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Interview of Kalubhai Wala of Lion Roar Farm, Sasan Gir

Details of Lion Roar Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir:

How to reach:                    It is six kilometres away from Sasan.
Accommodation:            Tents(5), Cottages(2), Eco cottages(2).
Food:                                    Gujarati(Kathiyawadi) food.
Other facility:                   Swimming pool, European toilets.
Feature:                              130 trees of mango.
Tariff:                                   Starting from Rs. 1250/- per person/per day. This package includes  breakfast, lunch, dinner & tea(two times) & accommodation in tent/cottage/eco-cottage.
Contact person:               Kalubhai Wala (Owner)
Contact number:             97255 73015

Jungle of Sasan Gir is known for Asiatic lions. Every year people from all around India & globe do visit it. After the recent commercial promotion of Sasan Gir forest by Amitabh Bachchan, there is a vast increase in number of tourists. This has also given boost up to the accommodation facility in this area.

Video interview of Kalubhai Wala

I visited Sasan Gir with my friends. I stayed at this beautiful & natural place called ‘Lion Roar Farm.’ It is run by Kalubhai Wala – who is a farmer. He has set-up this facility in his farm only which is surrounded by jungle itself. If you take a look around from there, all you do find is jungle & natural beauty. Seeing wild animals & listening to beautiful songs of birds of different kinds is an added advantage. Those who wish to feel the nature in close-up, should must visit this place. Of course, it is paid, but it is worth than to stay in a concrete hotel.

Tent at Lion Rora Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

Tent at Lion Rora Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

I thoroughly enjoyed my one night stay at Lion Roar Farm. We reached at evening at 07:30 so my experience started with dinner. Total desi & kathiyawadi menu – Rotla, Rotli, vegetable of Sev-tameta & filled bateta, desi butter-milk, salad, kadhi-khichadi, papad. Aah! heaven. After dinner, we sat in the open space, doing satsang and enjoying the nature. We slept in a tent. Sleep was so full, that eyes opened up the next morning only. Our morning started with delicious breakfast of Thepla, Suki Bhaji, Bateta Pauva, Tea & desi Curd. The taste was surely heaven. More to add to it, it was being served by Kalubhai himself with pure feeling of hospitality.

Having dinner with friends - Naimish Madiya & Sunny Rathod.

Having dinner with friends – Naimish Madiya & Sunny Rathod.



After having heavy breakfast, we went to swimming pool. The beauty of swimming pool is that, it is totally surrounded by natural resources & contains fresh water – no chlorine in it. Also its depth is around four feet at max. It is indeed a different experience of having fun in a swimming pool which is in a farm. You will forget all your experiences of swimming pools that you enjoyed at any hotels.

Swimming Pool at Lion Rora Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

Swimming Pool at Lion Rora Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

At night, a lion couple had just passed from near to this farm. In fact, this farm is inside jungle itself. Often, such wild animals do come around this farm. But in the interview above, you will get to listen Kalubhai sharing his experiences of watching lions as well as his knowledge about lions. He says “Lion is a royal animal, it never attacks humans as long as you don’t harass them. Many a times, lions have been very near to me enroute to my village, but it has never tried to hurt me.” It is quite surprising to know that, we might fear a lot of lions and sleep inside tent or cottage at night but Kalubhai & all other people at farm do sleep in open space!

Kalubhai Wala - owner of Lion Rora Farm, Bojde, Sasan Gir

Kalubhai Wala – owner of Lion Rora Farm, Bojde, Sasan Gir

Our one day stay was indeed a total different experience. Fresh air, nature around & real hospitality.


Mangoes at the starting of season.

Mangoes at the starting of season.

Eco cottage (mud house) at Lion Roar Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

Eco cottage (mud house) at Lion Roar Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

Kalubhai & his associate Jagabhai sitting inside tent.

Kalubhai & his associate Jagabhai sitting inside tent.

Kalubhai Wala with a village painting behind him.

Kalubhai Wala with a village painting behind him.

