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Pandher and Surendra Koli pronounced death sentence

Those who live in India are very well aware about a psycho killer, rapist and human-eater man known as Pandher, full name Moninder Singh Pandher. A bloody serial killer with help of his domestic servant Subhash Koli. They were convicted of killing around twenty people in serial, most of them children, from village Nithari which is in sector 31 of Noida, UP.

Recently, on February 13, 2009 their long running case witnessed an end. A special CBI court in Ghaziabad declared death sentence for both these devils born in form of humans.

Subhash Koli, also known as Surendra has already confessed his sins in front of media. As per his lies to media, he confessed kidnap, rape and murder of at least eight innocent children.

Upon the local reports of missing children, this figure is considered to be around over twenty in total. From their such serial killing, those missing children could have been victims too. A possibility can not be denied.

Upon the investigation by Police in Moninder’s home, partial skeleton of 4 women and 15 innocent children were found. Where as search is still going on for more victims.

Moninder Singh Pandher is an literate human being and an industrialist too, who did his studies from the well known Bishop Cottom school in Shimla, and completed his graduation from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Now, it is hard to believe that such an educated person can perform sins at such an extent. Those innocent kids, were kidnapped by his servant Surendra (what a bloody servant!), and then this psycho and mentally ill butcher used to rape them. And this wasn’t the end of suffering of those children. These demons then killed them and dug their bodies on backyard of house.

It is said that every human has a heart, emotions, feelings and above all a soul. In Hinduism, it is said that God lives in everybody. I genuinely doubt this theory of Hinduism after this incident. If God lives in the heart of every human, can a human go beyond the level of being a rascal? Of course, in Bihar, kidnapping is a business, and kidnapper snatch children of rich people, but on receiving ransom they free them. Of course, kidnapping too is a crime. But after kidnapping, raping a child? Damn! this thought itself is creepy.

And this is not something new that I’ve come to know about. I read of such incidents on regular basis in local newspaper, where a 40 year old man is convicted for raping a 8 year old girl and so.

I just feel to use those reserved words against such _____________. Calling them Animals would be an insult of animals. Animals kill others as a part of natural process.

They don’t do it for fun or from mental illness. Where as what this Pandher and Surendra have done in Nithari case is something can never be forgiven, no matter what.

I also heard that now Pandher is to go to High Court, and re-process this case. I mean, it’s been months now that this case is being investigated by various Government agencies and they have all proofs which go against Pandher and Surendra, then why Indian Law allows such facility to such rascals to raise their voice to High Court while Gaziabad court already pronounced death sentence?

I also wonder that those human-activists will now stand beside this killer Pandher and Surendra saying do not hang them. I guess, if their innocent children were victims of this serial killing(which I truly wish, shouldn’t be) ,would they even think of it? And above all, I wonder where is Sri Ram Sena, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and all other religious groups from India who are so good at beating up youth on valentine Day? If they really want to do some holy work then time is now. They are known to be taking law in hands for wrong purposes, then here is an opportunity for them to take charge and break law for right purposes. Gandhi used to break laws for right purposes only. But it’s a matter of fact that such religious groups won’t show up on such cases, as it’s not in their text book. Youth is the first topic in their text book to beat up.

I am surely with the decision of Gaziabad court. Such killers should be shown no mercy at all on the name of Hinduism or Indian acts. They should right away be hung till death, without wasting anytime of prestigious courts and various Government agencies such as Police and CBI. And also lakhs of Indian rupees too would be saved, while most importantly such devils will be removed and erased permanently from our society.


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