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Is physiotherapy good for health?

Physiotherapy is the manipulation of your body through specific exercises to help reduce inflammation and pain. At the same time, you should benefit from increased movement which can improve your quality of life.

That sounds like a tall order but that’s the beauty of a good physiotherapy in Mascot or anywhere, they really can help to improve a chronic condition.

Most people think about physiotherapy after an accident, but there are many problems that physiotherapy can help you with:

  • Joint pain or even bone pain, such as in your neck, back, or shoulders
  • Issues resulting from neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis
  • Improving rehabilitation after a heart attack or stroke
  • Dealing with lung and/or breathing issues such as cystic fibrosis

Of course, to ensure you get the best possible care you need to use a physiotherapist that is properly trained, regulated, and insured. It’s very easy to be referred to one by your doctor or hospital.

The Scope Of Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist doesn’t just manipulate your limbs in order to improve movement and reduce pain. They will also educate you regarding what they are doing and why. Alongside this, they’ll give you insights into how you can change your daily habits to reinforce the exercises and improve your overall health.

Every exercise they give you is tailored to your specific issues and needs, they take into account any and all issues you have and will provide an individual plan to help you recover or manage any condition.

It’s worth noting that a physiotherapist will use their hands to manipulate your body, encouraging better movement and showing you how to exercise properly.

Health benefits

It’s fairly obvious that physiotherapy can help you to deal with a specific incident or disease. But, it can do so much more than that. In fact, it really can help all elements of your health.

Physical Health

Manipulating your limbs and showing you the right exercises means that you’ll be able to move better. This will encourage you to move more and increased activity will boost the flow of blood and nutrients around your body.

In turn, this will help your body to function more efficiently, making it stronger and better able to deal with infections and other issues in the future.

Emotional Health

Alongside your physical health, you’ll notice that you start to feel emotionally better. Being in pain all the time will make most people start to feel depressed, it can feel like a never-ending cycle. The pain is likely to stop you from doing, or even attempting, a variety of activities. This can make you feel even more depressed.

However, discovering that physiotherapy can reduce the pain will allow you to feel more positive and tackle things that you wouldn’t have previously thought possible, boosting your emotional health.


As a result of your improved physical and emotional health, you’ll find that you feel more confident and are ready to tackle anything, that’s a great feeling and it all starts with a few simple exercises.


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