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Let’s Change India

Change is not the ultimate destiny but the phenomena which defines the destiny. INDIA, my motherland, since time immemorial has witnessed changes diverse in nature. The walk down the memory lane always brings out that golden smile which reflects the proudness and the oneness with the nation. The birth of civilization in India can be traced back to 2500 B.C.

Later the Aryan tribes migrated to India. They made the Ganges river valley as their home and the culture of the land as their very own. The 4th and the 5th century spelled fertility for the Hindu culture as the northern India was unified under the Gupta dynasty. Islam entered next in India and continued to make it presence felt for the next five centuries. The 10th and 11th century brought along with them the invasion of Turks and the Afghans which established the sultanate in Delhi. At the same time from 11th to 15th century down south in India the Hindu Cholas and the Vijaynagar dynasties flourished and created a long lasting culture. This was the time when Hindus and Muslims came in influence of each other and shared their nuisances which gave the Indian culture all together a different perspective.

The next to land on the Indian soil were Britishers . In 1619, they established their headquarters at Surat. The Britishers continued to rule India till 1947.India as an infant started crawling after 1947.Poverty and a divided cousin “Pakistan” was what India was left with. Nehru under the influence of socialism started on a journey of self-sufficiency and independence. India continued its struggle against all the odd. It is then came the year 1991. This year marked the transition of India from graduating to an open economy from a closed one. This also brought India into the race of glottalization. Foreign company and foreign resources started flowing in the country.

Today India stands tall on the backdrop of the splendid history. Sanjiv Mehta, a Mumbai born entrepreneur has taken over the east India company from its collective 25-30 owners. David Cameron , the British prime minister arrived in a jaguar to take the oath of the prime minister ship. That jaguar is owned by our our very own Tata group. No doubt INDIA is claimed to be the next super power.


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13 thoughts on “Let’s Change India

  1. Ashwinikumar Tyagi says:

    Hello Mrutunjay,
    Awesome article full of knowledge abt the Indian history in such a short manner. Before reading this article i always think dat history is all abt the lenghty pages n binded books but know my perception is changed. Keep writing….

    1. mrutunjay yadav says:

      tnxs alot for the appreciation

  2. Acharan Chandel says:

    gr8 wrk mritunjya ……atleast few people r stil there who cn teach inidans about india…..wel dne

    1. mrutunjay yadav says:

      big words sahab….but tried my best

  3. Abhay Singh says:

    I am just proud to be an Indian and your friend.
    Keep on the good work.
    All the best.

    1. mrutunjay yadav says:

      m proud 2 of beof u n my country…tnxs for the good words

  4. vishal panchal says:

    very well written mrutyunjay!!! keep up the good work!!! all the best!!!

    1. mrutunjay yadav says:

      thanks a lot for ur praises

  5. dhaval pethana says:

    good work….keep going.

    1. mrutunjay yadav says:

      tnxs a ton:)

  6. abhijit angre says:

    HI you were talented from school itself its a nice blog i like it
    and its perfect in sweet and short way

    1. mrutunjay yadav says:

      thanks a lot sirjiiiii!

  7. Jigar Patel says:

    For India to be a superpower it may take as many centuries that you covered in your article. Because i love India and desperately want India to do well, I can not be in denial of the issues in India that will remain as the obstruction to being a Superpower for centuries to come.

    Jaguar being owned by Tata is not India’s achievement…it is simply an achievement of Mr. Ratan Tata. You think he or anyone really cares about India as a country? He will not worry about India and will sell Jaguar if he will get desired money for it. Remember, these are the same people who own media and control people’s perception towards them.

    We Indians are so deep into denials that we simply care less about where India stands when it comes to Human rights, social/political freedom, crime, corruption and much more.

    I will be happy even if we are able to maintain certain standards of humanity forget about being superpower. No country has ever achieved the title of Superpower without achieving excellence in areas that India lacks the most at.

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