Distant view of tent at Lion Roar farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

Distant view of tent at Lion Roar farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir

Update: 30-03-2016

I have visited Lion Roar Farm house several times but when visited it recently I again had the pleasure of interviewing Kalubhai. His first interview (above) has been viewed 13000 times so far. Here’s(below) second interaction I had with him where Kalubhai talks about GIR in brief. A very interesting interview to watch.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

37 thoughts on “Interview of Kalubhai Wala of Lion Roar Farm, Sasan Gir

  1. Girish says:

    very fine picture and interview. thanks for it.

  2. kaushik joshi says:

    very useful article,appriciated.

  3. Niranjan Mehta says:

    thanks for sharing, but Kalubhai seems Innocent and might be influenced by some media.however He should do his Business in city. he doing GREAT HARM to the nature. why you guys need , tent, plastic chair, table, fan, western toilet? if you want to be with nature then stay very with natural as much as possible, you cannot spend a day without thali? this is a seer destruction of eco system. if you go to any national park service in united state. you are not even allowed to touch plant,

    1. Thank you for your comment Niranja Mehta. My response to your questions & thoughts:

      but Kalubhai seems Innocent and might be influenced by some media.
      What ‘some’ media you are referring, I am unable to understand. There is no whatsoever ‘influence’ either. It’s just that, we went there and felt like talking with him and so we did it. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the very first time he has ever given interview to anybody. So your doubt of him being influenced by some media is totally out of reality & just a false guess.

      He should do his Business in city. he doing GREAT HARM to the nature.
      Actually, he doesn’t have any farm in city, so all he could do is do his business right where his farm is, which is in Gir. About ‘GREAT HARM’, I would indeed be glad to know that why you think so? He is infact, bringing awareness to people about nature. And if you really wish to blame on this, then you should blame everybody, including Government too who recently did great promotion of Gir Forest by commercial deploying Amitabh Bachchan. Do you now blame Government? I see people giving advises on ‘how to protect nature’, but they don’t tell that what they themselves are doing ‘to protect’ it, what are their own efforts?

      why you guys need , tent, plastic chair, table, fan, western toilet? if you want to be with nature then stay very with natural as much as possible,

      Why you seem so sarcastic about this? Do you expect us to get nude and go inside jungle without any material thing at all? Is that what you would suggest to anyone’s family who wish to have a glimpse of nature in the possible way? It’s easier said than done. And you should be aware that the forest of GIR is known for wild animals such as lion & leopard, and we indeed have no intention of being ate by them by sleeping in open space without tent. About other things you have mentioned like plastic chair, table, fan, western toilet etc. – it’s part of facility. Are you comfortable with only Indian toilet? Or your objection is about toilet itself? I don’t mind going toilet in open space with a tumbler, which infact I have done many a times at many places, but as there is facility of it at this farm, why not use it? Anybody who wishes to do it Desi way, nobody is stopping, but why force?

      You cannot spend a day without thali?
      Nope, if it is available. If it is not, we can. But we can’t do hypocrisy of avoiding it when it is available when we are hungry.

      this is a seer destruction of eco system. if you go to any national park service in united state. you are not even allowed to touch plant,
      So all these came out from the ‘comparison’ of two different cultures? You too are playing the ‘blame-game’ that many other NRIs as well as foreigners do on INDIA? India has its own culture, and is beautiful with its some so called ‘weaknesses’ too. Sorry, but all ‘RULE’ game is sometimes boring too. We didn’t go to GIR to cut trees, neither we did touch any plant with the feeling of cutting it, or anything. You seem to giving totally a different direction to what we did. may be it’s because, you did understand things based on your other past experiences and belief system.

      We too love nature.

      And lastly, I would indeed be grateful and request you to share FIVE positive things you could see from this interview, if not more. Can you please do this exercise?

      1. Dharmesh says:

        Just to add to point of TOILET.
        Doind toilet in open space and in un0managed way is great harm to nature. Is it good that you make toilet and PeePee in open? I would say NO. Not adviced to do toilet in open.

        1. Ha ha…. Dharmesh, I am waiting for someone to comment on your comment scientifically 🙂

      2. Nita Shukla says:

        Dear Devangbhai

        It was discussed between you and Kakubhai about FANGA NO VELO.

        Can you please tell us from where we can get this?


