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Law of Karma v/s Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction became a talking point across the globe, with the immense success of “THE SECRETS”. On one hand Many people claimed miracles out of practicing it, many dumped it as a hollow talk.

Lots of people across the world seem to be enchanted by the Law of Attraction (It says: Whatever you want from life, just ask and Universe will deliver that). Law of Attraction seems like the ultimate dream come true. Ask anything in life and you will get it. Isn’t this such an easy solution to woes and agonies of life? But, the question is, does it really work? Many claim that Law of Attraction is in direct conflict with Law of Karma, which dictates that one’s rewards will be in tune with the value one creates.

Law of Karma practitioners says that instead of trying to attract bounties to oneself, one should ask for creating immense value through whatever talent one has or should seek to enhance the talent itself. When one creates immense value, the rewards are going to come. Just trying to attract the fruits is not going to work. Even if it appears to be working, one should be clear that the Karma balance is getting depleted, or in some cases (if someone keeps visualizing consistently) one may even draw from the future Karmik balance, for which one has to pay in future. In any case, it is not the free lunch. Hence if you want law of attraction to work for you, first focus on how you can contribute to your surroundings and then seek rewards. Only seeking the reward without creating value is an incomplete process and hence it is not going to work.

Sw Prem Anand interviewed Osho Shivo, who is an enlightened mystic, spiritual guide, past life regression therapist and inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, about what is the reality, beyond both the adulation and skepticism. He has also explained, how to make “Law of Attraction” work in our lives

What is the difference between desire and to force the Law of Attraction to act?

Well, desire is within yourself but when you speak out the desire to the universe (or god) and insists on getting your desire to be fulfilled, that is the time, you are forcing the Law of attraction to act. So, essentially desire is passive and forcing the law of attraction is active

What role does Law of Karma play in the execution of Law of Attraction?

Law of Karma is like your bank balance and Law of Attraction is like fulfilling your shopping list. Only if you have bank balance, you can shop, what you want to. If you dont have good karma balance, you can keep making wishes, but these are not going to be fulfilled. But, someone who has good Karma balance, can invoke the Law of Attraction easily. It is like if you have bank balance, you can spend it on whatever you want to. law of Attraction supports you to discover the ways to fulfill your wishes in the best possible manner, if you have the good karma balance to pay from.

Can one take a loan from the Bank (Existence), fulfill your desires and pay later?

Well, it is possible to take loan, but I must warn you that the interest rates are very high. So, you can fulfill your wishes through continuous insistence, but you have to pay very dearly. And in my experience, people have to payback in the same life. And it is good that they pay back in the same life, because if the karma balance is negative when one is descending to take the next birth, one may have to face horrors in that incarnation. In the same manner, if you have a positive karma balance in your account, you get paid handsome interest.

Can a person manage his Karmic Balance to use it over several lives? What happens when one decides not to use his Karmic Balance at all?

Yes, one can manage his Karma balance. However, i would say, the best way is to interweave Law of Karma and Law of Attraction. For example if one is a doctor, then instead of just wishing for money, he should have a wish that he be immensely talented and compassionate to treat his patients very well and he gets paid for it appropriately. Now, if you live like this, then you are keeping the Karmic balance of earning and expenditure intact. So, always integrate, what you can give and what you want. If one decides not to use his Karma balance, that is the state of total devotion. In that case one surrenders to the wishes of divine and just accepts everything, which comes on the way. This is the best way of living, as divine knows best, what you should spend your Karma balance on.

Excellent! Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent. This beautiful exposition tears apart ruthlessly, both the theories. Your take on this please.

You are so very true. But this comes into action only for an enlightened being. One who does not have complete faith in life, will wander and wish for fulfilling his own desire. In such cases, one is allowed to wander, but one has to come back to the destined path. So Law of Karma and Law of Attraction are more applicable to the state wandering, when you are not flowing with the cosmic consciousness. In such a state, one can attract, what one wants to, but after enlightenment, one will realize, that it would have been best not to desire anything. In fact, in the state of enlightenment, both the laws are busted, as one cease to exist. So, there is no Law of Karma as all the actions are with the wish of god and there is nothing to desire in such total faith, so even Law of Attraction loses relevance.

What role does Astrology play in deciding the course of life of a person, is Law of Karma subject to the astrological positions of planets in a person’s horoscope? Can a person who has a good horoscope but no Karmic balance force the law of attraction to act?

