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Law Of Attraction Attracting – Desires or Fears?

Law Of Attraction is one of the topics which is being discussed hugely by everyone. We can see many masters teaching how to master this Secret and manifest our hidden desires. They believe they can have anything they wish just by using this law of attraction. In my previous article I discussed how we get into vicious circle of karmick debts by trying to attract things which we might not be destined. Best way to use law of attraction is to ask cosmos to shower with you those things and relationship which you actually deserve.

Recently one of my very good friends told me that I am attracting deepest fears of my subconsciousness in general in my life. Then we discussed almost all the fears and found out that the fears that I carried in my subconsciousness and which were totally irrational, illogical and had no reason to back were actually manifesting in my life. Now this is something new we discovered. When people are talking about attracting all goodies via Law Of Attraction on the contrary I was attracting my deep hidden fears.

This led to further speculation and we analysed why it is manifesting at all even if we have some fear in our minds. After all it is impossible for anyone to have zero fears in life. Then it was not far reach to conclude that desire and fear are two very strong emotions. Desire and Fear are constantly present in are subconsciousness and consciousness. And fear is a stronger emotion than desire. Our body impulses also support our brain to respond to every fear and anything which is fearful and can cause danger to our being.

Fear is one emotion which is supported fully by our sub- consciousness, consciousness and body. Hence we are constantly sending vibrations to the cosmos about our fears. What we give out as vibrations is sent back to us.

This is how we are actually helping cosmos to manifest our deep fears. I am sure it’s not just me infact all of us are actually facing same thing in life. Now , how to handle this issue. This friend of mine gave me a wonderful solution and just said “Face all your fears “ … like “ darr ke aage jeet hai”.

I know facing fear is not an easy job but still least we can try is atleast stop hating our fears. Start seeing them positively and try to find the reason behind it and trust me they are all baseless. As soon as we start looking at these fears with positive attitude they just transform and we get a release from the negativity of these fears. And sooner or later the fear also dissolves. I just hope this little experience of mine which was discovered by other person will help all of you. Just felt like sharing…..

Wishing release to many ,
Richa Raghuwanshi


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