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Is Just One Day Enough to Celebrate Children’s Day?

Children’s day is special day for children. Universal Children’s Day is  celebrated on 20th November in entire world. But in India it is celebrated on 14th November. Because that date is Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birth date. And he loved children. So in memories of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru and his  love towards to children whole India celebrates children’s day on this date.

But In this fast life we are forgetting importance of children’s day. Today it has become only status symbol for celebrities and politicians who make some donation to some poor children and get publicity and try to get their pictures on Newspaper or TV. And then after no one looks at those poor children until next chidren’s day. But have you thought that there are lots and lots of children who are suffering from hunger and who used to live on footpath and in slums. And they have to do work at very young age. They can’t study due to their poverty. They can’t study because there is no proper infrastructure
around them, which can help them to make their life better. And their illiteracy lead them to criminal life and they become criminals. Only few of them will have good life. Hunger and illiteracy is the biggest problem.

In Somalia lots of children and their family is suffering from hunger. But no one is looking at them. There is same problem in each and every country where lots and lots of children who have to spend whole life in a slum. They used to get drug addict and become criminal. Somalia has biggest problem of hunger . Even UN is supplying food to that country but mafia is looting everything and lots of people and innocent children die due to lack of food and water.

No body looks at them. We only remember these poor children on a single  day in a year because we want to show to the world that we concern about  these poor children and want to get our picture and name in news paper and  want to have publicity.

We have lots of money to spend on unnecessary things like costly mobile phones, car, LCD, Laptops, party, Junk food, Games and so on. But when it’s time to donate few amount of money for poor children and for their study  and food, we don’t have single penny. We can spend lots and lots money but we can’t spend a small amount for these poor children. Why is it like  that???

We have lots and lots of laws for abusing children, for child sex, for child criminal. But no body wants to look at them. There are lots of children who are forced to get in to child pornography. Lots of children do drug smuggling so they can earn some money and feed them-selves and their family. Universal Children’s Day also talks about children rights. But now a days it  has become once a year and then after we all forget these children.

Even in India, taking work from an underage child as a labour is biggest crime. But we can see lots of children around us who work on Tea stall, newspaper boy, street cleaner or as beggar. But nobody cares about labour law. We just remember these children on chidren’s day that’s it.

If every one donates little bit from their income every month for a child, it will create big difference. Every one has right to live a good life. Some need  help and some do not. We all should help these children not only on  children’s day but for whole life.

But every one is in race of getting ahead, no one cares what is coming on road. Every one wants to increase their bank balance but no body wants to donate a little amount for these poor children.

So take a look around you and make a donation for a poor child’s study, give them proper food, give them proper clothe. And there will be your children’s day.

And then after you can say Happy Children’s day.”

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4 thoughts on “Is Just One Day Enough to Celebrate Children’s Day?

  1. rupal says:

    hi tapan.
    whatever you said in ur article is correct. but at same time government has issued various child programs but it doesn’t reach to the poor childrens. various initiative are done by celebrities and they don’t publishes it on media. we should help them and they required our help too.
    good article.

  2. Tapan, once again you’ve written on a very touching subject.

    Actually, there are many NGOs working in INDIA who support and feed the poor children round-the-year, not just one day. The big hurdle that I can think of is the ‘population’ of such poor children. And there is no enough platform available to sustain them all. Of course, there are rich people in INDIA who if donate regularly like you said, can eradicate the poverty and hunger. But believe me, few people are doing their best in that case. It’s another thing that it is not enough.

    About taking photographs: Well, if you’re really doing something good, then there is no issue in taking a photograph and floating it across the media. But the matter of politicians is totally different, you know they have to celebrate all other days as well so they do not look back to the same thing until the next year!! I mean, we all know how politics work, so it’s useless to talk further about them.

    But what is more important than blaming everyone else is that we DO something on our own, as per our capacity and as and when we can do. It’s like, if we can’t donate money ourself then we may inspire others to do so whom we know that want to donate but don’t know where. I’ve done it many times, brought beneficiaries and donors together (I didn’t donate a single dime), but that way it worked.

    Yes, there are couple of incidents too where I did help myself, but that was very small. But the joy of giving was equal to millions of dollars.

    Education is more important than donations. They say something like “Teach a man how to fish than to serve him a fish.” Education is most important. I am not favoring the concept of studying and then doing a job only. My intention is that education brings awareness between good and bad, and hence like you’ve mentioned about crimes observed in illiterate people that can be eradicated with education.

    Like Rupal said that there are Government programs too which are for children but the grant doesn’t reach to them, as it gets eaten by the mediator crocodiles. Now, that’s where what we can do is that 1. Fight for it or 2. DO what we can as per our capacity without getting indulged into it.

    Change won’t come overnight, nor by just one person, nor by blaming everyone else. It will come gradually, provided we all work as individual first.

    Your article has inspired me for something Tapan. Let us this winter donate blankets to those children in Rajkot who’re homeless and sleep on footpaths such as Race-course, Shastri Medan and etc. What do think? Let us do what we can do ourselves. And if others want to join too, they are MOST WELCOME.

  3. Tapan Kharsani says:

    @Rupal. Yes, I know government has lost of programmers for poor children. And It is not reaching at them properly due to corruption. I also know that various initiative are done by celebrities and they don’t publishes it on media. I am trying to let people see darker side of this issue

    @Devang. Yes I have done charity work with my seven other friend. We had taken responsibility for 3 child eduction. We were also working as a nature club Who have grown some trees and done some campaign and working on save nature programs by own our way and also helping cancer patients to pay treatment fees because one of my friend is working as a radiologist in a leading cancer hospital of Rajkot. But now we all friends are a part due to family and job. So we are not in charity work any more. These things are done my that’s why I have rights to write this kind of article. Else I don’t write article like this. I don’t want to reveal my thing kind of work. I believe in some thing like this. Like that Gujarati saying “Ek haathe daan karo to bija haath ne khabar pan na pade evi rite karo” (English “donate like that, that no one knows about it” ) People do keep asking what have you done for this kind of children?? that you are writing this article so I have to reveal . Yes, I agree with you ” Change won’t come overnight, nor by just one person, nor by blaming everyone else. It will come gradually, provided we all work as individual first.” and “Education is more important than donations”

    I know there are lots of NGO and government programs for these kind of children. But I wanted to give some awareness to people by this article so some more person can join and make some donation or star helping. That was my thought.

  4. Deepika says:

    Hi, I am working on getting some old clothes donated to poor kids in need. I operate through a Facebook page absolutely non profit but for cause. I was wondering if you are ok I wanted to feature your first pic in my page to promote this cause. Let me know if that’s ok. You will get pic credits. Thanks!

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