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Is TV an idiot box?

Calling TV an Idiot box is an insult of TV or it deserves it? There may be pros and cons of watching TV, but calling it an Idiot box, isn’t a bit harsh? I know, TV has no emotions so even calling it a piece of shit won’t make any difference to it, but surely it makes difference to those who are addicted to watching TV. I myself am a TV fan. I like watching HBO, Star Movies, Discovery Channel, National Geography channels. I get to learn few things too.

It also increases my general knowledge. Of course, I don’t watch it all the time.

After having dinner, I just own remote control and switch over all the channels and I pause at those which are broadcasting interesting, informative or entertaining program. Considering this, I wouldn’t dare to call TV an Idiot box.

For children, this sentence can be an eye opener. Because some children are so addicted to watching TV, mostly cartoon channels, they lose their concentration from studies. They live in an imaginative way rather in true life. For them, TV surely is an idiot box.

Somewhere I was going through an article, where I found a list of things we could do if we don’t watch TV like:

  • We can start a part time business.
  • Take some courses in Real Estate or Stock Market and learn its business tactics.
  • Play your favorite sports like Cricket, Soccer, Golf.
  • Meet new people.
  • Do some exercise, get your body in shape. Become fit and fine and healthy.
  • LIVE YOUR LIFE rather than watch someone elses make believe life, I mean isn’t having sex better than watching someone on TV pretend?

The list sounds quite interesting isn’t it? Like those paper work of a new business model, which says, right after one year, this business is going to earn you millions of rupees, but while it comes into existence, it knows the truth was just the other side of the coin. Likewise, doing these activities isn’t as easy or interesting as they seem while reading.

An interestingly enough, some religious groups and Gurus in India call TV an Idiot box.

Well well, then why in the first place there are religious program broadcasting channels such as Sanskar, Aastha Channel? Or they have an exception here?

Baba Ramdev is very much popular today. Why? TV has a major role in his success. Likewise, other Gurus are known to people only because of TV medium, without which nobody would have recognized them at the level they are today.

And very popular Asharam Bapu has his regular programs (preachings) on various channels, and which has made him highly popular. Few months back, when his son was in news, it was also found that they have income in crores from their disciples. TV has played a huge role in this, hasn’t it?

I’m not a psychologist but all what I know is this, watching TV shouldn’t be considered as a choice of stupids. If you watch it in limitations and watch non-porn programs, nothing wrong in that. Of course, it has its cons too, but that every activity in the world has.

What do you think? Is TV an Idiot box?


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

14 thoughts on “Is TV an idiot box?

  1. wazir chand says:

    It was a good article & previewed with misconception. You quote the name of religious Gurus in the article, but you have misunderstood the conception on TV by these saints. As you have choice to eat from Veggie to Non Veggie foods, types of friends you make, what you dress etc etc, like wise it is advised to watch TV programs which benefit your life. These saints you name have never in any of their program termed TV as an idiot Box, as you call it. In fact when you are a listener to a saint preaching you will be advised to watch those programs which will help you in spiritual goal, in physical health & knowledge. TV serials on family drama will only put dirt in the minds & break the family & mental peace.
    Your article is good, but watch out when you name some one without proper information & knowledge.

    1. Sasanka sekhar sahu says:

      Your article is very good.thank u.

  2. Hi Wazir,

    I haven’t mentioned that the Gurus that I mentioned in articles have said TV and Idiot box. I was rather trying to point out the fact that, some religious Gurus do say so, and I mentioned names of such Gurus who have their programs on TV.

  3. angana says:

    your article is exellent.
    it has helped me in my debate contest

  4. Jigar Patel says:

    Devang! You raised an interesting question. Is TV an idiot Box? Here are my thoughts!

