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Womanhood: Prodigious Vignette

A month back on a particular date the calendar spelt happy womans day and recently the Chaitra Navratra got celebrated with all the rituals and respect. The former on its maiden appearance to the senses may seem western while the latter has the flavor of Indian-ness. However the common string between them is both hanker to celebrate one of the most quintessential emotion in the world. This very reason blurs the distinction of whether the concept is Indian or western. Both cling on to the same premise with a sense of mutual admiration.

Man would had been man if they were not completed by Wo +  man. The very first acquaintance of men or for that matter entire humanity on this world with the woman begins as the bearer of life. The life when begins evolving within her; starts absorbing and taking her share of vitamins, mineral and strength. She readily and happily parts away with her share so that we can be introduced to the world in blood and flesh. After our emergence she strives hard in all her might to insulate us from the evils of the world. This is the very reason why her care and nurturing is termed “upbringing” or bringing us up.

Childhood remains the favorite with all of us. The reminiscence are tied up very closely by the one who tied thread on the wrist year by year. The fights which you picked up with her, teasing her on every pity issue and flaunting the devil’s smile when she used to cry. The most ironical thing was you always confided to her inspite of knowing that later she would spill out all the secrets. So much of contrast yet ode of similarity.

Then rings the bell of teenage. Suddenly you experience plethora of emotions. Change becomes a norm rather than a word of articulation. Thoughts as well as biology takes a leap further which was unfamiliar up till now. It is here that pronoun like ‘she’ ‘her’ starts developing an altogether different meaning. Even a simple ‘hi‘ and ‘bye’ triggers unspoken communication. The belief that the entire world is draped around her starts appearing so real and approachable.

Maturity makes heart and mind go into inverse relationship. Higher the proportion of mind lesser the usage of heart. This mathematical query is resolved by that someone special. She enters the life and the whole equation seems to be at equilibrium. She initiates the much needed joint venture and takes the partnership act to a meaning full purpose. Her partnership adds stability to the otherwise wandering soul.

It is said that life comes a full circle. Your biological extension seems to complete that circle. Her entry in your life gives birth to the transformation unparalleled to anything else. Her feminism creates a fervor which suffices the emotion quotient. It makes you commence a new journey through those paths which is always brimming with ‘life’.

Life can never be lived in water tight compartments. Those beautiful girl- freinds, cordial neighbors’, benevolent teachers, obedient students, funky colleagues, sizzling heroines, wise grannies and many more are the ones who fill up the vacuum in life and has the ability to fill tens and thousands of pages as well. This piece of writing may ask forgiveness from women whom I have hurt knowingly/unknowingly and thank a lot many who have touched my life in a positive way.


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2 thoughts on “Womanhood: Prodigious Vignette

  1. Hi Mrutunjay,

    You have shared some deep insightful thoughts on woman and her role in life of a man. Of course, there is a lot that can be said about this subject, but your initial attempt is indeed appreciable.

    1. mrutunjay yadav says:

      Thank you devang bhai:)

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