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Kader Khan Death Rumours

Kader Khan(mostly spelled as Kadar Khan) is an aged actor of Indian Cinema. He was in news today with rumours of his death. It’s hard to imagine that how a person would feel reading a news himself about his death. He must have been upset with it.

As I read RIP messages in Facebook on his death, I went through Google News to confirm it, and was surprised to know it’s just a rumour. I found his name in the list of Top Stories. See the screenshot on left. His name stands at the seventh position. Not only that, people on facebook started sharing the RIP(Rest In Peace) messages on their walls with photographs of Kader Khan. It looked so funny. Why people don’t re-check and confirm such news first instead of just sharing a rumour? May be the psychology of “being first” plays a role here!

Kader Khan of course is a remarkable figure of Indian cinema and deserves a great “Alvida”, but not before he is dead.

Another Screenshot from Google News

So after the rumour, there were some clarifications from Kader Khan himself as well as other people from his circle. Take a look at above screenshot.


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