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Launch of Website–www.Khodabapa.com

It’s bit late to announce the news of launching of Khodabapa’s website which is www.Khodabapa.com – but then it’s better late than never. First question that would come to your mind is who is Khodabapa? Well, it’s bit hard for me to describe or define him in terms of words, but then can’t even do so without words right? So, I would use “a Spiritual Entity” as the best phrase to define him.

His website contains a series of his video discourses (in Gujarati language) on various topics like Gangasati, Lakho Loyan & Naam. Also, we update the site with various quotes kind of images which displays some of his teachings in a nut-shell.

Those who are on verge of finding a spiritual assistance, should visit this website and watch videos for sure. Don’t take this a promotion from my side for he doesn’t need it, but as I have personal experience, I can surely recommend to seekers of self. As he speaks in his mother tongue which is Gujarati, this site can be useful for those who know this language.


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  1. Hariprasad says:

    Thanks for Khodabapa interview by you. It is excellent there are many saints like him unnoticed unknown but they are better than any one who gives religious discourses.

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