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The Law of Attraction – Good Gurus & Bad Gurus

The Law of Attraction is probably the most talked about topic by the spiritual speakers and counselors. They say it is the fundamental Law of Nature that is “Just Is” which means it gives you back what you give it. It is very fair and just in its entire phenomenon. For example – If you want respect from others then you should initiate this activity. Try to respect others and you will get it back. Law is very simple. Whatever you want from your life or a relationship, first give that element then you will experience the Law of Nature as it will reflect the same to you.

The above definition of this law came to my understanding after attending the seminar of The Law of Attraction. Also after attending that seminar I did research, study, discussion with spiritual speakers and the practical application of this law. While I was doing all this I noticed that there are basically two types of preachers who are teaching the same technique for achieving the desired results.

First type consists of Good-Gurus who want to create value in people’s life and make them capable of creating value in many other people’s life which attracts positive energy and makes them evolved and fortunate. Whereas, second type consists of Bad-Gurus who use this technique to help people achieve their greed. One may feel that it is helping them grow richer but the result is disastrous.

The Good-Gurus who are actually transmitting the right knowledge will ask you to use this Law of Attraction for accomplishing the higher purpose of life for which you are sent here. They will guide you to follow proper meditation regime and help you become spiritually evolved, so, that you can receive the special message from cosmic intelligence. Once you are spiritually aware and able to connect well with the Cosmic Intelligence then the mission starts. The higher energy sends you message when you are able to understand it and guides you to accomplish it also. It is like getting the message from Cosmic Intelligence regarding the purpose of your life. But this happens when you are soaked in super conscious state and experiencing the merging with cosmic intelligence and are overflowing with bliss and ecstasy. This joy is unexplainable in words. When you start living life where your efforts are aligned with super-purpose of life then you experience the actual Law of Attraction. You will observe that you are merely a link between the Cosmic Intelligence and the manifestation of the higher plans of the nature and existence. The Law of attraction moves the plan on its own and you have to just experience it. You will take actions but you will feel that some super power is driving you and things are getting done on its own. That smooth movement is because of the Law of Attraction.

Now, coming to the Bad-Gurus, they mould this Law of Attraction. They teach you to play with the power of subconscious mind. They teach you how to feed messages to your sub-conscious mind and get things done by the Law of Attraction. They show you how easy it is to dream big and getting it accomplished. They first work on the conditionings of your subconscious mind. Since the messages in the subconscious mind can not be edited so the conditionings are deleted first and then new messages are given to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind registers these messages and works according to these messages. When a conditioning which is stopping a person from performing well in a particular field is deleted from the subconscious mind and new message which supports the dream of that person is registered in subconscious mind then the Law of Attraction starts working for that dream.

Friends beware of using the Law of Attraction which is the Law of Nature and based on simple phenomenon “Like attracts like” practiced by Bad-Gurus. Because when you are using the Law of Attraction to satisfy your greed then by the same Law of Attraction you will be attracting GREED. Since the seed of using this law is GREED of satisfying your EGO that you have bigger Car, bigger Bungalow and better Income than many of your friends and neighbors. Hence, it will attract greed only and you might become victim of this greed whose consequences will be disastrous. That might also put you in concentric karmic bondages. When you are trying to attract the things which you are not entitled or which you are not meant to then probability is very high of getting trapped in the vicious circle of karmic backlogs. So, please be very wise in using such techniques and be fully aware of what you are trying to attract. The seeding should be checked before wishing any such thing. Avoid landing into further disaster by attracting greed, jealousy and ego.

The best way to use the Law of Attraction is taught by genuine masters. The challenge is to find that Good-Guru who takes you to that level where you use this beautiful technique to serve the higher purpose of life. The real master makes you aware of the process in totality. They do not trap you and make your life worse later. By this article I simply want to spread the awareness about the correct usage of the Law of Attraction for making your life beautiful actually and in real sense.


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22 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction – Good Gurus & Bad Gurus

  1. Dancing River says:

    Dear Richa,
    Such a beautiful, apt, and clear cut message. Keep up the good work. By the way, since you mentioned who and where was this workshop conducted. Just curious.

  2. Richa says:

    Thanks Mansi.

    I attended this session in lucknow.

  3. Satish Sharma says:

    I am very much impressed with yours such a nice n valuble article.Ofcourse it is the topic of my interest n I believe that Law of attraction works every where n every time.

    1. Richa says:

      Thanks Satish Ji…

  4. Bhawna says:

    Good article…

    1. Richa says:

      Thanks Bhawna

  5. Sarvesh says:

    Beautiful Article..

    1. Richa says:

      Thanks Sarvesh

  6. dinesh tilva says:


    1. Richa says:

      Hi Dinesh, I did not understand your message…

      1. dineshtilva says:

        IF YOU DO GUJARATI TRANSLATION FOR ME ONLY… I WILL PAY YOU SOME “reward / award” !!! if you….

        1. Richa says:

          Sir, I may ask Devang Vibhakar to get it done by someone as I cannot read and write Gujrati…. I will try to get it done.

  7. Richa says:

    Sir, I may ask Devang Vibhakar to get it done by someone as I cannot read and write Gujrati…. I will try to get it done.

    1. dineshtilva says:

      I will hope… and waiting for it.

      1. Richa says:

        @Devang—- How can we help him.Please reply?

        1. ok, will look into it.

          1. Richa says:

            Thanks Devang…

  8. Osho Shivo says:

    Dear Richa,

    My gratitude to you for writing this articles.

    Law of attraction is the most mis understood law in today’s time. People think that it is the easy to to fulfill all their desires. What they do not understand is that universe will fulfill only those wishes which are the wishes of universe from you and which will help this whole consciousness to evolve.

    So, if you want to become a doctor and universe also want you to become a doctor, than your wish is fulfilled. But if you want to become MBA just because your friends are earning good money after doing MBA, then universe is not going to fulfill that wish because this is not what universe want from you.

    It is important to live with deeper conscious before we begin to effectively apply th wisdom of Law of Attraction.

    Wonderful eye opener Richa.

  9. Richa says:

    Thanks Shivo for further elaborating it and for the appreciation…

  10. Saurabh Rai says:

    somehow… i am not able to believe on Law of Attraction… this is really beyond my mind… :P: P 😛

  11. Dev says:

    Surperb…awesome….I can feel the light of God in ur Article…Thanks

    1. Richa says:

      thanks Dev 🙂

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