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Popular Occult Sciences – Question of Faith v/s Proof

There has always been a conflict between Science & Faith. Science asks for proof that we can see with our eyes. While Faith talks about believing in something without any asking questions or proof. For science, occult sciences are nothing but mental conditioning of people. This conditioning is called faith. Well, we can debate on and on about this, but first let’s take a look at the popular occult sciences people have been following since centuries.

1. Astrology

Horoscope, planets, good planets, bad planets, beneficial planets, harmful planets, astrological remedies are some of the terms related to astrology. It is weird that it is sometimes termed as “Science of Astrology” whereas according to science, Astrology is not a scientific tool. Some do consider it as a mathematical tool.

Its inception is believed to be in India. But now it is popular world-over. In India, it’s known as vedic astrology, while in other countries it is terms as western astrology.

In astrology, reading of a person’s birth-chart gives answers to questions related to health, relationship & career, or that’s what people do believe. Depending on the position of planets in the houses of horoscope, astrologers give predictions. Then comes the question of whether to believe in those predictions or not? Here faith plays the major role. Some scientists do have challenged the astrologers & existence of astrology and have asked to predict the tomorrow of some person’s life.

In India, people who believe in astrology, do go for matching of horoscope of boy and girl who are going to get married, to see whether their planets do match or not. In cases, planets do not match, despite everything else is good like boy and girl like each other, boy is financially stable – they don’t prefer to get married to each other!

2. Tarot Card Reading

It has its origin in the 14th century. It is popularly termed as Tarot Reading. A person is asked to chose a card from number of Tarot cards, based on which the reader does the reading related person’s past, future, health, career, relationship etc. There is a series of cards in Tarot, each one of them describing a particular reading.

3. Palmistry

Our palms have lines on it. Some short, some long. Some very sharp while some very smooth. Palmistry says that each line has a meaning of its own like lines are described as life line, head line, heart line, fate line etc. Palmists interpret these lines related to different matters. It is also believed that there is a positional place for each of the planet on our palm.

Palmistry is also considered as an interesting occult tool to learn to impress others at social gatherings and parties.

4. Numerology

It’s all about numbers. Mostly, your reading is done based on the calculation of digits from your date of birth. A numerologist will tell you what is your favorite number, weak number etc. For example, I’m told that my lucky number is 4. How did this 4 come up? Well, my date of birth is 16-03-1983 so if you add all digits like 1+6+0+3+1+9+8+3, total sum comes as 31. So again go for 3+1=4. This is how I’m told that my lucky number is 4.

There are plenty of different readings done for issues related with career, health and relationship.

Now, some debate about it

Well, these are some of the most popular streams of occult science. But there are many more types of occult science like Astral projection, Black Magic (tantrik, aghori), Candle magick, Crystal therapy, Dowsing, Feng-shui, Vastu-shastra, Reiki etc.

One of the things that do attract your attention that, practisioners of the same occult science have sometimes (or most of the times) difference in opinion regarding same person’s reading. This raises the questions among rationalists, because if it’s a science, then it has to be same from everyone’s perspective. For example, if you give your horoscope for reading to more than one astrologers, chances are that you will have different kind of readings from different astrologer. That adds to confusion instead of solving your issue.

Also, these days such occult science tools are used as a medium for business. There are plenty of remedies they would suggest after doing your reading. For weak hearted and weak minded person, it creates a dilemma that whether to go for those remedies or not. And not to mention, those remedies are costly affair too.

What’s your personal opinion & experience about this? Do you believe in any of these occult sciences? Which one you believe in most? Would you like to share your experience then?


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

5 thoughts on “Popular Occult Sciences – Question of Faith v/s Proof

  1. latika says:

    Very interesting topic.
    I do not believe in astrology, palmistry, tero card…….. i believe in science cus of science is having all proofs of every questions where occult science is always mysterious to me, i never understand how one predict one’s future seeing only birth chart or palm. Funny thing is future predictions vary with different astrologers.
    For example, my parents do believe in occult science so they gave my horoscope to two experts and their opinion was differ for the same horoscope. And this is something i found very weird.

    1. Yes, latika, one of the strong reasons of my dis-belief in Astrology is the different opinions for the same horoscope by different astrologers. And to our surprise, each of the astrologer believes that his reading is correct! Very confusing.

  2. Jigar Patel says:

    Astrology and things are like Homeopathy–You hear people’s problem and provide them with a solution that is neither harmful nor helpful. People just like to have a good night sleep, and so knowing that you have taken some advise from a spiritual guru before moving into a new home or getting married or finding a job just makes it a bit easier to deal with problems. Just like a completely diluted substance in a homeopathic medicine, you are infused with a ‘belief’ that you can foresee future and actually do something about it in advance. In other words, it only makes you feel ‘in control’ of the situation–and everyone likes to be in control!

    Does it work?…..You’d hope. The question for me is not if it works; it is more of where do you draw a line or do you even draw a line with astrologers and other pundits when it comes to belief vs dishonesty?

    1. Jigar, sometimes occult science like Astrology can be harmful in terms of remedies it does provide involves various kriyas which requires money. So it’s like, once you get to know that to solve some problems of your life, you need to go through some remedy, but you can’t, due to lack of money, it creates a mental chaos. It’s not good. And these days, you can not trust each astrologer, for who knows whether the remedies they are providing is for the betterment of the person or himself!!

      I know some astrologers very well, who are my friends too, so I’m not writing anything with agony, but then the normal people don’t have much idea on ‘where to draw a line’ as they blindly believe in the verdict of the astrologer, which sometimes can lead them to despair.

  3. Jigar Patel says:


    I was very much aware that you will point out the harmfulness of occult science. You are absolutely right about monetary losses and mental suffering one goes through due to occult science.

    I also believe that people who actually suffer because of their belief in such things should bear the greater share of responsibility. When you make a choice to go out and buy an intangible service, you must also be aware of repercussions. The problem is, people don’t seem to learn lessons after one or two bad experiences.

    There are just way too many ifs and buts in this subject. I personally do not believe in occult science at all but i also feel that things like astrology are here to stay for as long as the existence of man kind.

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