        Nita Shukla

  4. Dr. Navin Mehta says:

    My hats off to Kalubhai Wala. He is doing a fantastic job and is knowledgeable. Next time I visit India, I WILL take time to go to his Farm.

    ભવિષ્યમાં પણ આવાજ રૂબરૂ મુલાકાતના કાર્યક્રમ શ્રોતા અને દર્શકો માટે લાવતા રહેજો.

    કેનેડાથી ડો. નવિન મહેતાની શુભેચ્છાઓ.

    1. Yes, he has very good knowledge about forest of Gir and nature.

  5. harnish jani says:

    ખૂબ સરસ ઈન્ટરવ્યુ.સવાલો સુંદર હતા– પરંતુ મારો સવાલ એ છે કે કાળુભાઇનો સંપર્ક કેવી રીતે કરવો? સરનામુઘ ફોન ? અને ભાડું કેટલું હોય છેઘવિગેરે ઈન્ફર્મેઘન આપો તો સારું
    કાળુભાઈ મળવા જેવા માણસ લાગ્યા.ભોળપણ અને સરળતા છલકાય છે. ખૂબ નિખાલસ રીતે બોલતા હતા. આજકાલ સિંહની જેમ આવા માણસ પણ મળવા મુશ્કેલ છે. એમની વાત ખરી છે. મનુષ્ય એ ખરાબમાં ખરાબ પ્રાણી છે.–દુનિયાના બધાં પ્રાણીઓને માણસનો ખતરો છે.
    કાળુભાઈને સલામ–ભગવાન એમને એમના કાર્યમાં મદદ કરે એવી પ્રાર્થના. દેવાંગકુમાર તમને પણ સલામ.તમને પણ ગીરમાં રહેવાની મઝા આવી હશે. : )

    1. હરનિશભાઇ, આપે પુછેલ બધી વિગતો આ ઇન્ટરવ્યુની શરૂઆતમાં જ “Details of Lion Roar Farm, Bhojde, Sasan Gir:” મથાળા હેઠળ આપેલી છે.

      ગીરમાં રહેવાની ખરેખર ’મોજ’ જ આવેલી.

  6. Vraj Dave says:

    વાહ…દેવાંગભાઇ…વાહ..ખુબ સરસ વાતુડીયું આપી..આપની દરેક વાતો લાગની સભર હોઇ છે.
    વ્રજ દવે

  7. Arjun Maher says:

    thank you so much for such a nice interview….

  8. Rahim Chundrigar says:

    Bandhu Devang,
    just read and listened the SARAN GIR VIDEO of KALUBHAI,Great… thatyou refreshed my old memories of gir,
    i am from Junagadh,left Junagadh fro karachi in 1948 and never had been to se my Junagadh,
    My late Father Janb Gareeb Khatri who was a known buisnessman and guju Shayer,use to wwp remembering Junagadh.and could not make it to visit our old house etc. i have few relatives still in Junagadh.
    this is a irony of fate..
    i remember listening Lions Roars from SUKKAR BAGH ZOO sitting at home and monkeys on my roof..
    i was 8 years old that time..
    we had sopme 4 houses.and lived near sookhnath chawk,sarakari musafaer khana lane,near Narsi mehta chora.NOW A HISTORY.
    Kalubhai viseo is great knowledge and it is good that Gir SASN is progressing.
    I love Junagadh and tears rolls when i see junagadh pictures.
    warro,aav jo..
    (will mail some shyeri of my late father later on)
    Hem Khem raho.
    your uncle Rahim Khatri.

    1. Bonding with ‘native’ is always so touchy, despite you are living few kilometres away from or few thousand kilometres.

  9. Capt. Narendra Phanse says:

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting concept and initiative.

  10. Dear,
    I keep reading ur interviews and they are really interesting.

    Talked with Kalubhai of Sasan.

    Though he may look hillybilly in the photographs, he appears to be down to earth and pure by heart in his conversations.

    Keep it up.

    Dr Kirit Kubavat

    1. Dr. Kirit Kubavat, he must have been indeed happy having received your call.

  11. Bhadra Vadgama says:

    I wish you had shown some of the pictures of the birds, butterflies, ayurvedic shrubs, Giri range etc. while Kalubhai was talking. It is so refreshing to hear someone talking about environmental issues in such simple, honest language.