    1. As per me, Television is in fact not the best way to learn and gain knowledge. For instance, when you watch a particular segment (lets say educational) on a TV, you tend to capture only certain visuals but not the details, whereas, when you read the same information in a book–the chances are you will remember it with maximum details and for a longer period of times. I watched a movie 2 weeks ago and all i remember is the high level story line (even that will be erased soon) but i remember a lot more about a novel that i read 6 months ago (even some scenes that were described). Rapidly moving graphics and flashy scenes does not let us digest the information and distracts the viewers. So the point here is that TV is absolutely not the best way to improve and remember the knowledge.

    2. You may argue that some people find books boring and so do not read it, hence, not gaining any knowledge. Agree! But remember TV programming has become a replacement of reading–which should never be the case (as proved in point 1). By giving more importance to TVs we are cutting down on gaining more knowledge through other [ever lasting] means such as by talking, reading, and exploring. I travel in New York city every day and see people reading while walking (seriously). I haven’t even seen an average Indian having reading as his/her hobby.

    3. Watching TV is a one way communication and does not require viewers involvement. It will keep running….you will keep flipping the channels and will not be a part of any activity (fun or education). However, when you play sports, act, sing, dance..etc you are actually participating and having fun/knowledge in a very practical manner.

    4. TV may not be idiot box but yes they are entertainment box for sure. Having said that, it is an invention that should never replace many other activities that we may have done instead. When TVs start taking place of books, physical activities and other great means of entertainment they can be a potential IDIOT BOXES. But we..who are the decision makers on how much to watch and what to watch should be called the real IDIOTS before we blame poor TVs.

    Anybody agree/disagree?


    1. Noel Emmanuel says:

      u r really vry true yar ,excellent way of presenting ur self yar awesum

      1. Jigar Patel says:

        Thanks Noel

  5. latika says:

    it is difficult to say TVas an idiot box..
    but yeah, i hv seen child hving major impacts of television. they spend thier rest of time in watching TV PROGRAMME like cartoon network and related channels.. so it hide child ability..

  6. rupsi says:

    no i don’t think so that it is correct to say that tv is an idiot box.tv is a source of media.what happens in our surroundings ie we are in connection with our world only by the help of television.

  7. poornima says:

    TV is intelligent box or is not good to say that TV is an idiot box beacuse we got knowledge and news.

  8. AnglosMustDie says:

    I just think TV is evil yet THE idiot box. Too much propaganda, too much news, too many pride through US of Arrogance and too many headaches. Guess what? News bias is done by Anglo pricks and they want to go for an Anglo-Americano instead of some Mexican, Puerto Rican, Japanese, South Korean or Italian, I like to see them rot of their lifeless bodies. Forgive me, I do have bigotry which I tend to make fun of myself/others, but the Planet Earth does have bigotry written in red all over. There’s Roku, stick to it and dispose CNN, Fox News, MSNBC along with some bias from the East Coast. DO YOU THINK I WILL FALL FOR THAT CLAIM? Go white man this or go black man that. Stupid world I’m having, but I want to make fun of the US natives more. However, I do agree what you wrote. Let’s go outside and drive bumper cars at the nearby funfair! Maybe go hiking or play Association Football at the field. That’s what I should do during Spring.

  9. Brijesh Maurya says:

    Why idiot box? not because it it shows programs, just because programs are not just made to make people. You just see 20% channels are BABA channel, 20% hacked by SAS-BAHU,20% Paid-news channels, next 20% are for fake reality shows and only a few are valuable…

    Real a idiot box.

    1. Brijesh Maurya says:

      not because it it shows programs, just because programs are made to make people

  10. Brijesh Maurya says:

    Have you ever thought bout what kind of entertainment is going on? IF you wanna serious entertainment then watch Indian New channels. If you wanna lite then sas-bahu type. BABA like asha-ram are teaching. ALL kind of non-sence jantra-mantra, tabij etc are being sold on every channel.

    Supper stars are advertising hanuman-chalisa yantra, Body-mind strengthning products, So many kind of amazing Oil and sex improvemnt tablets.

    A real idiot box

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