Astrology depicts, if the present life of a person will be easy or challenging. Those who have easy horoscopes, will draw their money from the banks and enjoy. Those with difficult horoscopes, will be forced to curb their expenditures and pay back their Karma debt or build the Karma balance for next lives. One normally alternates between easy and difficult lives on the journey of reincarnations. When one has a good horoscope, there will be power to force the things in his own way. Hence such a person has to be very cautious in applying his discretion, otherwise he is setting a trap for himself in next life.

Is Love also subject to the Law of Karma and Law of Attraction? If according to one’s Karma, one is destined to be with a particular person all his life and under unavoidable circumstances, due to family and societal pressures, he is living with some other person, will Law of Karma intervene and carry that person to his Love?

Well, love is divine and beyond all the laws. Love is teh power, which creates the laws. However, what we wish in the name of love, is subject to these laws. There are lives spent in feeling the pain of separation and there are lives of union. All this is depicted in person’s astrological horoscope. So two people may be in love, and eventually they may be destined to unite in some life, but they may have a long path of sacrifice still remaining in front of them in this life.

Well it sounds complicated, any waysme:  Ya, it may sound complicated, but once you have known the truth, it is extremely simple to understand this.

Can a person with a highly evolved consciousness, but not enlightened, use his third-eye to make the Law of Attraction work for him? And why would he do so, when he knows that non-action itself brings conducive results without asking for it?

Ya, he can do so. Highly activated third eye gives the power to manifest what one wants. And that is the whole danger. When one has power, he is tempted to misuse it and he will have to pay back heavily. The more evolved the person is, more dearly he has to pay. A highly evolved person will avoid using his psychic powers to fulfill what he wants. But sometimes he can fall prey to his own desires. After all, he too is a human being. Here, I have a suggestion. Suppose, if this person is in love with someone, he should not use his powers to try to get her, but rather wish all the happiness for her and pray that he is able to contribute to her life in significant manner. In this way, he can be on the right side of the cosmic mysteries. Though, I would say, the best way is to let the life take its own course and flow with it.

What is the role of Divine Compassion on the Law of Karma and Law of Attraction, if a person is sincere and loving, though his positive Karmic Balance is depleted?

Well, for a highly evolved person with depleted karmic balance, there will be immense misery. At times, the misery can be so much that this person may feel totally helpless in front of most challenging circumstances. But, since he is highly evolved, divine compassion will give him the inner strength to go through it. And it may so happen that all his difficult circumstances may lead him to his enlightenment too.

Isn’t it foolish for a person to make Law of Attraction to work for him, as the outcome is not guaranteed in the context of the person’s not knowing his contribution to the Divine Work? Don’t you think, one should rely only on the Law of Karma w/o using the Law of Attraction and let the Divine take its own course?

You have made a very good point. I would say, you have mentioned the essence. One should not really bother about attracting results and rather just focus on creating value in his life. Though, I would also say that everyone is human, so a little bit of invoking of Law of Attraction should be fine. However, one should not really force his wish and just make polite requests. Here is a little exercise I would suggest in visualization. Close your eyes and visualize what you want, for few minutes. And then drop your desire and keep the eyes closed, and let the imagery change on its own. What you will be visualizing now, is more in harmony with the cosmic wish and your own Karma balance.

Wow, beautiful! People believe that the Universe conspires to grant a desire that one sincerely desires. Why would the Universe/Divine conspire for the Law of Attraction to work for a particular person, doesn’t it know better?

Obviously universe will not change it’s course just because someone has a wish. Though, universe will conspire to grant one’s desire if one has a good karma balance or if fulfilling his desire is good for the whole universe. However, it is not so often that one’s desires are in harmony with the evolution of consciousness, and that is why so many people complaint that universe is NOT granting them their wish, in spite of they being very sincere and persisting.

One final question. These days, we find even enlightened people indulging in crimes against the universe, financial bungling and sexual crimes, this has a very negative impact on the people, thinking this is all humbug, why doesn’t the Divine punish such people?

Well, if anyone is going against the cosmic harmony, he cant be enlightened, even though many people believe him to be so. And let me tell you, such people are punished severely as per cosmic plan. However, one note of caution here. Many times, an enlightened person may be acting in harmony with cosmic consciousness, but he can be perceived as nasty, simply because he is ahead of his times. That is why, enlightened beings like Jesus, Socrates and Osho have been punished by society. But, let me tell you that such people live in celebration and also die in celebration.

Thanks Shivo, this was a beautiful enlightening experience.

Thank you Anand for your wonderful, insightful questions.


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