    1. True Bhadraben, in fact, a full-length documentary can be made on Gir. It is such a place that would need days to wander & acquire knowledge about various birds & other wild life existing there.

  12. Kanti says:

    A very beautiful presentation. Many of our young generations living outside India do speak Gujarati but hey do not understand it so good and so if you could add captioning in English that would be a great thing. Doing that many of our youngsters will understand the content. Thank you.

    1. Hello Kanti,

      I liked your suggestion, but it’s bit of tough for me, for the reason I’m interviewing people for my personal curiosity & interest so can not spare more time to it. If you watch my earlier interviews, I used to translate the conversation into English, word by word, but it takes hell of time & energy. I can’t be one man army as of now, but sure, if in future, SpeakBindas takes some professional & commercial approach, will keep your suggestion in top priority, as it is indeed creative one.

  13. Dr. Kanak Ravel says:

    ભાઈ દેવાંગ તને અને કાળુભાઈને અનેક અભિનંદનો.

  14. કોમનમેન કાળુભાઈનાં ઇન્ટરવ્યુને ખૂબજ સારો પ્રતિસાદ મળ્યો છે. તેમનો ઇન્ટરવ્યુ જોઇને રાજકોટ, અમદાવાદ, આણંદ, બરોડા વગેરે સ્થળોએથી તેમને અંગત ફોન દ્વારા પણ લોકોએ શુભેચ્છા પાઠવી છે, તેમજ આ લખાઇ છે ત્યા સુધીમાં સ્પીકબિન્દાસ વેબસાઇટ પર ૯૫૧ વખત અને યુટ્યુબ પર ૪૦૯ વખત તેમનો ઇન્ટરવ્યુ જોવામાં આવ્યો છે. દેશ-વિદેશથી તેમનાં ઇન્ટરવ્યુ પર કોમેન્ટસ પણ ખુબ સરસ આવી છે(જે અહી તમે જોઇ જ શકો છો). અગત્યની કહી શકાય તેવી વાત એ પણ થઇ છે કે બરોડાથી તેમને એક નવુ બુકીંગ પણ મળ્યુ છે.

    આ સમગ્ર રીસ્પોન્સ બદલ આ તમામ વ્યક્તિઓનો સ્પીકબિન્દાસ વતી ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર માનુ છુ.

    1. bharat ahir says:


  15. RAJENDRA PATEL.. BHARUCH -9898629914 says:


  16. kalpesh says:

