real life. But once we do it, we get the picture of life and in the real sense we have lived our life. Take away others pain in life and give them a smile and tell them that problems are a part of life, don’t get disappointed in life weather you have money or not; be rich from your heart for love for others. In the very opening song, there is an insect on the road but the actor takes leaf and places it on the tree. Such a small insect on this big earth has the right to live the life. The song also suggest us the value of relationship.

The other thing which I came across is that two men are passing in the bicycle and moving happily and are satisfied with what they are having after that the motor car passes though having the car still not discontent with life and the man standing there has nothing but still he is happy. Now this is what I call a common man, who doesn’t have any luxury thing with him but still lives the life in full zest. This is the thing which we need to learn from this song and try to implement in our life. Even though struggling in entire life but always had happy face in bad times. Jeena isi ka naam hai! Help others, borrow others burden and give them the smile and love in return. Be joyful. Be thankful to what god has given us, don’t expect much and be unconditional.


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10 thoughts on “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

  1. As per your nature you’ve chosen quite a sentimental song. A lyrics having deep meaning.

    Nice ending message: “don’t expect much and be unconditional.”

  2. kunj palan says:

    such much Rupal-fied !!

    you have a long way to go girl ! cheers!!! 🙂

  3. vaidehi thakker says:

    its nyc… u have touched the right chords.. and chosen a topic which is very much essential for evry1 to think about… we hav become too insensitive towards life and people…
    its time that we learn ‘ sirf apne liye mat jiyo’…
    commndable job..
    keep it up!!

  4. Adhirajsinh H Jadeja says:

    good going rupal,
    keep it up………..
    ur level its very good, for more perfact do more and more write……..

  5. Happy Arora says:

    Good job Rupal ! You’ve highlighted upon the most always-being-ignored phase of our lives in the present scenario ! I feel fortunate enough to be able to read an article like this and instill in me something that has been missing. Looking forward to have a lot more such articles from you.

  6. Vinod says:

    Hi Rupal,

    Enjoyed this one. The song brings back memories of the time when I saw Anadi.
    You have made a good article but I think you were probably rushed.
    Keep em coming because you have got a lot to give to the world through your writing!
    Have you heard ‘Chin Arab Hamara’ by Mukesh? It could do with Rupal treatment.

  7. Rekha says:

    Hi there, good attempt! keep it up!! I am sure you will put these ideas in practice. Good inspiration for all.

  8. Shraddha Vasani says:

    Nice effort Rupal….
    keep writing….

  9. Divyesh Raythatha says:

    A very good effort and close analysis of the song. I appreciate your continuous hard work in the right direction, which will bring you on the path of success. Keep it up.

  10. Parish says:

    Good one. Keep it up.

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