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Interview of Jaydeep Bhatt – The Bike Rider

Video Interview of Jaydeep Bhatt

He goes for a 30 day long trip to the costal area of Saurashtra on a bicycle. His age was only 15 years by then. It was the time when there was no facility of internet, mobile phones. Also, no easy availability of land line phones. Only means of communication was a post-card. It was a brave effort on sides of his parents to send him to such a trip for such a long duration, to visit places that he had never been to earlier.

Jaydeep Bhatt on Road

Jaydeep Bhatt on Road

A group of few teens got to gather to discuss what new to do this vacation. And a plan came out of a cycle trip to costal area of Saurashtra, starting from Bhavnagar. Boys were firm on their decision. Their parents too gave the green signal and thus started the first-ever journey, which in future was led to a world trip.

On The Way....

On The Way....

Jaydeep Bhat was amongst those few boys who went for a 30 day long trip at the age of 15, with no plans of where to stay, where to eat and not with much money either. But as it was nature’s plan, nature had planned facilities for them. They used to get food and accommodation at every bypassing village enroute to their trip. It was amazing for the villagers to know that teens are on such a fabulous trip, and thus they happily used to provide them food and shelter at night.

The Rider with His Bike

The Rider with His Bike

It was just the beginning, which few years later in the year 2010 made Jaydeep go once again on the same trip. This time, it was on his Royal Enfield Bullet, accompanied by his friend.

In this interesting interview, he shares his experiences of his these two trips. He also talks about his next trip, which is to Europe continent.

He is a nature lover and believes totally in amazing experiences that nature has in store for us, some of which he has felt during his these trips. He doesn’t plan about his trips. Whenever he feels like, he leaves. He often goes for small trips. He believes in living moment to moment.


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