    hi all
    I went this place few months back.
    But my experience was totally different.
    We were 3 friends and went there in morning after travelling appx 400 kms. I called up to find the exact way to reach the farm; Kalubhai sent us an auto, which hardly rode 2 km (it was hell-ride,infact) and we were happy till he asked for hefty 150 bucks for this ‘service’!!!
    We felt cheated. But we didn’t want to ruin our mood for this and so we paid and forgot for a while.
    The ‘Swimming pool’ can hardly be called swimming pool. I’m fascinated by kathiyawadi standards! Though we tried to enjoy and within half an hour we were sort of forced to get out of that so called swimming pool, or else we would be left without having lunch, Kalubhai said. (No brerakfast for day 1).With staple food, there were some mango slices, we liked them so kept in mind to buy some while leaving that place; as he didn’t like it when we called for few more slices. (He charged 1000 for 1 pax for 1 day for food and accomodation).
    Then we had siesta till evening while Kalubhai was busy buttering customers who called themselves either businessmen or govt officials or acquaintances of local politicians. It was freaking funny seeing what people have written about him in blogs and comments and what exactly the reality is.
    During all these, he was pretending to be busy on cell phone enquiring about whereabouts of lion, if any. In evening, he called up us and told us that there is a probability to see lion at some place. We tought it’ld be some nearby place. We took him with us in car and he took us freaking 40 kms away from forest, and showed a lion which was about 800 metres away and sleeping. Our 12 to 25 x zoom cameras were total failure capturing a pic of lion with such a distance. After ten minutes he asked for 800 rs for this ‘service’. He was to share it with the person who gave him info about this lion. When we tried to negotiate, he totally got angry and screamed.
    It was such a bitter experience.
    We reached back at 9 pm and took our dinner with hatred in his eyes. We decided to leave next day and started preparing for sleep outside the tent due to hot summer night. He came to us and told to put our luggages and bags ouside the tent! coz he wanted beds to be transferred outside for other customers (who had kept him buttering him whole day). We had to be harsh now and we did it. Our belongings were safe in tent now.
    The next day, we were given breakfast, which was not quite good, but we had no option, so we had some. We wanted to have some ripe mangoes, so he took us to other place where his friend was living and selling mangoes, and there he asked for 600 rs (400 market price + 200 comission). We didn’t take and went straight to National Park where officially the jungle safari is provided.
    We were first in queue to take permission and pay fees for the same, where we found Kalubhai’s agent who stood in queue and would charge double and will reserve the place for the people who are staying at Kalubhai’s farm and desperate to go in forest and willing to pay so much.
    We enjoyed the safari and in evening, left the mighty Sasangir and Lions behind.
    So people, grow up. Don’t believe in kathiyawadi standards, I bet you they are really cheap in context to Kalubhai’s farm. He is there for business only. He doesn’t care damn about nature or anything that is posted in the video. If you do show-off about your status, he’ll be at your service and would not miss a chance to charge for anything possible. And if you are just cool guys like us, then he’ll treat you as enemy. That’s what our experince is. He brags too much about everything. I regret my stay there and the fact that we trusted him and he cheated us everytime for money. His marketing skills are good, but are totally mis-leading.
    We had horrible experience. It’s better that you stay at some hotel and go to visit national park directly. Dont fall in to such traps. They may look good but they are just cheap marketing shows. I had impression that kathiyawadi people are nice, but I don’t think so now. Thanks to Kalubhai and others who enlightened us with the Truth of human nature.

    1. Hello Kalpesh,

      I thorougly read your experience and I’m shocked to learn that it was so horrible for you. True, it’s a business for him, but then things should be clear in advance, like did you bother to ask if you need to pay for car that took you to see one lion? I mostly prefer being clear in advance, coz he runs it professionally.

      You’re right about Swimming Pool… but then, there was no other word I could use for it. I feel it was bad on his part to ask you get out of pool just after half an hour.

      Anyway, I might meet him again, and will surely your experience with him and see what he has to say. I believe that many people have been to his place, after they came to know about it from my blog – SpeakBindas, two of which had good experience.. others I haven’t heard any.

      And terming “Kathiyawadi” in a broad-manner the way you did from your single experience is not appreciable. You would never find same-kind of people in any community, in entire world…

  17. Aarav Kadia says:

    Hello Devang,
    I am an avid wildlife lover and have visited Sasan Gir number of times in the recent past but I always had to stay in resort or hotel due to lack of knowledge about such places. So, when I saw your video and photos, i thought – this is where i actually want to stay and then I saw Kalpesh’s comment which put me off completely.
    If you are in contact with Kalubhai, tell him to become a bit cool. If whatever Kalpesh is saying is right, it’s better to stay in a hotel than being his guest and feel insulted(that too on mango slices). Of course, he is there for business and it’s not wrong. But while it’s okay if he increases his room rates, it’s not good to cheat your guests(mango costs only 300 rs).

    1. Hello Aarav Kadia,

      I can see that what one negative comment can do to someone, even though there are more than one positive comments. It’s your wish either to go for Kalpesh’ comment or other comments. Kalubhai is not ‘devil’ as described in Kalpesh’ comment. I can say so as I have visited the place twice so far. I was there just before two weeks, and nothing of that sort happened to me, nor I have heard of any negative comments from any other friends who visited Kalubhai’s farm.

      Forget Mango.. I would rather suggest, experience yourself and have your own opinion.

      I am not advocating Kalubhai here. I am just saying that I do have good experiences with him. I am again going after two days there with my family.

      P.S.: I don’t know Kalpesh personally, nor he has replied back to my reply to his comment. So I neither advocate him.

