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Jay Vasavada talking about his bachelor and routine life

As we all know that Jay Vasavada still is a bachelor (by choice of course!). Many of his fans and readers often ask him about how is his bachelor life? Rather, the joy of it! He candidly talks about it. He admits that he enjoys the freedom of being a bachelor.

Also he talks about his routine day-life. Something we can call as “A day in Jay Vasavada’s life”. He starts with “It’s full of Anarchy.” And so it is. He is a night-bug. But he just doesn’t keep buzzing then like other bugs but does his writing, surfing, research, reading etc. He mostly sleeps after 2 or 3 am and wakes up after 10:00 or 10:30 in the morning. Waking up schedule depends upon when he actually slept the previous night!

Such and more interesting things about his routine and bachelor life, he has shared in this exclusive interview with SpeakBindas.


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  1. POOJA says:

    ther is no meter tht u r single or comiteted cz people still like DR. kalam also………so…

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