  18. Now I do not type in Gujarati. After next time I do comment on Kalubhai’s Interview .
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  19. Jalpan Pardesi says:


    My name is Jalpan Pardesi and I am from Sydney, Australia. I recently visited India for 4 weeks for sisters wedding. Being so busy in the wedding preparation I decided to run away somewhere once the wedding was over. I wanted to run away from people, family and friends and wanted to stay just by myself. Being a true nature lover and full of adventure with love for Lions I decided to go alone to Gir Forest in a truly backpacker style. One of my friend told me about this Lion’s Roar farm and I packed my rucksack and I was off to this place. I had no time to browse internet and look for other places so I decided to move to this place. I had no knowledge where this place was and who was the owner, how far it was from the Gir Jungle and what kind of accomodation, food etc was on the menu. First time in my life I heard the village name “Bhojde”. I called Devsinh bhai before leaving Ahmedabad and he told me accommodation available.

    Bhojde is a small village around 6kms away from Sasan Gir. I took Mahasagar VOLVO from Ahmedabad to Junagadh and through out my journey Devsinh bhai was in touch with me knowing I am coming alone and that the sun was about to set and it would be a bit difficult for someone new to the place to find the small village Bhojde and Lion’s Roar farm that is actually on a bit interior side of the village towards the forest. Devsinh bhai offered me a free pickup service from Sasan Gir but I told him 2 of my good mates from Junagadh are going to drop me to his farm house.

    My plan was to stay 1 night at the farm house, see lions in the next morning safari and go back to Ahmedabad but I ended up staying 3 nights at this great location and great people. I stayed at this farm on 2nd May, 3rd May and 4th May 2014. I read nothing about Lion’s Roar farm or Kalubhai or Devsinh bhai on the internet before I went to this place. I got contact number of Devsinh Bhai from one of my friend who visited this place few times in past and was very happy with his over all experience. Devsinh bhai is Kalubhai’s nephew.

    Now that I am back to Sydney I thought of browsing more about this farm and Kalubhai I am really shock reading what I am reading on the internet about this farm and the farm people. Not sure why and how someone could have a negative experience at this farm but I am telling you my experience was truly amazing. Kalubhai, Devsinh bhai and other family members were great, down to earth and ever ready to help each and every guest at the farm. Kathiyawadi food was the most delicious food I have ever had in my life.

    I have visited many countries in the world, visited many places in India, stayed at 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, budget accomodation etc through out my life but my experience at this Lion’s Roar farm was out of the world. It is a simple place with simple people. I stayed in the cottage but I didnt sleep inside. I decided to sleep outside under the open sky looking at stars above and literally hearing lions roar in the jungle near by at night time. YES I agree it is bussiness for them but they know how to take care of people. Kalubhai tried his best to show me lions in the jungle and his colleagues took me to the lion location on their motorbike, on foot etc but there was no intention to get money from me. He knew I was a lion lover and he did his best everytime taking me to the lion location and making sure I get to the see the lion in an open jungle. Seeing a lion seating in a Gypsy in a safari is different than seeing in an open jungle on motorbike or on foot but he and the forest guard was there with me all the time to make sure I am safe.

    I didn’t had any problem staying at this farm and to be honest I made new friends before leaving this farm. They asked me for my Australian Contact number and asked me if I would return to the farm next time I come to Gir and my answer was “DEFINITELY” I will come back to the farm and not just me I will make sure I pass on farm contact details to all my friends to come to Gir. I would definitely visit this farm next time with family and I am sure my wifey would love the location, sleeping under the open sky experience and the kathiyawadi food. I took some great pictures of this farm and I am about to courier it back to Kalubhai at Bhojde.

    Thank You Guys for reading this.

    My email id is imjalpan@yahoo.com if someone wants to get more information about this farm.

    1. Hello Jalpan,

      It was good to read your experience of staying at Lion Roar Farm. Co-incidently, while I’m writing this, it’s been just one day that I visited the farm again. I was there with my friends just yesterday(11th May, 2014). And it was another solid experience. Yes, as it being summer, we too slept in the open space, starring at sky at night.

      I’ve had excellent experiences, every-time I visited farm, right from first time when I interviewed him (video above).

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